Firefox 4 Now Available for Android


Though it has been in the Android Market as a beta and release candidate for a little while now, today Mozilla has officially announced the final release of Firefox 4 for Android. The release includes Firefox Sync, Mozilla’s tool for sharing browsing history, bookmarks, current tabs, and passwords between desktop instances of Firefox and your mobile device.

Mozilla is promising three times the speed of the stock Android browser in addition to a browsing experience including tabs, add-ons, and hide-able controls for maximum screen real estate. Check out the announcement video for more.

Firefox 4 can be found in the Android Market now as a free download following the link below.

Android Market Link: Firefox 4

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  1. Firefox is cool and all but Opera is so much better, at least IMO.

    1. why is opera better?

      1. For one, it supports Flash, and does not need to run as a background process at start-up like Firefox does. It’s annoying as hell to see it in my running programs when I have not even used it. Also, no flash on a major release? WTF!

    2. Try skyfire, it runs a lot better than opera in many ways

      1. It just runs so much smoother IMO. Don’t get me wrong, FF isn’t bad, but the lay out and functionality of Opera is better for me.

  2. It’s about time too. Been waiting for this for some time.

  3. Obvious question… Flash?

    1. no flash yet in this.

  4. No Flash support

  5. Ok so besides no flash support, how is the browser?

    1. The browser is like any other. It’s got good features and bad, depending on what you’re looking for. Personally I didn’t like it. It loaded pages really slow on my Galaxy S. I even played around on it for 30 minutes hoping to build up the cache, but it didn’t help. I like DolphinHD. Opera is really good as well.

  6. I cant load web pages.

  7. No go on my ZTE Blade sadly. Will give it a whirl on the Nexus S.

  8. Downloading now to see if it’s worth it.

  9. Been using the release candidate since it was out. This is by far my favorite browser. Super fast!

  10. No flash, poor page rendering … uninstalled

  11. I gave it a go and it runs fine but seriously, why bother if there’s no flash support? I’ll stick to Miren until this particular kink sorted out.

  12. Poor search integration, ‘checker box’ effect during scrolling, no double tap to zoom, no flash and the worst offender – it slows my phone down. (My launcher restarts every time I quit Firefox mobile)

    I like the desktop Firefox but this is a completely different game. It’s disappointing compared to browsers like Opera and Dolphin. Needs A LOT of work here.

  13. I would try this, but it won’t run on my Sprint HTC Hero. I really like how it syncs the tabs, history, and bookmarks to the desktop.

    I guess I could try this on my B&N Nook Color. The no Flash thing is sort of a bummer too.

  14. Get back to us when you have Flash support otherwise this thing is DOA

    1. aint that the truth, wtf is mozilla thinking

      1. If they called it beta I would have no problem with that. I use firefox all the time on my pc and would love to try it out. But don’t call this an official final version!

    2. Seriously Mozilla! This is the Android community you’re releasing the browser to, NOT Apple!

      No Flash? No Thanks!

  15. I love FF, it’s what I use on my desktop (I would use Chrome, but I don’t due to the lack of customizable search boxes and fingerprint compatibility), but if there’s no hardware acceleration, I’m not touching it with a 10 foot pole and I’ll happily stay with Opera Mobile.

  16. No flash, crashes my Launcher when I exit it, and runs laggy as hell on a Droid X! Opera, Stock, and Dolphin all run without any problems. Uninstalling this POS.

  17. Sounds like it’s DOA based on the comments. Not diggin FF4 on my desktop either. Was perfectly happy with FF3 the way it was so why did they go and move everything around for no apparently good reason???

    This is as good an excuse as any to switch to Chrome I guess.

    1. I don’t want chrome! it’s too much like FF4!
      guess i’ll stick with FF3 until they get all the status bar extensions to work

  18. Also I thought the mobile version of Firefox was going to be called fennec. I wonder why it was scratched, it looked promising.

    1. That was the pre-release name. Just like Firefox4.0 was named Minefield before it was fully released.

  19. No flash? Maybe you need to make this for apple. We dont want it.

  20. What they promise and what they give you are two completely different things. Firefox for Android sucks bigtime! I like it on the pc, but it’s useless on my cellphone. I used for about 30 minutes trying to tweak the settings to get it just right, but it loads pages painfully slow and the fact that they could release this thing without Flash is extremely lame! I uninstalled it and went back to DolphinHD. Even my stock browser was better than this pile of steaming manure.
    Oh well, they tried.

  21. If you can’t even best the stock browser in terms of functionality, why would you bother releasing a “final” version? This is still a beta. Buggy, laggy, no features.

  22. this is not ready for prime time yet..

  23. 14 meg dl compared to 754K for Opera and 1.5 megs for skyfire? I want what they’re smoking.

  24. I love ff but lately been using chrome. It’s so much faster.

    Ff for android seems really poor in comparison to the stock browser.

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