Verizon: We’re Moving to Tiered Data Plans This Summer


“All you can eat” fans may not want to read this as there is strong risk of this piece of news causing extreme anger and sudden urges to break smartphones. Verizon’s CFO Fran Shammo – speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom conference – has said to investors that tiered data plans would make their way to the carrier this summer.

Fran Shammo said that they would have done it when they launched the iPhone 4, but they didn’t want to turn customers away. He reportedly said that “everyone knows that [the $30 unlimited data plan] isn’t long term.” We first caught wind of Verizon’s plans to at least consider this structure last summer. Then-CFO John Killian said:

We have indicated in the past, as we move to an LTE world and LTE pricing, we will probably look very hard at tiered pricing, and that continues to be our thinking right now. So more to come on that. By the way, I should say that all of our efforts, all of our plans on getting LTE launched in the fourth quarter are on schedule.

The difference between then and now is that 3G data may be subject to whatever new terms Verizon’s looking to impose, as well. There’s no word on what exact structure they’ll be using, but all signs are pointing to unlimited data soon going the way of the dodo. You had to expect that this was coming, folks. [Fierce]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Evidence of how the iPhone poisons a network…

  2. @Bela
    Verizon has been planning to tiered pricing for a while. The iPhone had nothing to do with it.

  3. I’m not as worried about data caps as I am speed caps.

  4. This has nothing to do with the iPhone. If anything its because of android. Verizon never had any amazing phones until android and as a result their customers weren’t nomming on data downloading angry birds and what not. Now that they have a huge line up of 3g phones and soon to be a 4g phone people are going to be consuming that much more. screw the iphone, but screw you more for blaming it for verizon’s fail.

  5. Wonder if RIM is going to throw another party.

  6. The question is will they grandfather in unlimited users to there 3G data, and will that carry over into LTE. At some point3G phones will be thing of past, and all 3G users will lose there unlimited plans.

  7. What kind of caps are we looking at? I want to keep watching an episode of South Park before bed every night…… SAD PANDAAA

  8. Great, so now a cell phone will easily cost over 100 dollars a month. I am beginning to think cell phones are just a waste of money. The crappy part, most new high end phones are going to be 4g and even if you dont want 4g you will probably have to pay for it. eff verizon and any other company that believes in tiered data. Eventually the world will have to go to unlimited becuase everyone will be consuming so much data that a tiered plan would be 03784506982405698235 a month. :)

  9. Goodbye data…I wont pay them another nickel more than I am. And I won’t pay $30 for limited data. I am sure most people will just eat it but I am already at my limit so I guess I will be going to a feature phone.

  10. Ugh unless they grandfather in those of us already on the unlimited plan I’m gonna be dumping my smartphone in favor of going back to feature phone.

  11. I guess it would be best to lock in an LTE plan before this goes into effect and then hope you can continue with it.

  12. I will not be paying 30 bucks for limited plan!

  13. yay. verizon is going to f us in every way possible, financially (again)

  14. You say most new high end phones are going to be 4g but your incorrect. I can not say alot on the subject but what i can say is the main droids that are set to launch are 3g not 4g. The bionic and the thunderbolt are 4g but not the main ones that people are going to want.

  15. Don’t they have to keep the unlimited for people who bought it under a contract if they take my unlimited I see major problems for them. I live in a small town so 4g can f off tiered data plans can go die now

  16. I will be leaving Verizon if unlimited data goes to 40 or higher. The carrier I’ve been using for 10+ years finally fucked up.

  17. Looks like I made the jump to tmobile at the right time….

  18. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. So start sending me your money poor bitches!

  19. Can anyone say Sprint – Now

  20. Best option is well for those whose contract is about to be up is to renew now or close to the time they do it so your hopefully granfathered in. Thats what im hoping to do. get the droid bionic and keep my 30$ unlimited data plan

  21. Oh, an to you folks saying LOCK IN to a LTE plan or don’t they have to keep you on the unlimited plan if its under contract let me wake you up. This is VERIZON, they are consider to be a utility company… In the US, the utility companies can do WHATEVER they want, however they want, whenever they want. It has always been this way, and it will still be this way when your ass is dust. Either suck it, or don’t…

  22. “Fran Shammo said that they would have done it when they launched the iPhone 4, but they didn’t want to turn customers away.”

    So basically AFTER they’ve got you locked into a two-year contract and pumped up their sales numbers by grabbing an iphone 4, THEN they let you know they’re switching to tiered data.

