Google Movies Blocked on Rooted Devices


Finally, something the non-rooted community can hold over its super-user counterpart. Google has decided to block users, with rooted devices, from accessing the Google Movies service.

Users with rooted devices are greeted with a rage-inducing “Failed to fetch license…” error whenever they try to load a movie for viewing. Google has come out and flatly said that rooted users will be denied due to “requirements related to copyright protection”.

I smell an XDA workaround in 5…4…3…

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  1.  Lame, but i get it. I understand how us users with super user access to our phones could violate copyright laws easier than someone who did not root their device.  …still sucks

  2. To be expected.

  3. Can’t really blame Google. I’d say most of it is with MPAA. Of course, if they’d make more stuff actually worth paying to see….. 

    1. Ya that justifies theft.
      And you will be releasing a movie when?
      That’s what I thought.

      1. Hey, look everyone, it’s open his mouth before thinking guy. How have you been? Still as ignorant as ever it looks like. Reread my comment and tell me where I mentioned stealing? Yeah, notice how it doesn’t. 

        I just say they need to actually make stuff worth paying to see. If you thought about that before opening your mouth and making yourself look silly, you might realize that this could also mean that most of the stuff put out by Hollywood just isn’t worth seeing in the first place. Which it isn’t. (Hey, want to make a new movie? Nah, let’s just make part 12 of something. Want to come up with a new concept? Nah, let’s just make another comic book into a movie. Ad nauseum)

        Way to jump to conclusions. I sure wish you people would learn some reading comprehension and thinking skills. 

        1. You do realize your last sentence implies stealing… right?  “if they’d make more stuff actually worth paying to see….. ” Since you trailed it off with your ellipsis, one can safely assume the next words would be “then people would pay to see it instead of downloading.”

          You see, some of “us people” don’t need reading comprehension skills.  Some of us just need writing skills.  An ellipsis can be used for many things, a pause in the middle of a sentence, a snip of text to remove irrelevant material… but your use, at the end of a sentence, it is used to imply an unstated alternative.  So yes, his statement to you is justified… and your reply looks ignorant.  It is solely on the reader to finish your statement as you wrote it that way.  If you don’t want to imply something you didn’t mean, then write things more explicitly.

          1. No, it only implies what resides in your head. If it implies stealing, then that is your issue not mine. Gee, did you just say you assumed? We all know the saying, and thanks for verifying you’re one.

          2. Dude… you fail at reading comprehension just like you fail at writing.  As I said, “It is solely on the reader to finish your statement as you wrote it that way.”  And once again, I’ll tell you…. “If you don’t want to imply something you didn’t mean, then write things more explicitly.”

          3.  Bullet Tooth Tony – I failed nothing. It isn’t my fault you are so morally bankrupt that your first thought is stealing. My point stands.

          4. No… you failed at writing and reading.  You failed at conveying your point by writing it with an ellipsis.  You failed at endng your sentence and leaving it open ended.  You getting called out for implying that you condone stealing is *your* issue.  Nobody elses.  You just let someone else do the talking for you, with your piss-poor writing skills.  Now, proceed to get the last word – no amount of explaining or backtracking will change the fact that you wrote what you wrote, and you’re wrong.  Notice who continues to change their story?  You.  It’s a sign of guilt.  Now proceed to English 101 and learn some basic writing skills.

          5. Bullet Tooth Tony – I haven’t changed a thing. I’ve stayed on point. 
            I have not said stealing, that was the conclusion that YOU and ATL Guy jumped to. Therefore, it really is YOUR issue since YOU jumped to it. I guess this is a very telling piece of psychology. Looks like you need to do a little bit of introspection as you obviously have something you need to sort out. 

            I don’t steal media and have no issue with the open ended sentence. To me, it just means I’m not going to watch/listen to it. There has been no change in what I’m saying.

            Oh, and please try expanding your vocabulary. Your repeated use of the words “fail” when I quite clearly haven’t “failed” just makes you look like an oafish individual. Enjoy your day. You obviously have nothing to offer here.

          6. This is my final response to you, since you’re so hard headed… maybe you need to hear it one more time, this time in bullet point format.

