Barnes & Noble NOOK Color Gets Firmware 1.3, Adds New Publications


Those of you still rocking a NOOK Color while much more powerful, honeycomb-infused devices are out, there’s a new update awaiting you. Version 1.3 brings you a collection of popular magazine publications to enjoy digitally, including People, Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Parents, and Fitness. They offer audio, video and “fun extras” as well as all of the content you’d come to expect from the physical magazines. Time’s agazines – which include the first four listed above – are available at no extra cost to those who already subscribe to their respective magazine. A full list of changes can be had below, but be sure to check the update out as it should already be alerting you of a pending update. If not, they’ve got instructions for a manual download here. [Android Central]

he NOOK Color Ver1.3.0 update contains new features and enhancements, including:

  • Access to a selection of new special edition NOOK Magazines — People, Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Parents, and Fitness – featuring print edition content, plus video, audio and fun extras.
  • Access to the largest digital magazine selection available anywhere.
  • Print subscribers to People, Time, Sports Illustrated, and Fortune get free NOOK editions of those magazines.
  • Parental control to easily disable the Web browser.
  • Ongoing enhancements to Wi-Fi connectivity and other performance improvements.
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  1. This isn’t worth switching from my rooted Froyo ROM.
    I really like the device. I just wish I had more use for it. :P

    1. Ditto. But, I use mine a lot and I would much rather keep it in it’s rooted state than be forced to accept this update.

  2. Your still on froyo?!?! that sucks. Get a build of ginger and double your speed. IM currently rocking cm7 and running it at 1.3ghz.

    1. How to? Get a build of ginger and double my speed?

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