  23. Really,, This is Shitty news to hear. Now we will have to fork over more $ for much less product. Sad,,Sad indeed.

  24. They didn’t want to turn customers away.. but now they do ?

  25. Man, between throttling fire heavy data users and introducing tiered pricing it’s like they want me to look elsewhere…

  26. wait so if I still have a chance in getting Droid Bionic with unlimited 4G if it comes in mid to late Q2

  27. i specifically remember an article stating that verizon would not go to tierd data plans. it was a rumor. now that the iPhone is out, it’s happening. i think it is the iPhone’s fault. who are the only 2 carriers going to tiered data? who are the only 2 carriers with the iPhone? look at all the Android Phones that T-mobile and sprint have. why aren’t they on tiered?

  28. ALTHOUGH maybe I can get my data plan cheaper now, I rarely go above 1.5 gig on my phone. Maybe I can get a cheap 2Gb plan then.


  29. t-mobile is starting to look really good right now. who cares they’re stuck on hspa+, their speeds are really fast.

  30. Yay! I get unlimited 4g on Pink for $20/mo…..Hehehehehe

  31. Oh this is just great. Soon enough people will stop buying data plans and some will switch back to feature phones. This is crazy. So what will unlimited be $40 or $50???? Then I guess i’ll be watching my data usage!

  32. This is what most carriers say.

    When 95% of the people cope with less that 1 Gig a month but 5% stream video 24/7, tether laptops and bog the system why should the 95% suffer.

    Kind of see the point.

  33. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting to hear to push me into another provider. Thank you verizon for making my decision much easier! I sincerely mean that.

  34. Do any of the carriers allow you to activate a smartphone for calling, but not data (I know Verizon does not)? 95% of the time, I’m within WiFi range, so I would much rather just have a phone only plan and not waste $XXX.XX every month (yes you can do this with tablets, but I do not want to carry around multiple devices).

  35. First of all there is no def word that verizon will go that way. They are def looking to do so just like at&t. So before everyone freaks out let em tell you i work for the big red and NOTHING is set in stone. Droid 3, droid x 2 and the dinc 2 will all be 3g phones so ease up and don’t let the haters get to you!!

  36. For those of you who think that you will save money from this – please realize, prices go up – not down. Unless you use < 200 MB of data (which you will surpass just by updating your apps), your price will at best stay the same. I stream ABSOLUTELY NO video to my phone and listen to Pandora for a few days a month and still use about 1.5 GB/month.

  37. Unlimited is signed into the contract. If they pull it, then they have to let you out of your contract, which means those who have it will grandfather at least til the contract is up. Glad I bought the iPhone now instead of later.

  38. Ah the price of speed.

  39. …” He reportedly said that “everyone knows that [the $30 unlimited data plan] isn’t long term.”

    Well, I didn’t fricking-well know that $30 was temporary and no sales person ever said so either. I just abandoned Sprint in July for a new Droid-X on Verizon and wouldn’t have done so otherwise.

    If they impose this, it’s a unilateral change of contractual terms & conditions. Being a fundamental change (e.g. costs me more money), that means all bets are off and I can leave the network with no early termination penalty.

    At least that’s what my small-courts claim filing will say. Plus reasonable expense costs to me for having to waste my time dealing with corporate fuckwitary.

  40. @Andy
    Then your phone is doing more than you think it is. I listen to Pandora a good bit, watch the occasional YouTube video and play a lot of games (some of which use OpenFeint, some are online multiplayer) and don’t go over 800 KB.

  41. You can be sure Carly Foulkes (the t-mobile girl) will have a field day with this.

  42. @lewis your on wifi then no way your using 800kb, NO WAY POSSIBLE

  43. This is what i need to dump verizon, even with my corporation discount, ill gladly dump them and switch our family to atmosphere or sprint. Glad our contracts expire soon. Btw myself, i only avg 2-3gb/month, so its for the principle of what Czech is doing. Same reason i won’t buy a locked bootloader cell from moto

  44. Verizon is overpriced and always the last for everything. Netflix .. 4g… good phones. If they get any more expensive ill be getting rid of em. VERIZON IS TORTURE ..