            -Your inability to write properly led you to employ an ellipsis at the end of a sentence.
            -An ellipsis at the end of a sentence implies an unstated alternative.  It is a hint at something more.
            -You provided no background to what that alternative could be.
            -When someone **correctly** read your poor example in writing the English language, and made the implication, you suddenly tried to rewrite what you had down.
            -Whence corrected that he read your post correctly, and you needed to learn how to write you became defensive, and continued to try to alter what you said post-mortem – and projected your own feelings of guilt upon an innocent third party whom explained your shortcomings.
            -In repeated attempts to explain to you what an ellipsis means at the end of a sentence, you have continued to ignore the simple fact that *you* wrote said ellipsis.

            Yes, you have failed.  You failed at deploying the ellipsis properly in the written language.  You have failed at defending yourself.  And you have failed at being able to take constructive criticism to better your writing skills so that you don’t find yourself in these situations in the future.  You have also failed at demonstrating a capable vocabulary, though you suggest others, such as myself, need to improve their own… as you have simply made repeated asinine statements.

            This is not about what you do or do not do in your free time with MP3s or ISOs.  This is about the fact you are a terrible writer; and when someone replied to you after you had used a punctuation mark improperly and **did exactly what they were supposed to whilest reading that punctuation mark**, all of a sudden you’re acting shady and attacking them for inability to read.  No, they don’t have any deficiencies in reading.  You have deficiencies in writing.  This may be a blog… this may not be a formal atmosphere where such critiques should be made — but when you attack someone for reading your post as it was written and making their own implication, then you deserve to be corrected on how you wrote it.  Learn how to use an ellipsis before you use it again.

          7. By the way, nice “final” response there. ;) You keep complaining about how I keep coming back to support my points and yet look at how many times have you come back yourself? Yeah, that’s right. You’re calling me out for something yet you’re doing the same exact thing. What a hypocrite.

          8. Bullet Tooth Tony – Nope, sorry but this is completely about how your brain works. You showed your flaws and now you’re trying to blame me. You’re the one who has shown they are morally bankrupt. 
            There was nowhere, NOWHERE, in my initial post that I stated anything about how someone could or should steal. Just pointed out that the blame for locking down of Google videos IS NOT Google’s fault but due to the MPAA. The MPAA is a bunch of whiners. 

            One more time since YOU are the one who is so dense. It it YOU, YES YOU, who are implying stealing. That just shows YOUR moral issues, not mine. Want to argue that more? May I suggest you take it up with a shrink and see what they have to say on the matter. Trust me, you aren’t going to like the answer though. ;)

          9. See, and this is why you’re an idiot.  In no post did I say you stated stealing.  I explained what you implied with your piss-poor writing.  Yet you still feel the need to defend yourself in that regard.  So I guess you’re feeling awfully guilty.  Learn to write.  Don’t attack someone when they read your post correctly afterward.

          10. Bullet Tooth Tony – Nope, not feeling guilty and now you’re just trying to make yourself look better by trying to say there’s a difference between saying that I said stealing or that I’m implying stealing. Of course, since I’ve done neither, it is still your issue. I have implied nothing. Once again, that is YOUR ISSUE for YOU to take up with your shrink.Sorry but no matter how you slice it, it is your morals that filled in the blanks that way, not mine. 
            Like I said last time. You want to debate this with someone, get yourself a psychologist and take this up with them. Sounds like you need it.

          11. There you go again.  Once again trying to change the fact you wrote what you did.  It’s all there for the world to see.  I never said you said anything.  You wrote what you wrote, using an ellipsis… the dot, dot, dot… IMPLIES something.

            Here’s an example of it in practice.  You’ve been put in your place repeatedly, yet you keep replying.  A smart man would tuck his tail and run, but…

          12. Bullet Tooth Tony – You keep telling yourself whatever fairytale it is that makes you feel better about yourself but I suggest you get yourself some help about it as it is obviously bugging you and causing you to make stuff up. I haven’t changed my stance one single time. So about your last little sentence there, maybe you should consider doing that then. You’re quite delusional if you think you’ve put anyone in their place. Go see a shrink, I’m serious. YOU FAILED the moral test. Not me.

