[Update] Facebook Messenger for Android On Its Way Today


As a direct result of purchasing Beluga, the folks at Facebook are getting set to release a standalone Facebook Messenger application. At first glance there doesn’t appear to be much different from the current messaging feature inside Facebook’s main application, but the standalone version does add group messaging and location sharing. It looks like you may also be able to send photos using this application.

To be honest, we’re confused as to why they wouldn’t bring this to their main application instead of shipping a separate package out. From how the application looks, we’re thinking this is essentially Facebook’s own BBM, which I’m sure many folks wouldn’t mind considering how popular those sorts of applications are. And it’s Facebook – everyone’s on Facebook, meaning it’d be a much more attractive option up against similar messaging clients such as LiveProfile and Kik.

Facebook says the application will be available today in the Android market. As of the time of this writing it isn’t, but we’ll be checking back and will let you guys know once it’s live. Any of you willing to download this standalone version or do you think Facebook should have just lumped it in with the current application? [Facebook Blog]

[Update]: It’s up now, folks. You could try searching for it in the Android market, but an easier way is to go here, have them send the link to your phone and get directed to the app automatically.

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  1. do not want.

  2. They should just add this to the app but it’s still cool nonetheless.

  3. I’m not interested, I don’t even use the FB app I use Friendcaster and prefer that, I will just wait for chat functionality with FC

  4. This is really nothing! Thoroughly unimpressed! Can wait!

  5. Useless, the only reason I have Facebook friends is because I don’t have to talk to them.

  6. There’s a specific group I chat to a lot. Something like this is great for me.

  7. No option to set how often to poll. I assume this is using Google push?

  8. I can see this being useful. It should be better than Whatsapp, Kik and all those other 3rd party messengers simply because more people use Facebook. You are able to pretty much message anyone you’ve ever had online contact with because who doesn’t have a Facebook account?

    Why did they have to make it its own app though? Why not integrate into the already existing Facebook application?

  9. .how about fix the issues in the app then worry about this.

  10. Does it do anything Google+ doesn’t already?

    1. Let’s you talk to all your Facebook friends? Well in addition you can send pictures and GPS location in chat while you cannot with Huddle.

    2. Yeah. It already has your Facebook contacts loaded.

      1. Most people I want to talk to are already on Google+ so between that , the fact it is US only and Anonymous planning to destroy Facebook in a few months I think I will pass.

  11. I use facebook chat religiously more than I used to use AIM/MSN. This is actually pretty useful.

  12. “At first glance there doesn’t appear to be much different from the current messaging feature inside Facebook’s main application…”

    You mean the horribly broken current messaging feature?

  13. I want to use Huddle but the notifications do not work. I wonder if this is any better…

    1. They work for me. Have you checked your g+ app settings?

  14. The app doesnt exist for all countries

  15. How do you know who’s online with this app?

  16. Apparently is not compatible with either my HTC Desire (2.3.3) or my HTC Flyer (2.3.3).

  17. Does it keep disconnecting like the main FB app?

    I don’t even bother with the FB Android app, it’s so bloated and slow. For IM, I just connect to Facebook via a 3rd-party multi-client like I do Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, GTalk, and so on. I was using imo until their FB connector broke for months and they still refuse to fix it or respond to questions, so I moved to Trillian which works fine (and stays connected).

  18. It is a stand alone app cause the FB app just sucks realy hard it is one of the worst apps that I ever head friendcaster is much better and a more updates

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