  45. Well I for one am not going to pull my hair out. All I can say is that if you are not satisfied with the cap, then jump ship. There are many other carriers out there that would love to have your business. I left Sprint and jumped to Verizon because Sprint screwed their customers then. I guess many people followed suit and that prompted Sprint to change their way of thinking, which was “SQUEEZE EVERYTHING OUT OF THE EXISTING CUSTOMER” to Unlimited Everything for $69.00

    Since Verizon is going to screw their customers now, I am just waiting for my contract to end and cancel my service and move to some other carrier that will accommodate my financial concerns. We are still in a recession and Verizon wants to screw us over like the oil companies??….NOT!!…We all have a choice.


  46. I don’t think it is going to affect someone like me, who doesn’t use too much data; but I think we will see a shift in usage as people become more aware of the data that they are using and begin to rely more on WiFi and actually using their computers connected to their home internet rather than using data over 3G.

  47. The grandfather clause will be good until your current contract expires, then everyone will be forced to take a tiered plan, or change carriers.
    Sorry Lewis, there’s no way you only use 800KB if you’re listening to Pandora, YouTube and games. Impossible!

  48. @lewis maybe I’m thinkin about this wrong but one song on Pandora should put you over 800KB. A few fresh web site loads should do it too.

  49. Auto correct….bleh

  50. Well at least they can’t change your data plan without letting you out of your contract

  51. Oh well…Great for you Verizon customers…all i here now is nothing but complaints now that your beautiful network has decided to move to tiered plans…Guess I’ll take my lovely Evo on the ONLY UNLIMITED NETWORK AROUND…Hope everyone enjoys there thunderbolt on verizon as well as there crusty iphone on the most EXPENSIVE NETWORK AROUND…HE HE HE HE HE HE….Now what about SPRINT my friends

  52. Well damn, unlimited data was the one last thing holding me to Verizon. I just moved and AT&T has better coverage where I live/work.
    Since Verizon’s moving away from unlimited data plans all together, I might as well try out AT&T now.
    Like someone said above, they didnt wanna turn away customers, but now they do?

  53. Sprint blows compared. Their coverage is only marginally better then tmobiles. To say the evo is the best is a joke. Richard, you are a fucking loser douchebag.

  54. All concerned verizon customers should come join a real network..THE NOW NETWORK ON SPRINT….

  55. “Their coverage is only marginally better then tmobiles”

    LOL, keep drinking the kool-aid.

  56. Fuck off Verizon just wait till the FCC gets on your Ass again! First it was raising the cancellation fee because “we need to continue to bring you the newest smart phones for $200” then you slap us in the face with phones that cost more then 200 um perjury! Fuck you Verizon and your bullshit marketing I hope this one proves to you you can’t always do what you want because I sure as hell know most people well hop ship for T-Mobile who BTW may not have LTE but HSPA+ can reach speeds that match LTE so screw you I hope you lose 2 mill contracts with your Nazi bullshit!

  57. @NIsme….Another ass hole on phandroid…Always welcome to see you here….GO FUCK A DUCK

  58. Sprint will quickly follow suit. To some degree, these carriers call work in concert with each other. You can only run to so many carriers..

  59. @romma….Dont worry about sprint following suit cause if you know anything about sprint they never follow Verizon and Ass t&t they dont need to…We will welcome any and all current verizon customers to the Now Network..

  60. An idiotic fucking douchebag loser at that.

  61. @NIsme….Go shit on yourself

  62. I’ll keep running lol. Sprint requires all people to pay an extra 10 bucks a month for “premium data” which is 4G service even if you dont get 4G speeds in your area. If I have go to t-mobile then that’s what I’ll do if VZ tier plans suck wind.

  63. This Andrew Wheeler character is an idiot.

  64. Glad I switched to sprint when I did.

  65. The one or two carriers that keep offering unlimited data for 30/month are going to get a lot of customers. If Sprint had the iPhone (for my wife), we’d be there already.

  66. @Richard stop being a arrogant jerk, your making us sprint users look bad.

    Sprint doesn’t have any plans to ditch the their unlimited plan but decided to just raise the overall price, but if every carrier is doing it then sprint may follow suit.

  67. Then off I go to Tmobile this summer. Where I can get a full Google experience phone with the latest updates directly from Google. No locked boot loader either. Moto and Verizon can suck it!

  68. We all bitch and moan about Data prices….why did we ever stop bitching about a $20 text plan??? Thats the real rip off!!!