        2. Stop defending your opinion to the death.  You state no facts and are pretty much stating that the movie industry is making no money because there’s nothing worth paying money to watch.  You are blatantly wrong and nobody cares if you can’t find a movie to watch.  Go outside.

          1. Oh, I’m sorry. Where did I state something wrong? And your facts are where? The MPAA keeps complaining about box office numbers and profits, not me. They want every movie they make to make money? Then make it worth seeing. It really is that simple. And occasionally, they do make a movie worth seeing but it is rare anymore. 

            And yes, I do get outside quite a bit.

      2. So a rooted user wants to PAY to rent a movie.
        The ignorant dinosaur MPAA says root users can’t pay to watch the movie.
        So they download the movie from elsewhere.
        Then you complain that is stealing.
        Cry me a river.

  4.  people still rent movie?

  5. I guess I understand it, but I don’t have to like it. I don’t like being treated like a criminal when I haven’t actually done anything wrong. Besides, why would a pirate steal a relatively low quality movie file meant to be rented and watched on mobile devices when they can go to any of an abundance of torrent sites and pirate a high quality version of the movie instead? Oh well. Hello Netflix, and to Hell with Google’s movie rentals.

    1.  Can I ask how you were treated like a criminal in this case?  They simply blocked you from viewing the video.  Don’t want to be blocked, don’t root your phone.  Want to root your phone?  Then you cant rent via Google Video.  No one said you were a criminal just it’s their service and you can play by their rules or go without.

      1. Its the assumption of guilt they place.  By this policy, the content controllers (MPAA/RIAA next probably) are stating that they believe anyone that roots will most likely steal their movie, probably because of them tech savvy (although by that, there’s much better ways of going about this).  Its just another in their decades long failure to accept a digital age.

        1.  I pirate as much as the next man but this is incorrect.  You are removing possible copy protections in the act of rooting your phone.  You dont have to root your phone.  They never sold it to you that you can do it regardless how easy they made it.  You’re doing something they didn’t intend to happen so, they’re not going to allow you on their services because, well, they can.  They’re not forcing your hand, they’re not disabling your phone.  It will work exactly as it was sold to you.  If you change how it works then it’s entirely on you if they refuse to support that.

          1.  a smartphone is nothing but miniaturization of a computer with the ability to make calls. It should come unlocked and open in first place. You should be able to do what ever you want to do with it since you are paying in full. If Google is renting movies,  they can simply provide security that prevents pirating a rented movie but I guess it is denying access to root phones is easier than trying to find a solution. with other words, IT is my phone and I’ll do what ever I think it is right. don’t tell me that if I gain full access to my phone, I should be punished.

          2.  Not entirely true.  I rooted my phone for exactly one reason: You cannot run a decent backup program otherwise.  A proper backup, one that includes user data like saved games or application settings, cannot be done without rooting.  Check the forums on this site if you don’t believe me.

            So this means I can either backup my phone (in my case I had my phone replaced under warranty and needed to transfer my data to the new device), or I can watch movies the copyright monopoly-blessed way.  That’s the choice this gives me.

            For me that’s a simple decision.  I’ll take my backups, and find some other way to get movies onto my phone if I am so inclined.  Since the copyright cartels (MPAA, RIAA, etc.) clearly assume I’m a criminal, which is why they put DRM in there in the first place, I have no qualms about using “unapproved” means to get content onto my phone.  (Not all “unapproved” means are illegal under traditional copyright law, only under the nonsense that is the DMCA which allows private companies to make new laws via license agreement.)

            Shame on Google for putting me in this situation, and shame on the MPAA for being untrusting dickwads.

          3.  ^
            micah is just hating cause he bricked his phone whilst trying to root…

      2. EXACTLY

  6.  people who root know about bit torrent :P

    1. Yes because STEALING is easy when you have no morals or ethics.
      You have never created something or had a real job so I guess you can’t relate.

      1. You “know” the OP’s ethics from the one sentence comment?

        The OP was simply stating a fact: Chances are if you know how to root, you have a pretty decent idea of what P2P is.

        He never condoned using it to infringe.

        1.  Not only that, he knows the OP’s job history and creative ability.

      2. Well it’s not like you will have another option now will you? Unrooting is out of the question for most of the root population. 

