Verizon Confirms July Launch Window for Samsung Galaxy S II


While the cat isn’t quite out of the bag yet, Verizon is confirming that they will receive the Samsung Galaxy S II, and that it will be launching sometime in July. Verizon’s version of the powerful Galaxy S II is rumored to be getting the tag Samsung Galaxy Function, and the phone will launch under different names on at least AT&T and Spint (and undoubtedly many others). The July timeframe jives with rumors we have heard previously regarding the American launch of the S II, but without even the hint of an actual date we are left guessing whether it comes sooner or later.

[via ComputerWorld]

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  1. By then..no more unlimited data folks. :(.. 

    1. Lock yourself in now at Costco!

      1. How do you mean.  This would mean upgrading to 4G now, no?

    2. Way to jump to assumtions.

  2. Need an ATT update to confirm the rumor for them. This will be my phone for sure!

  3. my dream come true…. but i need to wait until dec….

    1. But by December they will already be outdated, and not supported!!

      1. Thats what root and custom roms are for lol

  4. Honestly, I’ve been rather happy with my Droid X2. Sure it doesn’t have the SAMOLED+ or an FFC, but other than that, I really havent seen much evidence that the processor in the GSII is much better than Tegra 2. 

    I suppose it helps that GSII will have much wider (and hopefully better) software support.

    1. Droid X’s are horrendous looking devices, I wouldn’t even throw one at Steve Jobs even uglier face. Why buy an ugly ass phone, yes its dual core but its still a 3g phone thats “Gay as hell”. I bought the Samsung Vibrant when it first came out then gave it to my brother when the Nexus S came out, both are really nice phones. Droid X2 is exactly the same as the first Droid X just with a dual core processor. No innovation what so ever

      1. Do you seriously consider flat black boxes to be “horrendous looking”? They’re all flat black boxes. I’ve had a DX and it has worked fast and reliably for 9 months – that’s what I’m looking for in a phone. I’m not planning on taking it out for a date or having sex with it. Its only a phone for Pete’s sake.

        BTW, the DX2’s differences – a dual core CPU and higher res screen are significant if you value functionality and usability. 

      2. Your comment lost credibilityafter the first sentence do us a favor and leave the comments to adults

  5. Is the consensus that this will not be 4G LTE? If it ends up being LTE…I am seriously all over it.

    1. I would guess it will not be LTE unless smaller LTE radios are now being produced.

      1. The galaxy tab is .34 inches thick. The galaxy s2 is .334 inches thick. Does it really need to have a smaller radio, if it is an equally thin device already?

        1. If anyone can do it samsung would be the ones to do it. They want to sell the most devices possible and they have to know people want 4g.

  6. Yes finally. Might Verizon get their heads out of their buts and have it’s first 4g duel core phone

    1. GUARANTEE this is 3G.

      1. Even with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 coming with LTE?

      2. How do you guarantee anything? Are you the one who made this phone and know everything about it? Doubtful

      3. Guaranteed based on fact or conjecture?

  7. FINALLY, but now that it’s taken so long, perhaps Bionic LTE is better?

    1. This may be LTE. And the bootloader on the GSII is open for business! I will finally be able to have CM7!

  8. YESSSS i cant wait!!! 

  9. AWWW SNAP!!!  About time!

  10. That just made my day brighter.  I’m still not paying $300 though.

    1. it will only be 300 if it is lte which early indications are that it wont be. Most likely it will be 199 like all the other 3g phones if it is 3g

  11. This more than likely won’t be LTE. I’m willing to bet on that.

  12. Nate Davidson:  the processor in the GS2 is WAAAY WAAAY WAAAY better than the tegra 2, hands down..  Bottom line, period.  No questions ask.  If you want to compare benchmarks, do it, the GS2, is way ahead there, and in graphics, and pretty much every where else.. YARRELLGAY:  So can you continue to talk smack about sprint and the eVO 3D? Nope, vzw is bringing a can of serious middle finger to sprint.  

    1. How is VZW giving Sprint the middle finger when Sprint is getting the same GS2 variant but with a different name?  

      1. oh, and sprint’s variation will have 4G, looks who’s tossing the middle finger now…

        1. Assumptions,heh. I can do that too. As this WILL have LTE(assumption). And, IF it does, it will be 4G that is 3 times as fast(fact).

          1. Sprints is not an assumption they don’t release high end phones without 4G, if they did, this would be the first, so highly unlikely.

          2. It was an assumption in saying that Verizon wont have LTE in their GS2.

          3. They just release 4G phones, without many 4G markets. For as long as WiMax has been around, you would think they would have more than a handful of markets.

          4. yeah nice lte service you got there *cough*..yeah it slow down eventually

          5. And IF it does, it will STILL be twice as fast a WiMax. The thing is, the chances of it slowing down to Wimax speeds are nil.

        2. Uum last I heard none of the gs2 would be 4g but maybe they changed that. I’m sure if they added 4g to one they would add 4g to all.