  69. right now sprint and tmobile are the best things going…and have great android smartphones…sprint with the evo family of devices evo4g, evo shift, samsung epic 4g, and tmobile with the mytouch 4g and g2, as well as the samsung galaxy s 4g…Verizon could’nt touch these devices if they tried anyway….Plus both sprint and tmobile have unlimited data all day long baby…Sprint takes care of there flagship device htc evo 4g owners…The evo may not have dualcores or 1gb of ram or my not even have the new htc sense but it is a proven device since june 4 2010 the granddaddy of 4g and today is still in the top 5 devices on the market…and the mytouch 4g packs a lot of power definately one of the best 4g devices as well….Sprint with the upcoming htc evo 24g and tmobile with the upcoming htc pyramid these devices will help to keep sprint and tmobile respectively on top for at least the next 6months to 1year…..

  70. @nvbozo….Trust me sprint has no plans to follow behind verizon I should know…and as for making sprint customers look bad you sound TOTALLY ASSININE…or as your name states….A TOTAL BOZO….

  71. “Decent” phones dont make up for “shit” coverage.

  72. Well if they force me to change my data plan (that I signed up for in 2010) I will sell my Incredible and go to a cheap cellphone, no more smartphone for me.

  73. Yellow and pink have horrible coverage in my area. Big red is the only one that never drops calls round here.

  74. Virgin Mobile with their 30 dollar “unlimited everything” plan is looking better and better. Great thing about Virgin, Boost and some of the other pre-paid carriers, is that they’re starting to carry some really decent smartphones. I’d rather go that way than pay 100+ a month and give Big Red or any of the other big 3 carriers my hard earned money.

  75. I’m a LOSER

  76. In fact a think that Verizon sucks monkey balls

  77. Time to switch to Sprint! Woop woop!

  78. @ SamDog997, bad news bro Verizon being f you guys for a long time already.

  79. Heres the thing for me. If they do not grandfather in customers like myself and my wife then we will take that opportunity in Verizons change of contract to cancel our contract without penalty and switch to the better option at tmob or att. I would prefer to stay with V but lets face it, most of my calling/ phone usage is in well covered areas regardless of provider, and with the large amt of min in plans and the unlimited text and data whoever gives the best cost is the one to go with. I would love to be loyal to a company if they have any loyalty to me, but will screw them out of a customer if they screw me. If everyone takes the opportunity to cancel contract without penalty and switch then they will get the message and have to compete better. It worked with cable tv years ago and the big providers now have to compete with the other providers in pricing.

  80. I love Verizon

  81. This is funny. verizon always has had tiers to their data plan. 25mb for $10, 150mb for $15, unlimited for $30 and unlimited corporate for $45.

    And you all just NOW realized this? So the tiers are going to be shifted around? My guess is $45 for unlimited 4g, $35 for unlimited 3g, and $25 for a 2gb plan on 3g. We already know that the 150mb and the 25mb plans are being axed.

  82. I use my phone constantly and I have never gone over my tiered AT&T plan, I’d never go back to my unlimited tmobile. Tmobile has no coverage, my phone worked in San Antonio about half the time, AT&T works everywhere. Back on topic, the only people that will go over their limit are people abusing the system anyway

  83. This sux

  84. Isn’t it wonderful how it’s okay for Verizon to break the terms of the contract and force customers to pay more money, but if the customer decided this was unacceptable we’d be forced to pay a contract cancellation fee.

  85. @n2imagination
    You’re talking about going to AT&T over this? You do realize that they are now tiered for data with 4GB at $45 a month don’t you?

  86. @Billy
    This is for NEW contracts. Your current contract will not change. That’s how contracts work.

  87. Just made me appreciate being w/ Sprint even more (knock on wood)… I will keep my on Sprint though, hopefully they won’t follow.

  88. Billy, Yes they can break the contract. BUT this in turns RELEASES you from the contract. If you signed a two year agreement you have the right to terminate the contract WITH OUT cost. DO NOT let them tell you any different. When you signed your name it became a binding contract. To the person that watches FOX news and believes Verizon is a utility, you are WRONG WRONG WRONG. Did you sign a contract with the power company or water company ? I sure didn’t. I had this problem with Sprint and switched to Verizon. Then had Verizon change the plan I was on about 6 years ago and canceled the two agreement and signed to a different plan with a highly discounted phone. HOLD YOUR GROUND and HAVE A BACKBONE. THEY WILL back down.

  89. Hahahaa david said at t works everywhere. What a tard. Verizon has always raped its cujstomers. This is nothing new. Just kep taking it up the ss from big red while I pay 70 a month for everything on Sprint.