        1. Shh…before i unroot YOU 

      3. stealing? What exactly is being stolen? it’s a digital copy of something. What exactly is lost? Oh right, your logic. Yes, you stole your logic away from us and made a shitpost.

        1. What is lost?  Artists get royalties each time their work is (legitimately) used.  When a movie is streamed, there’s a payment involved.  It’s not “free”.  Now, you may not see the payment because it’s covered by advertisers, but it’s there.  So when you take a “digital copy” you are denying all the people who are owed royalties their money.  

          Oh, it’s only a few cents you say?  Would it be OK for you to have a few cents here and there taken from your paycheck?  Maybe it’s OK because movie people are all millionaires.  They’re not the only ones getting royalties.  Most of the people who get the royalties rely on them to feed themselves and their families, and the vast majority scrape by.  

          But hey, whatever you tell yourself to rationalize theft, have at it.  It’s still theft, though.

          1.  Stealling?  how is it stealing the movies are rented from google.  and as for bit torrenting well some people will use that to see if the movie is worth buying.  but beyond that we the consumers are being raped at the box office,  at the music store, at the video store.  you want to know who is stealing its the  unions who work the movie industry.  the rules you can only hire union and then in turn pay they outlandish and over the top rates, and the exectuitves who should have told the unions to pound sand instead of give into there demands those are the real theifs.

          2.  Now, if I get a free movie and it creates interest for other people, who then buy, are you going to tell me I stole from you?

            If you say yes, then you don’t understand economics or reality. The reality of the answer, is no, it’s not stealing. There is promotional value from things being free.

            It is also not the same as a paycheck. Royalties are not a paycheck. If you’re using royalties to be profitable in 2011, you have an overly active imagination. Only the absolute biggest artists in the world get a royalty payment that they can live poorly off of, and make their money through other sources. Everyone else wouldn’t even beat welfare.

            If you act like the only way people make money is “royalties”, then you fail to recognize the millions of other ways. This is like saying downloading a harry potter film makes the movie directors poor, when in reality they sell so much memorabilia and games and other rights and crap that they are choking on money.

          3. The artist gets to decide that, not you. 

          4. Lets look at how royalties work in the publishing world, with which I’m intimately familiar.  When you write a book, if you’re lucky enough to get a publishing deal, your paycheck is _entirely_ based on your royalties. You may get an advance on them, which is the publisher betting you make at least that much.  If the book makes less, they’re out the advance.  If it makes more, you get continuing royalties.  This is what you live on while writing your next book.  It’s not much.  Most writers have other jobs to pay the bills.  The same goes with many actors and other kinds of artists.  

            Those who are lucky and make enough to live on, or who do extremely well, are a rarity.  The tabloids aren’t interested in the rank and file who scrape by a living.  

            So yeah, the headline stars aren’t going to miss a $50 royalty check.  A character actor in a bit part may well.  An extra or stuntman certainly will.  They’re all part of the equation.

            But rationalize how having what you want is good for everyone else regardless of the facts: facts, after all, just make rationalizations messy.

          5.  > Artists get royalties each time their work is (legitimately) used.

            So to help prevent artists from getting those royalties, it is better to prevent ROOT users from PAYING for a legitimate copy that they can legitimately use.

          6. nice fast copout by the way. I hope you realize that as indicated below, this isn’t a “anti-theft” thing, this will stop people from being able to pay, as well.

          7. It stops them because it violates DRM licensing right, and it could allow a rooted user to capture and redistributed streamed media. Nice attempt.  Try another rationalization.

          8. @talkingmoose
            The whole point of the top post (from my understanding) in this thread is that this will not stop those who will steal the movie anyway as p2p filesharing kinda covers that whole aspect.  The only thing this stops is rooted peeps from legitimately using this service…  But as the OP stated look to xda soon.

          9.  since I can’t reply 3 comments deep, I’ll reply here. If you write a book and don’t have it available online in 2011, you’re a damned fool. You should be making money off selling your ebook online. Which, last I checked, does not require a publisher, either. Ask Amazon, who, guess what, you can buy their books on rooted devices!


