Canalys: Android’s Market Share Nears 50 percent World-Wide


Android has grown to become the number one smartphone platform in 35 out of 56 countries tracked by analytics firm Canalys, amounting to a 48 percent total market share world-wide. With the number Android leads its nearest competitor, Apple, by nearly 30 percent. The iPhone manufacturer may have shipped 20.3 million devices, but their share totals only 19 percent. Still, that figure is enough to knock the flailing Nokia down a few rungs. Also doing better than Nokia: Samsung. Still, Canalys analyst Chris Jones believe the Korean manufacturer could be doing more to capitalize on Nokia’s weakened state. A year-over-year increase by 421 percent saw Samsung shipping 17 million handsets combined between their Android and Bada efforts.

With a rising global presence Android is only becoming a bigger target for the patent hounds who have been feasting on Google’s spoils as of late. But we won’t dwell on that for the time being.

[via Reuters]

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  1. With greater market share comes greater reliability? I hope so!

    1. Quantity almost never equals quality. Don’t hold your breath. It will only get messier. They’re too deep in their “open” philosophy/platform to change it now.

      1. Why would they, buddy?

  2. Canalys will now get sued by Apple.

    1. Thread winner.

  3. how long till samsumg ships more android devices than apple does ios devices? i really think that if one phone is going to ship more units than the next iphone it will be a samsumg device. maybe the sgsii once it finally ships in the us?

  4. also in that same report Windows Phone 7 + Windows Mobile 6.5 = less than 1.5 million phones shipped in Q2, Ouch!

    1. Finally saw a Windows Phone 7 in a store. Never seen one in real life. Never heard of anyone talking about wanting one.

      It really is a piece of garbage.

      Windows Phone 7 reminds me on the type of junk open source desktops do when they are desperate to prove they are ‘ahead’ of OS X and end up failing miserably.

  5. And yet companies still release their iOS apps way before (if ever) Android apps. Someone needs to get this news to corporate America so they know they should make the Android app first then focus on iOS.

    1. The news is all over tech blogs constantly. The developers who follow technology know this. It isn’t being hidden from them. Yet they still develop and release for iOS first. At some point you have to accept that this is intentional. Until Google helps reduce the fragmentation, this will not change. This is reality.

      1. you know, they said with Ice cream sandwich the focus is to resolve fragmentation issues

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