Angry Birds Live [VIDEO]


Remember at IO when Google created a larger than life Labyrinth game controllable by an Android Tablet? Replace the tablet with a phone and the labyrinth with an Angry Birds setup, then dump on some of the radioactive waste that created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and you’ve got this: Angry Birds Live.

The whole thing was dreamt up and implemented by the folks at T-Mobile who obviously know how to create a stir. While pretty much anything Angry Birds related will turn some heads, this is definitely an in-depth project that took a ton of time and the results -for both onlookers and TMO – seem to have paid off.

They even had live musicians to play the theme music. Color me entertained.

Rob Jackson
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  1. simply made me smile :)

  2. angry birds rend me of crazy frog
    it will soon burn out

  3. Conan O’Brien did it first!

    With the addition of IKEA furniture.

    1. Sure, but it wasn’t on this sort of scale!

  4. This is all hollywood gimicks.  this isn’t a real taping of this.  a DL reader posted a video on how they did this effect.

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