            I love how you try to focus on calling it a rationalization too, that absolutely cracks me up. Hey, how do you rationalize being a shill and/or shifting the focus of an argument on something that is not even remotely accurate and is a clear MPAA/RIAA argument?

          10. If you think self-publishing is a way to sell books, there is indeed a damned fool in the conversation.  Talk from experience, not from your imagination.  _Some_ people can make money self-publishing.  Most make nothing.  

            And all your arguments come down to someone telling you what you can’t do, and you throwing a hissy and trying to explain why your’e right.  It’s the same kind of argument I get from the 4 year old who wants cookies before dinner.  At least his rationalizations are cute.

            The MPAA is not a Villainous Cabal, and you’re not a victim of their evil machinations, as must as you seem to be serving yourself up to be.  Skip the cookie and eat your dinner like a grown-up.

      4.  Let me get this straight.  So you won’t let a rooted user pay for it.  (That could be called STEALING.)

        So if the rooted user (who probably knows about P2P) downloads a copy, that is STEALING.  (Note caps not necessary.)

      5. It’s even easier when online movie streaming services prevent some customers from getting what they’ve paid for.

    2. Despite that you can always find other options. Their rentals are overpriced anyways.

  7. I understand why they’re doing it, it just seems humorous viewed from a bigger perspective.


    1. Create and promote “open” phone platform.
    2. Release Nexus phones with easily unlocked superuser access.
    3. Release Google Movies.
    4. Block use of Google Movies on phones with superuser access.

    Ready? Break!

    1. Google openly supports rooting your device, movie studios don’t. If Google wants to offer rentals at all in the Market, they have to play by the rules. 

      1. I wasn’t questioning why Google was doing it, it’s fairly plain to see why.
        I’m just musing how humorous it appears from the outside, regardless of what each company stands for.

      2.  whats the difference between a person rooted renting the movie and a norooted person renting the movie.  the answer is nonthing, if using that logic then netflix would not work on rooted phones but atlas it does so this is nothing more than an Epic Fail on Google’s part. 

    2. I wish people would start to understand what “open” means already.  It’s about having the source code available to you can make modifications _and submit them to Google for possible inclusion the the baseline._  It’s not about freedom to do as you see fit, nor is it lawlessness.  There’s a structure behind open platforms.  They exist to make the experience better for the community as a whole by encouraging widespread development.  They’re not about, “Hey, mom and day are away, let’s PARTY!”

      1.  No that is not what is all about. That is what some would want, but it is not reality. The reality is you can do whatever you like with apache licensed code, including forking it. If you want to make your own changes go for it. There is no structure that you must follow for open or free platforms. I can make my own fork of the kernel today, Mr.Torvalds won’t stop me, nor can he.

  8. One step closer to getting rid of home brew on Android. I guess the Marketplace is next.

    I am sure demand for vanilla Android, Nexus style phones will increase now.

  9.  I’d care if netflix wasn’t working. maybe.

  10. It’s money-grubbing content producers that are so ridiculously freaked out about this pressuring companies like Google to make these drastic changes for sure. They are shooting themselves in the foot here. This does nothing to curb piracy. It PROMOTES it!!!

    1. This right here. If someone who’s rooted can easily rent movies legally they’re more likely to pirate them. People are more likely to pirate things when barriers are placed in front of them to obtain content legally. 

      1. think you mean’t “can’t” instead of can, or “less”, but grammar nazi aside, your right. Netflix is a prime example of this… 
        If they’d let you buy the movie online without any form of DRM at a reasonable price then they might actually win a lot of current pirates over. For a lot of people it has nothing to do with the money, its all about the convenience. 

      2. Ya got it your illegal activities and lack of ethics and morals are someone else’s fault..
        It’s the evil corporations fault.
        Gee never heard that one before.

  11.  just leave netflix alone im str8

  12. The lack of ethics is amazing within the rooting community.
    I guess it’s OK to steal from people and justify it because they are rich.


    2.  What on earth are you on about? Who here is condoning stealing?

    3.  Fuck the movie industry.

    4.  Right, that’s why I rooted my phone, to steal movies. It wasn’t to remove bloatwere or run a custom ROM. Clearly I’m a criminal of the worst kind with no ethics or moral compass whatsoever.

