Jun 13th, 2011

Nvidia, not just happy with making mobile processors like their Tegra 2 chips for tablets and smartphones, has just bought a wireless modem company named Icera for $367 million dollars. There are a bunch of components that go into making our favorite devices. Besides mobile processors which seem to get most attention these days, there are other parts like the wireless modem used to connect your device to your carrier. Icera, currently makes a wireless modem component called the Espresso 450 which already uses Nvidia’s Tegra processors and includes a radio interface for Android. So it seemed like a natural fit for Nvidia to shell out the cash and acquire their services.

We all know how much things are heating up these days between mobile chiptset makers and Nvidia is hoping that device manufacturers will favor their single all-in-one option for mobile computing and wireless radio instead of having to shop at 2 separate places (like Qualcomm) for a wireless modem. Looks like Nvidia is making some big moves — like a boss.

[Via BeatNews]