Twitter FINALLY Adds Push Notifications, Multiple Accounts Support to Android App


The folks at Twitter have just pushed through a big update for their Android application. With it comes two major additions – push notifications and the ability to add multiple Twitter accounts. That last one has been highly requested for months and they’ve finally come through. And push notifications are straight forward, too  – set your app to deliver “automatic updates” and you’ll get Tweets, Mentions and DMs just as soon as your friends hit send. New version is now in the Android market. More information here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. my twitter doesn’t auto-complete names like Sesmic did, am i missing something? i ditched Sesmic but miss that feature a lot

  2. Were’s the push notification? In settings it still ask for a refresh interval.

    1. Go to Settings > Account Settings and click your username. Not sure why they did it this way.

      1. Is the “sync twitter data“ checkbox the push notification. If so, what interval should I choose in settings?

  3. I wonder if they finally made the UI tablet-friendly. It’s silly how on Google TV you get a nice TV-optimized experience but on a tablet it’s just the phone UI scaled up.

  4. Guess I can get rid of TweetDeck now…

  5. dang, after i’ve grown comfortable with tweetdeck… i dun think its enuff to pull me away from tweetdeck.

  6. Cool, maybe Facebook will get on the ball too.

  7. Push notifications are broken here already. Were working fine last night. Now i get nothing.

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