AT&T Rumored to be Discontinuing the HTC Status



A lot of talk of discontinued products in the tech world lately. This time, AT&T is set to close the door on the HTC Status, or so says a supposed inside source of TechCrunch‘s. That source and others of TechCrunch’s has confirmed that AT&T will be pulling the Status from store shelves due to the fact that it isn’t doing good at all in terms of sales.

The HTC Status was their version of the ChaCha, a “Facebook” phone with a dedicated Facebook button and a fully-exposed QWERTY keyboard, perfect for typing up status messages like the world will no longer exist the next day.

In our review, we praised the HTC Status for its solid hardware. The form factor was a new one from HTC so we were pleasantly surprised to see they pulled it off so well. The keyboard was the clear highlight.

But the main selling feature – Facebook – left a rather bad taste in our mouths and we told users they’d be better off getting a different Android phone and installing the Facebook application from the Android market if Facebook was all they’d come for.

Yes, we know you think their app for Android sucks, but if you used HTC’s version on the Status/ChaCha and the HTC Salsa, you’d be screaming to have the main app back. This isn’t a period for flogging, though – just know that you’d better pick one up soon if you want one before stock is mysteriously depleted.

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  1. meh. no surprise there.

  2. Hopefully now manufacturers will see that phones like the kin and chacha/status just wont sell and that they’re better off producing superphones for us to drool over.

  3. Can’t you guys just block any post that starts with “I just paid”.

    1. I would give anything for that – as well as IP ranges. Unfortunately, keeping it clean around here literally requires several of us to sweep the comments section as often as other duties allow.

      The spammers have learned that I can block delete them. Before I could get rid of these 20 at a time – now the bots hit two or three per IP before moving on. When deleting 200+ of these per day, it’s easy to fall behind.

      We will try to improve on this, promise.

      1. We all appreciate the hard work, thanks.

      2. I know its less user friendly, but requiring a login and CAPTCHA should help with it. Also, if there is a report spam button, that would at least allow us to help you clean it up. Thanks for the hard work, I enjoy the site.

  4. Phone sucks anyway. They should of gotten the Desire Z n Wildfire

  5. That’s why they should do a little more market research and see what people actually want before making phones they think people will want. It’s not apple here.

  6. Isn’t doing WELL. Grammar please.

    1. WELL is well, Grammar please.

  7. No shit. A gimmick phone failed. Make 4-5 great phones a year and people will be happy as long as they are fast and come in different form factors. Verizon is the stupidest of them all, how many 4.3 inch LTE phones are there now? THEY ARE ALL THE SAME! I want a qwerty LTE phone, or a smaller LTE phone. Give me something different.

  8. I just paid… Oh wait sorry lol
    But it’s really not that hard to go to my gallery and post my picture/video on Facebook or twitter… Very pointless…

  9. Yeah, pretty much every Android fan out there knew this was going to be a flop.

  10. The Status is nothing but a P.O.S. phone. the facebook name is a joke plus the screen is too tiny.

  11. if thats gernan for “i just paid” i hope you rot in hell. if not then ignore this comment

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