Hulu + XOOM = Success [ Updated ]


XOOM 3.1 users can now access Hulu thanks to a patched version of the Flash version 10.3. XDA member bigrushdog released the modified version yesterday. Instructions are simple enough, and do not require root.

  • Uninstall Flash from your XOOM
  • Download the modified version. Can be found in the link to XDA
  • Sideload modified version
  • In the browser type: about:debug
  • Settings>Debug>UAString>Desktop

Naturally I tried this process on the G-Slate. Verdict? No dice. Seems that pesky 3.1 requirement wont translate to 3.x.

Update: You didn’t think this would last forever, did you?

[via XDA | Read on Droid Life]

According to Phandroid, the XOOM isn’t available yet. :-X

Tyler Miller

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  1. Why is there little to no Dev support for the g slate??

    1. How many people besides us Tmobile and android nerds know about the g slate? I would guess very few. Were the sales numbers even good for the g slate? Tmobile does a horrible job advertising their top end tech. Xoom and load commercials are on every like 4 commercial.

  2.  That success was short-lived.

    Hulu patched the hole and now it wont work.

  3. Old news doesn’t even work anymore like 2 days late.

  4. I saw this on another website and it looks like HULU has already found a patch for this.

  5. WOOOOOOOOOOOT TY very much just did it today  

  6.  This won’t last very long. Hulu is very good about restricting which devices get to watch.

  7.  Wait is it seriously patched and not working anymore?

  8.  I don’t know what you all are talking about; it still works fine for me. But I’m using a framework-res.apk UA string mod instead of about:debug.

    1. I would only get a blank screen until i set my  flash on demand settings to always on, and it is still working this morning in the dolphin and stock browsers.

  9. This may be a dumb question I had hulu working last nigh on my xoom. Now its not working anymore. Anyone else having the same problem. Please let me know. Thanks

    1. The hole that was being used has, more than likely, been patched by Hulu.  Hope you enjoyed it while you could.

  10. Works for me!  Patch-smatch!

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