Samsung Beginning Production of 7-Inch Super AMOLED Display, Could Find its Way to Galaxy Tab in September

Samsung will soon begin production of a new 7-inch version of the Super AMOLED display, according to Korean site etnews. The high resolution display will sport 1024 x 768 pixels using the same technology behind the gorgeous screen found in several of Samsung’s smartphones. This 7-inch Super AMOLED display, however, has only one likely destination: tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab, to be exact, a new model of which we could see as soon as September. We’ve heard rumors of an updated Galaxy Tab featuring Samsung’s Exynos processor, and the hope is that it will at least run Android 2.3 as opposed to the original’s Froyo build. Might it be a bit too much to ask for Android 3.2? Either way, if the new model takes its cues from the Tab 10.1, the right price could make this one appealing tablet.

[via BGR]

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  • Jens Zalzala

    If it has honeycomb on it, I’m buying. I love my Tab 10.1, but damn it, the 7 inch one was just so much more convenient.

  • Jmaxku

    Super Amoled?

    I’m sold.

    • Dario Sucic

      Yea, I can’t wait

    • Larry

      I’m with you on that. I really hope it runs Honeycomb or higher.

    • DYNK

      Yes. Finally lets get this Exynos CPU Beat into tablets!

  • jamdev12

    Since 3.2 has introduced other resolutions besides 1280 x 800 why wouldn’t this have 3.2. That just seems odd to me, but like other users here. 3.2, 7 inches and S-Amoled, sold!!! >;-)

  • WickedToby741

    At the rate we’re going, it won’t be a tablet but rather a phone.

  • Shoufferson Mrabet

    Best replacement for my 2.3.3 7” galaxy tab.