Asus Gearing Up to Launch Android Powered Tablet Phone?


Although we haven’t seen the “official” number yet regarding the Transformer launch, I will go ahead and call it an overwhelming success. So what’s next for Asus? A new tablet? A new smartphone? How about BOTH.

Asus is no stranger when it comes to teasing their customers and these newly leaked Asus’ promos for the 2011 Taipei Computex tradeshow, it looks like they’re getting ready to “break the rules.” While everyone is up in arms over what the mystery device could be, my guess is the device will be Asus’ Eee Pad MeMO that was shown off at CES earlier this year and was scheduled to launch in early June.

In case you need a refresher, the Eee Pad MeMO was a 7-inch, dual-core Snapdragon, Gingerbread tablet (said to launch with Honeycomb) that came with a stylus and the option of having a little bluetooth handset you could use to make calls and stream music from the tablet. Essentially giving you a “pad that is also a phone.” Mystery solved. Or is it…?

What’s really throwing me off is the separate teaser pic (above) of what is clearly the Eee Pad MeMO minus the little phone attachment and possibly with an new 3D display? Hmmmmmm… What do you guys think? Phone? Tab? Or BOTH?

[Via Engadget]

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  1. does it snap into a tablet dock or something??? that would be SOOOOOO sick!!!!

  2. How about a dock-able phone into a high powered tablet ?  Leave the 3D stuff to Disney, Android doesn’t need this decade’s attempt to make 3D relevant.

    1. Yeah, hopefully “jumps out at you” just means a super bright IPS panel display.. Don’t need the added price of adding 3D =/

      1. What exact added price comes from 3d?

        Most 3d tvs are very close in price to the same spec, same namebrand tv – the 3d…  Also if radio shack is dropping the evo 3d for 499 (without contract) that seems pretty damn reasonable and not any added costs.

        Any extra options asus wants to drop on a product I am cool with as long as they keep the price reasonable, which they seem to be doing the best job of so far.

  3. Would’ve been cool for a 10 inch tablet but not a 7 inch tablet, the 10 inch tablets have to be carried in a back pack, purse etc. and aren’t as easy to access as 7 inch tablets which can be carried in a coat pocket. I’d rather have this access something bulkier that makes me unzip a big than just reach into the same pocket as my 7 inch tablet, the whole point of the 7 inch is speed and portability anyway and this doesn’t really add to it. Make the blue tooth phone for the eee pad slider tho’ and that’d be friggin awesome.

  4. This looks like a winning idea.

  5. I would say that this is going to be a Smartphone which you can dock into a Pad for a larger Screen and Battery and Memory.
    Use the Smartphone on the go, then get back home – dock it and use it as a pad.

    That would work out well, because things similar to this (laptop dock) are already being doen with Tegra2 phones like the Atrix.

    If done well – I’d love to get my hands on this thing, because I love ASUS designs.
    (Ever seen their bamboo + brushed steel notebooks? Absolutely adoreable!)

  6. I’m definitely waiting to hear more about this before I sign another contract.
    LTE dual core phone that docks into a tablet shell w/extended battery would be pure win.

  7. This looks to be my dream phone…. please come to Sprint!

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