      Seriously pal, get over yourself.

    5. Yeah fuck rich ppl… if I get a free movie its not stealing… it coated them nothing for me to get it and as far as money goes – most ppl don’t have extra money to even buy the content.

    6.  Because the non-rooting community is a beacon of hope as far as ethics are concerned?  HA!

      Quite pretentious to call EVERYONE who roots unethical.

      A wise man speaks because he has something to say; a fool because he has to say something.


    7. You must be Steve Jobs. Mr. Jobs, Let me clarify, contrary to what you believe, ROOTING & JAILBREAKING ARE NOT, I REPEAT NOT, ILLEAGAL 

  13. Meh, most of the rooting community either knows how to pirate movies or uses netflix so this should not be a concern to rooted users.

  14.  The funny things is that I have a rooted evo and I can still watch google movies on my evo, not going to say how I did it, the last thing I want is to google find out about this and block me too. Now i will say this (hint) I didn’t do anything to my phone……

    1.  The doctor was his mom!

  15. It’s so difficult for content producers to understand that their deals with distributors demanding restrictive DRM has zero effect on piracy at the end of the day.  Netflix, working on my old HTC Droid Incredible, completely supported, probably ended up meeting these requirements.  For what?  Is there content on Netflix that hasn’t been all over the internet for months/years?  How about Google Movies?  I can’t sneeze on my internet connection without stumbling across their “most rented” section for free download.  Do I need to use my Xoom in some crazy way to pirate it myself?  The game industry, mostly forward-thinking, has adopted mobile platforms, online purchase/distribution, and even streaming.  The companies that refuse to use the market, I certainly haven’t bought from, and sure enough, people upgrade devices and lose licenses for games they purchased with even popular developers in those cases.  If that happened to me, you can bet I would download that game for free!  Restrictions to legal acquisition drive piracy.  I’m willing to bet loss of revenue due to this stance and it will drive a few people to acquire this content illegally, while the opposite stance would have managed revenues that far surpassed any potential piracy via mobile devices (really?).

  16.  I blame apple… they pretty much do whatever the industry wants and the industry expects everyone to do things the apple way. they forget apple users like being controlled. android users don’t.  

    1. You probably blamed Apple for Hurricane Katrina….

      1.  No but they did set the charges off at the NO dams

  17.  THIS IS HORSE SHIT!!! How much money did apple pay the movie industry to do this? I’m expecting that jailbroken i-phone users are going to no longer be allowed to rent movies from iTunes now right??? Fucking ridiculous! How is having a rooted phone going to let me pirate a streamed movie??? Even if I download a movie, it would be on the SD-Card for me to upload to a site, regardless of whether or not it is rooted. Have they ever heard of a DRM??? I cant imagine how angry google is that none of the labels want to give them a chance, because the world already has iShit.   

  18.  I don’t see why its such a big deal. Google wanted a content deal, they had to make some exceptions. Its their market, their rules. It is not like there aren’t alternatives available. HTC is getting into the game, Samsung is getting into the game, Netflix, HBO… The list goes on.

    Given the high probability videos downloaded to your phone from these services are not likely the highest bitrate (they’re intended for small screens on mobile devices) how many people are going to rent via their phone anyway? 480p (if you’re lucky) on a phone. People are more likely to stream from services like Netflix direct to their console/TV rather than through their phone.

    The movie industry likely forced this on Google. Wouldn’t people be better served by sending a message to the industry giants rather than complaining that Google did this? Consider they had to do this to get the movie distribution deal. Now imagine what worse restrictions the RIAA was trying to enforce for Google Music that Google ended up rejecting entirely. Something that will end up allowing Apple’s iTunes an even bigger lead in the music market.
    Someone on XDA will crack it. Sure. But I think it’d be counter productive to do so. It’d only make it more difficult for Google and other companies to get content deals in the future. Again, its not like there aren’t alternatives that already work on rooted phones as it is.

  19.  Why is everyone getting so worked up about this?  I read the same thing on this very blog about the official Netflix app when it officially came out for my Incredible (“the official Netflix app won’t work on rooted phones/non-stock ROM’s/etc…”), but that app works like a champ on my rooted Incredible running non-stock ROMs.  I’m quite certain that this is just more FUD.  Nothing to see here…move along.