      2. By offering it on a far larger network? One that is double the size.

        1. Your arguments are so repetitive that it bores me to death. Do you have
          anything else to say besides “proper network”? I have zero problems with my
          network here in NY and anywhere else I have traveled in the US.

          1. Take a drive an hour outside NY City on I87, you will no longer have data. And your voice? Yeah that will be roaming on Verizon.

          2. So what? It works, right? Sprint made that roaming agreement with Verizon
            for a reason. I don’t give a shit if it’s not Sprint’s network. I only care
            if the damn thing works. End of story.

          3. Last time I checked my data roamed too, and wow it roams to vzw.  So, anywhere vzw has coverage I have coverage on sprint both voice and data and I don’t get charged one dime extra for that massive network.

          4. It only works FOR VOICE. That means THE DAMN THING DONT WORK. End of story

            @Nlinux. Umm, bullsh*t. Look at the map, all that gray area, that is Verizons network. Where you dont get data.

          5. Your problem is the way you make it sound is that you won’t get data
            anywhere. Sprint’s network isn’t as small as you make it seem. I don’t care
            about anyone living elsewhere. Are they paying my bill? No. I bought my
            service because it was the best for me, myself and I. It still is the best
            for me, myself and I as well.

          6. You only get data on Sprints network, wich is half the size of Verizons. So, I am a moron, because for me, myself, and I, Sprint is NOT an option. And by me myself and I, I mean A LOT of America. You know, the ones that live outside of Sprints tiny little network. BTW, all I ever see you saying is how great Sprint is, kinda a follower yourself.

          7. Again, half the size of Verizon’s is still a lot of land, regardless. Don’t
            be so simple-minded.

          8. There’s a difference between me saying Sprint is great and shitting on any other provider and me having an open mind stating that I like Sprint for my needs and acknowledge that other providers may be better in terms of coverage for other folks. Prove me wrong, I dare you.

          9. Simple minded? They dont work here, period. And for a lot of Americans, it is the same way. When I say they have a small network, I am not saying it is non-existant. Of course there will be people that feel they are the better option. Just not for me. Why? Their coverage is subpar. And yes, they are a better value for some folks. If you are IN their tiny little network. But a vast majority of America isnt. IE, they are a metro carrier, only marginally better than TMobile in terms of coverage. Only marginally better than verizon in terms of price. The third fastest network, and soon to be slowest.

          10. i cancelled verizon my calls dropped or none in upstate ny..ty very much.

          11. My dad has sprint and as soon as we get a little outside buffalo, NY he drops signal…

      3. And you can bet it will be a 4G phone.

    2. Check again RazaTooL. Try Smartbench 2011 benchmarks. With a faster clock, it is getting much higher regular performance, but poorer gaming. The Mali-400 is on par with the GeForce ULV. 

      Edit: The online repository isn’t showing the list that comes up in the app. An overclocked S2 (1.5 gHz) gets an average 2484 in games, and I keep getting 2463-2576 on my X2.

      Don’t forget, they are both ARM Cortex A9s, so most of the differences you see are in software enhancements and tweaking the chipset. As a matter of fact, since the X2 has a higher resolution of 960X540, you are having to constantly calculate more pixels. That causes a huge impact on performance.

    3. LOL, there is so much #fail in this post.

  13. Lol whoever posted this article typed “Spint”, when they meant to say Sprint. I guess the July rumors are true for all US carriers that will get the SGSII. There was an article a week or so ago about Sprint launching their version in July as well. I don’t expect it to be much of a gap between carrier launch dates.

  14. Any chance this will be LTE? If so, it will be a race to see which phone is available first – Bionic or GSII

  15. How would one “lock in” the unlimited data plan at Costco?

  16. How?

  17. my only criteria for purchase of this phone now is LTE. No way in hell in 2011 will I buy a 3G phone on a two year contract be the only noob carrying a 3G phone half through  2013.

    1. Impossible. We would have heard by now of another LTE. Bionic is the next to come down the pipeline, GSII will be 3G and I struggle with you, buy a great phone or not quite as nice but with LTE???

      1. Other than the Bionic, what other 4G phones have you heard of? Is the Bionic the ONLY phone they plan on releasing in the future?

        1. No, obviously they’ll have more LTE’s, just depends on how long you want to wait and what you want (assuming most want LTE AND dual-core). Bionic has been taking a LONG time, anything else will take longer.

          1. So, Moto is having problems releasing a phone, that somehow means Samsung will too?

          2. sure.

          3. Okay, glad we cleared that up.

          4. How you think it is “impossible” that Samsung would release the GS2 with LTE, based on the fact that Moto has a problem doing it. My intellect? Sounds like you are the one making assumptions based off of one thing  that has nothing to do with the other.

      2. I wouldn’tt say it is impossible I mean maybe samsung will make it a little thicker to incorporate the radios. I guess we will find out more once more info leaks but since samsung did release the charge with LTE I could see them releasing this with LTE also. And the first rumors were saying it would have LTE.

