Amazon Will Offer Movie Streaming Service For Free On Upcoming Android Tablets


Tablets, tablets tablets. With so many Android tablets hitting the market these days and most of them being stock, vanilla Android 3.1 Honeycomb, its hard for these devices to really stand out from one another. Manufacturer’s are well aware of this and it’s one of the reasons why companies are trying so hard to offer things like specialty app stores and custom UI’s across their devices.

Enter, Amazon. Following the success of their wildly popular Kindle e-reader, Amazon is set to unleash their dual-core “Coyote” and quad-core “Hollywood” Android tablets onto the masses any day now. But why would a consumer choose their tablet over all the others? According to Detwiler Fenton, a consumer research firm in Boston, Amazon will offer their streaming movie service for FREE exclusively to the first wave of early adopters who purchase their upcoming tablets. Couple that with other Amazon services like their AppStore (one free paid app everyday!) and their Cloud Locker music streaming service, and you have the makings of a true mainstream winner. Can’t wait to see if these new tablets really catch on.

[Via Barron’s]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Amazon has a killer media ecosystem. Awful Android skins and customizations aside, I think they have a great shot at making a really great Android tablet, especially if they stick to the game plan in regards to Honeycomb specs.

  2. Amazon also has the name recognition, tons of people buy online from amazon, and the kindle is really popular. I’ll stick with galaxy tab 10.1 though. :) 

  3. If Amazon pulls through and releases the quadcore kal-el for a good price point it will definitely sell.  Would love to see quad core come out in the 7″ form before the end of the year.

  4. IF Amazon allows their tabs to do the same thing as the Playbook, which is monitor extension, not just mirror, then I will gladly pick up their quad core offering to replace my beefy laptop. I want functionality with a tablet that has the ability to do everything a non-techie college student requires. I want to add all the peripherals that I can on my laptop without all the weight and battery sucking ability.

    1. There are already monitor extension apps in the market.. android already allows it :P

      Check out the transformer with dock for a good laptop replacement too!

  5. As usual this will be an US only service, f***k

    1. Dude, just subscribe to a VPN company that has a US based server, like

  6. I was sold on this tablet BEFORE they started throwing in the freebies. Just waiting to see the price…..

  7. i wonder if this is the full library or just what Prime users get.

  8. Maybe this will put some sense into Netflix.

  9. This is great but I bet you, this is yet again, not going to be available in Canada?

    1. No one likes Canada

    2. ah dont worry bout that amazon is awesome at shipping worldwide, just that damn app store wasnt available (without a workaround). the worst thing would probably be an import deposit fee slapped on top of the sale :(

      1. but it still would be useless because I’m in Canada.  They probably won’t allow streaming from the US to Canada whether I bought the tablet here in Canada or the US…

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