  20.  I’m sure Amazon will have a movies app soon.

  21. I would lay odds that Amazon will 1 up Google and allow Movies to be played on AmazonVideo Cloud Service similar to what they’re doing with AmzonMP3.
    If Google sticks with blocking rooted users, it just means more people give their money to subscription services such as Netflix and Hulu since, at the moment, are available to almost all Android users who meet their app specs.

  22.  really? people really want to watch movie on their tiny screen?

    1.  Orrr… output it to their tv..

    2. orrr… watch on their 10″ tablets. 

  23.  I’m sorry, but because of all the crapware that carriers force on our mobile devices, I will always root. If they then decide to disable Google Movies…so be it.

  24.  @9587ec7fda3d290621fe8c564d52199e:disqus , Shut up faggot apple fan boy. NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE!

  25.  Won’t people just pirate the movies and put it on their phones? LoL!!

    And anyways, why are people complaining that Google is trying to prevent people from stealing? Isn’t that a good thing? -_-

    Oh my google, you people are funny. They can block Evo users if they want to. They can block whoever they want. And why are people complaining anyways? Most people who have a rooted phone isn’t probably going to use this anyways. Most people who don’t root, will most likely not be a power user, thus meaning they would probably not try and hack the movie file and pirate it.

    If you can root, then you are decently smart in tech wise, and you probably pirated a movie before, meaning Google doesn’t want anyone to try and pirate these movies, so that they don’t lose money from selling a movie service.

    So rooters, you all know you need to quit complaining, because you already know that if you wanted the movie, you wouldn’t rent it anyways, you’d get a high quality one and put it on your phone, thus saving data and being able to watch it whenever. So getcho face!! LoL!!

    1. What the heck is wrong with you?
      Claiming that rooters are probably pirates just for being tech savvy just shows how prejudiced you are.

      And the rest of your post makes no sense? Rooters won;t rent because the quality sucks? Then who will rent? Are non-rooters automatically people that don’t mind to watch low-quality movies?

      I am not a rooter myself, but I don’t understand why rooted phones shouldn’t be allowed to rent streaming content, when computer users, who have more access to everything their computer can/does can rent movies like everyone else :S

      XDA will fix this soon enough and netflix is underway anyway…..so weird situation here

  26. I don’t believe in checks that can’t be tricked, lol.

  27.  Fuck Google, I’m switching back to iOS. 

  28.  Its a matter of making it affordable. I shut off dish Network and went with a Netflix account. Why? Because the cable company wants me to pay for channels I don,t want or even watch. They won,t let me pay ala carte for the channels I do want. 
    Netflix is affordable and I am paying for content I want. I have no problem paying for good quality product but if its too damn expensive then what are we supposed to do? Sit and stare at the walls? Life is too short for that, Life is too short not to enjoy some of the better things in life as well. Make it affordable or protect it well because if I can I will take it from you. 
    The big corporations have no morals, they don,t give one damn about you or me so why should I care about their fiscal well being? 

  29.  We still have NetFlicks correct? lol.

  30. Considering Google’s record on Android Market restrictions and disabling Maps Navigation outside the USA I’d give this maybe 48 hours after release before it gets circumvented.

  31. You rooted phone guys are idiots. This is just Google lip service to the movie industry. Obviously YOUR the whole reason the studios was skittish to even allowing streaming content on our phones (about freaking time Netflix). Face it, you personally didn’t root your phone for ripping streaming movie service. This is a preventive measure for the dumbass the movie studios fear will eventually rip. Google knows what its rooting customer base is capable of.

    Think about all those glass water pipes you bought for “novelty” purposes under the law abiding store that sold it to you.

    1.  So are you for or against rooting? Kind of hard to wade through your babble.

  32.  ATLGuy, Thanks to you.. I don’t even have a rooted device but I will now be stealing every movie I can because that’s how I roll. And there’s nothing you nor Steve Jobs can do about it sucka! 

    Gonna steal your favorite music too…  copy that crap for all my friends. *waxes mustache then rides off on motorcycle*

  33.  Copyright infringement my ass! Google is offically becoming like (Cr)Apple

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