Right On Schedule – Evo Shift 4G Users Can Now Manually Update to Gingerbread 2.3.3

We told you the update was coming and we’ve been receiving a flood of reports from Evo Shift users everywhere that, thanks to a combination effort between HTC and Sprint, they can now update their phones to Android 2.3.3.

If you’re waiting around to be prompted by Sprint, that wont start until the 27th. Instead, jump into your phone’s Settings > System Updates > HTC Software Updates and click on that to get the party started. The update will also upgrade Sense to 2.1. Some of the more notable features to look forward to are Swype app, smoother scrolling, quick settings tab in the notification bar and that awesome bounce/glow effect when reaching the end of a menu.

As always, make sure you have a full battery charge on your device before attempting to update your device’s firmware. Let us know if you experience any weird bugs or problems. Godspeed and good luck!

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    Released after the G2 and updated before…. way to go T-Mobile! Shows that you’re truly dedicated to AT&T and not your customers!

    • https://plus.google.com/102290060063255149992 Alek Tritt

      I agree that this isn’t right. There was a stable test build released a month ago, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be out there. That being said, I would never upgrade my G2 to stock gingerbread. I’m happy with my honeycomb themed CM7.

    • Lemon Flavored Scab

      I’m normally a patient person. I was back when the G1 had the 2 week delay on Cupcake. I remember tons of people ready to dump T Mobile over that. I’m still being patient, but I am becoming more and more frustrated. Since I don’t know why there is such a delay, I can’t be too critical. Since there are other carriers and phones released after the G2 that have received the update, I can’t help but be critical. 

      Just what is going on T Mobile?

      • Akdor1154

        Frustrated too, but I’m not too sure it’s T-Mobile’s fault – the version of the G2 we have here in the Rest Of The World That Isn’t The USA, the Desire Z, hasn’t been updated either. T-Mob has nothing to do with this variant.

        • Akdor1154

          P.S. G-Lite. You won’t look back. :)

  • Truthy1

    The Evo line is being well taken care of on all fronts

  • jms

    you were able to manually update on the 16th…

  • Confused

    I dont see swype on my phone..Am I just an Idiot?

    • Joe

      Press down on an input field and you’ll be given input options.

    • Billish

      Are the two mutually exclusive? lol

  • shingi_70

    Where is the G2 updated. Its not a tmobile thing. the HD7 got its update on time. this is an HTC problem.

  • Curry

    Man I want this phone so bad. :)

  • Corona18

    Once I upgraded to 2.3.3 (gingerbread) on my shift, the phone hangs at the loading screen for what seems like forever when exiting apps such as the browser or messaging.  This never happened with 2.2.  Sometimes it even does this when I turn on the screen.  I like most of the new features, but this bug is almost a deal breaker!

  • Isitworthit?

    My EVO Shift asked me if I wanted to download the update, and this was a couple of days ago. I wish I didn’t accept it. Whereas the new features are nice (they wouldn’t throw the update out there if they weren’t), it has considerably slowed my phone down. Several times a day since the upgrade, I’ll be running an app and when I go to exit to the home screens, the screen goes white with the HTC logo and then says “loading”. It takes the phone about 5 to 10 seconds for the home screen to pop up…very annoying. I have changed around a few settings, but I would think this phone is more than capable of handling a few sync updates every couple of hours…right? I am hoping its just my phone, but at the same time I’m hoping its not.

  • Corona18

    I have resolved my constant “Loading…” issue by uninstalling both my app killer and task manager apps.  I then, held down the power button until the shutdown options appeared and selected restart.  Once the phone restarted, my loading issue was gone.  I found I didn’t need those apps after the 2.3.3 upgrade anyway because it handles memory management better and has more features for monitoring memory usage built in.  Very happy with the new version now.

  • Noe Garcia

    whenever i try to do the update, the phone reboots when it reboots after the htc screen all that it shows is an exclamation mark with a triangle and an android next to it, any ideas to solve this issue?