New Information Says Samsung QWERTY Slider Won’t Be AT&T’s Galaxy S II


Not so fast! Looks like that upcoming Samsung QWERTY slider headed for AT&T isn’t the Galaxy S II, after all. BGR, who broke the story initially, has received a correction from one of their sources and is now reporting that the sexy slider is a different handset altogether. The confusion arose from the recycling of an old model number initially associated with the Galaxy S II. So AT&T subscribers will be getting the same slim, keyboard-free Galaxy S II headed to other carriers (though it may be slightly retooled), but now we must question where this QWERTY handset fits in. Will it still be partially based on the Galaxy S II spec sheet? Or will it be something a bit more mid-range? We wouldn’t mind AT&T offering this slider as an additional alternate to the S II if the hardware is right.

[via BGR]

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  1. If this goes to T-Mo, then that solves my dilemma of deciding between GS2 or Prime.

    Definitely would wait for the Prime!

  2. Isn’t VZW also getting an EPIC phone like this?

  3. inb4 CDMA variant and on Virgin Mobile USA

  4. AT&T is the ONLY network without a high-end slider

    Verizon has the droid 3

    sprint has the epic 4g (not dual-core, but still a capable phone)

    t-mobile has the mytouch 4g slide

    AT&T has the backflip (a phone that was outdated even BEFORE it launched)

  5. i didnt think it was simply because my epic has a dedicated number row and this didnt. it wouldnt have made since to me for it not to atleast have that being the galaxy s2 has a 4.3 inch screen compared to the originals 4 inches

  6. As the broken record that i have become, who gives a rat’s A**?!?!, JUST RELEASE THE DAMN SSGS2 ALREADY!!!!!!!! Weather it has a keyboard, no keyboard, a tail, a fin, gills, an extra button for alerting the world that you just peed, WHO CARES?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!? JUST RELEASE THE SSGS2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Xanax. look it up.

      1. Oh how VERY clever you are!!!!

        1. It was rather amusing…. :/

  7. this would have the perfect upgrade for my captivate, in fact i’m still considering it… samsung media strenght, a qwerty keyboard with the 4 “fn” keys, you know for using android kb combos, search+key to launch application, menu+c to copy, menu+v to paste, etc etc… if only it had a number row like the epic…

  8. Would I sound like a D Nozzle if I said… I knew it, ?

  9. If it’s getting 3000+ in Quadrant, it’s definitely not mid-range. Probably based on the same processor as the GS2, if not something better…

  10. It’ll probably be another Galaxy S 1.5 of sorts like the Charge and upcoming Verizon slider. It’ll likely have a SAMOLED+ and 4G, but still be rocking the Hummingbird.

  11. That’s disappointing. I was realllllllllllllllllllllllly hoping for a high end slider on AT&T. :(

  12. this handset seems to be quite good with quite impressive features
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