Notes on the Samsung Infuse 4G: App Sideloading on AT&T, 21Mbps Data Speeds


Although much of the attention is place on the big and beautiful 4.5-inch screen of the Samsung Infuse 4G, don’t forget the “4G” part of the name. Though AT&T has released other “4G” handsets — the Motorola Atrix and HTC Inspire — the Infuse is the first to be specced at HSDPA Category 14, making it the first of the lineup capable of 21Mbps data speeds. The Atrix and Inspire with HDSPA Category 10 are capped at 14.4Mbps. In case you were wondering, the Infuse carries HSUPA Category 6, capable of 5.76Mbps upload speeds.

The Infuse 4G is also responsible for another first: it is the first Android handset on AT&T to support app installs from third-party sources. Rather than locking down the Infuse and keeping users relegated to the Android Market, AT&T has once again enabled the ability to toggle apps from unknown sources in the settings menu. Fingers crossed this doesn’t somehow change before the May 15th launch date of the phone.

[via Engadget, Android Central]

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  1. You can change the build prop on the Inspire to HSDPA category 14 and it’s already set at category 6 for HSUPA. This means little to nothing and until they get some backhaul up & running, we won’t see anything close to those speeds.

  2. Could at&t actually be making moves to become a better company? Naw, probably just a fluke!

  3. This phone is pointless, where my Galaxy S2 at?

    1. This is it.

      1. Maybe not?

  4. Curious to see how many people will buy this now that the SGS II has FCC approval.
    Unless whoever buys this has 4G 24/7/365 wherever they go home/work/etc I don’t see why people would go for this.

    4.5 Inch screen but not a dual-core? Battery life on this will be interesting.

    1. No one beats Motorola in Android battery life. I don’t know what they’re doing but my Atrix goes from 5am – midnight or better. I’ve had the original Droid, Droid X, now an Atrix. My wife has a Galaxy on Sprint even with 4G off (like they can even call that garbage 4G) she has to top of halfway through the day. Ricockulous.

  5. lol just a sudden thought but I would feel so sorry for you guys if this was one of the iterations for the SGS II the U.S carriers will get. Starting with this one, for AT&T :P

  6. this means absolutely nothing – the network cant do 21mpbs. It can’t do 14. The most people get on HSPA+ on T-Mobile is is 6mpbs – and t-mobile has a better network (in covered areas).

    1. I hit 12 on T-Mobile at times.

      1. At 3AM directly under a tower?

        1. Being directly under a tower is the worst spot to be for cellular signal, a cellular signal travels linear… not straight down to some1 directly under it… how do I know? Its not like I work for these big carriers or something… ;-)

          1. Thanks. I should’ve said, “at 3AM within a few miles of a tower.”

    2. thats not true there have been speed test done all the time that say other wise but i haven’t seen anything higher than 1.5mbps on AT&T which is a shame cause it was one of the main companies saying their network is capable of the same relative speeds

    3. Let’s face it, just because it can doesn’t mean it will. Even though Verizon and their LTE speeds are KILLIN’ the competition, how long will those 15Mbps speeds last once the network is more saturated with 4G device. I’m not greedy, if I could get a consistent 5Mbps up and down, I’m happy.

  7. I’m guessing sideloading is allowed because of a deal to have Amazon App Store preloaded.

  8. AT&T s-l-o-w-l-y moving into the year 2009…

  9. This makes no sense for the network that ATT has in place and there is no unlimited usage plan. Why would someone pay them anything to get this phone???

    1. I have an unlimited at&t plan with no cap. Getting this phone because i like the screen size and the GS2 looks like an iphone…meh

  10. Maybe someday AT&T will be a 4G carrier. Maybe someday this Infuse thingy will live up to its potential…same day my Atrix lives up to its potential I guess. Probably won’t be until AT&T swallows up T-Mobile and upgrades its system the easy way.

  11. Kevin Krause is a “douchebag”…..(Its in quotes, so that means not really, right, douch…er, Kevin?)

  12. This phone needs two cores in the worst way

  13. thanks for posting this. means that the Euro SGS2 is fully compatible with AT$T bands capable of the same here, HSDPA, 21 Mbps/HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps
    guess i better start saving up!

  14. Thats whats up! People stop crying because it’s not a dual core! Pretty soon dual core will be inferior!

  15. Noob question here: Why in the hell is samsung releasing this phone when they know everyone wants the GS2?

    The timing of this seems baffling. Just like why are all these unannounced little turds getting shot out rapid fire when we still dont have solid dates for the Sensation, 3D, and GS2?

  16. @Club are you retarded? ATT’s network destroys T-Mobile’s as a wole, there is no competion. And ATT’s herewith network can most definitely support those speeds.

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