Just in Time For IFA – Samsung Introduces Galaxy Y, Y-Pro, M-Pro and W


Hot on the heels of IFA in Berlin, Germany are a handful of newly announced Android handsets from Samsung Mobile. They follow Samsung’s brand new naming scheme of designating letters to give customers an idea of what to expect, without having to read the specs or check the price sticker. Without further ado, let’s check out the lineup!

First up is the Samsung Galaxy Y (above). The “Y” stands for “Young” and can be seen as Samsung entry level handsets meaning affordable price with lower-end specs. This one in particular will be running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 832MHz processor, 3-inch 320×240 LCD display, 2MP camera, 7.2Mbps HSDPA and 1200mAh battery. Like all of Samsung’s new Android devices, it will offer support for Hubs, come with Swype pre-installed and feature TouchWiz UI.

Next is is the Samsung Galaxy Y-Pro. Essentially this is the Galaxy Y with a full QWERTY in a Blackberry form factor. Not much other details were given on the device so expect the same internals, with a slightly different resolution screen.


The Galaxy M-Pro is Samsung’s “Magical” mid-tier handsets designed to offer more power yet still remain affordable. The M-Pro has a 2.66-inch 480×320 LCD display, 1GHz processor, 5MP rear/.3MP front facing cameras, 1350mAh battery and running Android 2.3. Since this will be aimed at the business market, the device will come pre-installed with apps like Cisco Mobile, Webex, Sybase Afaria and others.

And now we’ve come to the Samsung Galaxy W. According to Samsung’s handy chart, the “Wonder” devices are classified as their “high-tier” line of Android handsets. Like all the others, it will be running off of Android 2.3 Gingerbread and feature a 1.4GHz single-core processor, 3.7-inch 800×480 LCD display, support for 14.4Mbps HSDPA, 5MP camera and a 1500mAh battery. You can expect the typical Samsung software and the Galaxy W will also offer support for Kies Air which can be used to access the phone wirelessly using WiFi.


So, that’s pretty much it from Samsung’s pre-IFA lineup. We’ll have to wait until August 30th before we learn more. Let’s hope Sammy unveils the Galaxy R and S tier of handsets and just maybe, they’ll give us some deets on that U.S. launch for the Galaxy S II. As always, we’ll be keeping you posted.

[Via SammyHub]

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  1. Seems like Samsung is organizing it’s line up more. It also helps me make sense about their new android phones. So basically if it’s not a Galaxy S series, it’s not flagship and the R Series is pretty good minus a SAMOLED screen.

    1. Another thing to note is that the Galaxy W series is technically better than the original Galaxy S.

      1. Vodafone in the uk have just released the Galaxy S Plus, which is the same as the original (4″ screen), but with a 1.4 ghz core and a 1650mh battery.

        For me, it’s technically better than this W.

        Very snappy phone it is too.

        1. Wouldnt that be the S II? Not the original S?

          1. Nope, the samsung galaxy s plus is a single core 1.4ghz device. The S2 is dual core.

  2. I can see most of these already coming to our shitty prepaid carriers already.

  3. This may be a stupid question but which is more powerful? The S II Series or the R Series?

    1. R’s are good, but packing Tegra 2’s. S II’s are supposed to be using Exynos but that’s kind of up in the air when it comes to the U.S. release..

      R’s are definitely no slouch though.

  4. I’m going to write this on every news item.

    The S II Radio does not work properly. Data connection freezes – Particularly badly on 3UK and PARTICULARLY with custom ROMs. Do not buy one until it is fixed.

    1. could just be that YOU bought a defective S2

    2. mines fine on orange uk. running litening rom aswell. buttery smooth

  5. This is a poor move that will sully the galaxy name. There are way too many models, and Samsung make the mistake if believing that people will recognise the suffixetter over the actual name.

    They would do a lot better by keeping all Galaxy products high end, and creating new brand for the low end and developing markets. They should also drop the Galaxy name from the keyboard models, it only creates confusion.

    This is branding by committee at its worst.

    1. I agree with everything except excluding galaxy name from the keyboard devices. For Keyboard devices adding pro to the original name works if the specs are similar. Worst naming scheme though no one will remember.

    2. Don’t know. I mean look at the technological advances made in under ten years for processing speed alone in smartphone. Single to dual core within a couple of years and quad core is coming next year. How many names, models, numbers, letters, roman numerals were used to describe a plethora of devices? It is confusing and expensive for marketing.

      So now, all Samsung has to do is swap out a dual core processor for a quad core and they can still call the phone the galaxy S. I know with a galaxy S that i’ll be getting all the latest tech that samsung can offer.

  6. New device every week.Samsung has to stop.

  7. theyve obviously come up with the lettering first then made up names to match them lol. but why not do it alphabetically?? S is the top, R is slightly below. thats logical. but then theyve gone to W. why not P? that would of made more sense. then their bottom level phone has the highest letter. lol.

  8. I think it will work as along as they phase out any other model names to avoid confusion. Having your entire lineup under one organized naming system seems like a good idea.

    Heck Galaxy Y or Galaxy M is alot better and easier to remember/understand than BB Bold 9870 or BB Curve 7659. For those just entering the smartphone market, this will probably be one of their first stops.

  9. where is the SII on VZW?? don’t tell me we’re stuck with the bionic. Can’t VZW have two premium android phones?

  10. I like the Y young qwerty keyboard looks really good. No small buttons unlike the BB CURVE.

  11. They should’ve come with new names instead.

  12. The Galaxy M Pro is a day 1 buy for me.

  13. Honestly, thank you. There are too many lame names. I’ve been waiting to see the HTC Butterfly or the Moto Sandstorm or Blahblahblah GentleBreeze

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