        1. The Galaxy 10.1 has LTE. It is only .06 in thicker.

          1. Thats why I said Samsung could do it because they are similar in size. I wasn’t the one who said it was impossible

          2. I realize that. That is why I showed that the Tab 10.1 is only .06 inches thicker than the SGS2. To cooberate what you were saying, and to show what “a little thicker” actually entales. .06 inches.

  18. want want want want!!! Would actually be happy without LTE- don’t have it where I live and don’t need it where I work and it would just drain my battery.  Sooo happy I didn’t pull the trigger on the Charge yesterday

  19. Good.   I have a month to talk my husband into replacing his 4 year old LG dumbphone with my CM7 powered Incredible so that I can upgrade to this. :-)

    1. where do they make women like you? <3

      1. How do we know passinthru is female?

        1. That was awesome!!!

  20. How do you “lock in” to a 4G unlimited data deal at Costco when the phone itself isn’t even available?

    1. Get, say, the Charge on a 4G unlimited contract and then trade it in when the GSII comes out within their 90 day return/exchange policy.

  21. if gs2 doesnt support LTE…. i guess i will pass…. 3G speed in boston is worst than Tmo edge.

  22. i woulden’t touch this phone with a barge pole, it’s got problems,
    very weak wifi
    very laggy gallery
    getting very hot
    item’s being moved to differen’t locations by itself
    poor battery management ie 1 day good next day rubbish, doing same stuff

    1. I just watched a vid on this phone and didnt see no lag in the gallery..

        1. Because every other phone doesnt have a “few” people experiancing issues?

    2. I’ve had this phone for a few weeks and I honestly haven’t ran into any of these issues. I do remember reading about the weak wifi over at xda but I move all around my house and haven’t had a single drop, it even extends outside of my house a fair bit. As for the gallery, it actually makes most other handsets look like they’re lagging it’s that fast. Everything loads immediately. Try it in store when possible and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

      1. Iv’e had this phone for 4 weeks & had all these problems with it. im starting ti regret
        coming from the iphone. please dont flame me for saying that lol.

        1. Seems like u got a bad production unit I would exchange it

    3. Does VZW still have a 30 Day Return/Exchange Policy?  I’m up for renewal in July and really want this phone … I’d like to test out in my area(s) to see if any of these issues surface.

      1. 14 day now

      2. Yes and with a 15% restocking fee.

  23. i can’t think of a single reason carriers would accept a dual core phone in 2011 that wasn’t based on their LARGEST selling point, their network.  Every commercial, press release, etc is about the new or up & coming speed of their network.  How can such a flagship phone not coincide with that?  Maybe that’s been the delay?

    1. I think if they put 4g in all of these this phone would break sales record like no other. I mean it will still sell well but if it was 4g damn they would probably have a hard time keeping them in stock.


    Why can’t this phone be on T-Mobile.  

    1. It will be.

    2. Because tmobile has a shit ton of other phones already announced to be coming out over the summer?

  25. I need a phone with 2 hour battery life so this better be dual core and 4g.

  26. How did I make Sprint look superior? We all know that VZW is the larger and better network. Sprint just suits my needs more than any other provider currently. Just an FYI – I used to be a VZW customer until I got tired of paying an arm and a leg for nothing.

  27. I live in NYC and was REALLY hoping this would be an LTE phone. I was sold on LTE  ever since I used Google Maps on someone else’s Thunderbolt. I’ve been waiting for this phone for three months but as much as it sucks to say, there’s no way I’m buying it unless it’s LTE. For those weighing pro’s and con’s, here’s my case:

    I don’t watch movies and play games that often on my phone. Thus having a duel-core to augment this is not vital. I use my phone for internet-rich activities like Google Maps, browsing, social media apps, email, paying bills. I do record a lot of movies and take photos. The main reason I was waiting for this phone was because the choppiness and lag on my current phone KILLS ME. Watching videos of how smooth this phone works really got my interest but if I still have to wait 10-15 secs every time I google something or check-in then it’s not worth it.

    Ugh, I’m just really disappointed right now. I’m not sure I can hold out for the Droid Bionic. I need a new phone soon.

    1. If you’re interested in this phone, but want 4G and not the dual core there is a phone for you available now: the Droid Charge.

  28. NYC hitman: fair enough. The one thing I can’t help is that you couldn’t justify paying for the best service. Jim ok with that. As long as you aren’t a total tool like yarrelray or Richard yarrell. I’m cool with that. I wish all four carriers would get the gs2 at one time so we could live in harmony and enjoy the best phone android has to offer.

  29. http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/08/samsung-galaxy-s-ii-said-to-be-verizon-bound-in-july/
    Update: This was just a misstatement, they were referring to the galaxy tab. Sorry people

  30. If this thing is not LTE – would you guys recommend the HTC Sensation on TMo given cheaper data plans?  I live in SF Bay area, no idea how the Tmo network is, but Verizon out here works great.  

    1. If tmobile has good coverage in your area I would go with them. I was looking to switch to them but their coverage in my area is sub par at best so im stuck with verizon.

  31. Man…I feel for you guys in the U.S. You’re missing the action.

    Loving my SGS II. This is what should’ve been the Android experience since Day One.

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