Hulu + XOOM = Success [ Updated ]

XOOM 3.1 users can now access Hulu thanks to a patched version of the Flash version 10.3. XDA member bigrushdog released the modified version yesterday. Instructions are simple enough, and do not require root.

  • Uninstall Flash from your XOOM
  • Download the modified version. Can be found in the link to XDA
  • Sideload modified version
  • In the browser type: about:debug
  • Settings>Debug>UAString>Desktop

Naturally I tried this process on the G-Slate. Verdict? No dice. Seems that pesky 3.1 requirement wont translate to 3.x.

Update: You didn’t think this would last forever, did you?

[via XDA | Read on Droid Life]

According to Phandroid, the XOOM isn’t available yet. :-X

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  • Joserodriguez112

    Why is there little to no Dev support for the g slate??

    • jjank

      How many people besides us Tmobile and android nerds know about the g slate? I would guess very few. Were the sales numbers even good for the g slate? Tmobile does a horrible job advertising their top end tech. Xoom and load commercials are on every like 4 commercial.

  • tjpeco

     That success was short-lived.

    Hulu patched the hole and now it wont work.

  • deutschdroid

    Old news doesn’t even work anymore like 2 days late.

  • elrubiroso

    I saw this on another website and it looks like HULU has already found a patch for this.

  • Meand Onlyme

    WOOOOOOOOOOOT TY very much just did it today  

  • WickedToby741

     This won’t last very long. Hulu is very good about restricting which devices get to watch.

  • David Pat

     Wait is it seriously patched and not working anymore?

  • jonnypedantic

     I don’t know what you all are talking about; it still works fine for me. But I’m using a framework-res.apk UA string mod instead of about:debug.

    • Enriqo

      I would only get a blank screen until i set my  flash on demand settings to always on, and it is still working this morning in the dolphin and stock browsers.

  • Pcerasuo

    This may be a dumb question I had hulu working last nigh on my xoom. Now its not working anymore. Anyone else having the same problem. Please let me know. Thanks

    • Tyler Miller

      The hole that was being used has, more than likely, been patched by Hulu.  Hope you enjoyed it while you could.

  • jnrandall

    Works for me!  Patch-smatch!