  90. Well, I love mobile data and I will pay just about any price to have good 3G or 4G service. Verizon has a great 3G network and as with any great network comes the ability to set there own prices. I think there are a lot who think just like me and Verizon’s making that same bet. Sorry but saying it and doing without 3G or 4G services are two different things. Most of us reading this blog wont manage without having these services.

  91. Only thing holding back TMO is lack of good coverage. Great prices and customer service. They could whoop up on Verizon pretty easy if they worked in coverage.

  92. That’s it for me. I have been on the fence for the last week or so if I was going to wait it out and get the Thunderbolt. Not sure I really want it anyway with all the delays. Something is obviously wrong. I have been fighting with Verizon for two years with the HTC Eris that my wife I got. Verizon on Monday offered to do upgrades on my other two lines four months early if I would stay. I told them I wanted two iPhones and that I was going to wait on the Thunderbolt. They said I couldn’t do that, but they would put me down for three Bolts when they shipped…yeah, now I know why.

    For my purposes, Sprints network is just as good on the east coast where I live and am most of the time and the EVO that I pick up tonight it 100 times more phone than the Eris that I have now. Plus I will have unlimited data and several other features like visual voice mail that Verizon charges extra for. Goodbye Verizon!!

  93. Its time 4 verizon customers to switch to t-mobile..

  94. Crap. Now I am going to have to upgrade early so I can keep unlimited with my next phone. :( My OG Droid is getting old indeed.

  95. Hah! Glad I switched to Sprint.

  96. So many of you buys are missing the picture. It’s not because of the iPhone or because of Android. It’s because of smartphones in general. Smartphones are growing exponentially, and the more smartphones, the more reason to tier data to reap greater profits. Glad I’m on Sprint, for now (no pun intended).

  97. Here in Canada their is no non-tiered options. So I know what you guys are going the be going through. I am truly sorry… at least you still have T-Mobile.

  98. I’m with Verizon now and love it but….ima have to switch to sprint when my contract is up may…..I can’t do tiered plans… watching how much data I’m using….no thanks….I use about 3-7gb every month due to me being out of town alot….

  99. I would change. But sprint and tmobile are almost as bad as att. And the evolution just isn’t that good. Ill take Verizon for a couple extra bucks.

  100. Damn u auto correct.

  101. @ Davis…That’s why is called UNLIMITED! Back to the topic. I will not pay more than $30.00. I will root the phone if I have to or I can go to Straight Talk which is basically the same as Verizon but without a contract. It’s plain and simple. If everyone would think like me, then Verizon wouldn’t sell any android phones. If we all can think together and say fuck it, don’t buy any android phones, then they would have to stick it up their ass along with their limited data..

  102. Frantically looking for my old school Zack Morris phone.
    Goodbye Verizon, I am unwilling to take your constant abuse any longer.

  103. Apple fu#&s up another phone company

    Apple, Apple go away, take your iPhone back to AT&T and stay…..

  104. I’m going back to my ninja turtle walkie talkies

  105. i want to see verizon break my contract, then i want paid for my 3 smartphones they broke the contract with and the 2 feature phones, i mean if we break contract we gotta pay so they should pay us lol, stupid bullshit and unlike all of you other people have backup companies lucky you, its verizon or att in my area and att dont get 3g so im stuck with verizon if i want a cellphone

  106. MetroPCS released the 1st Android powered LTE phone and it only $50 a month

  107. Lol Richard flaming about his little network (Sprint) wow…hey when did you and Sprint get married again? …lol awow

  108. Not cool Verizon and I thought u were the best carrier in the states. Ur nothing but the same as Microsoft always hungry for more money when they already have enough money in the world. Trust me it would be a bad idea. Whatever though im switching to sprint anyways I can’t stand Verizon anymore

  109. AT&T here I come.

  110. This is the last straw. The bright side is that now that I do have a smart phone (Droid X), I guess I will just have to wait out the contract, hopefully at a grandfathered rate, and then when the phone is actually mine, I’ll just switch to one of those new comapnies that offer unlimited text, talk and data for 40 bucks a month. Metro PCS has a decent network in city or heavy suburban areas so when your contract expires, instead of getting a new phone, get a new carrier. You are legally allowed to get your phone unlocked from your networks carrier once your contract expires.

  111. If everybody does this, then the big three will look at tiered plans in a different light. But no, they bank of the fact that everyone wants a new phone after 2 years anyway so we continue to renew contracts just so we can get the new phone. And you have one more thing to remember.

    This time last year, there were literally hundreds of feature phones available for purchase under contract. Verizon had more than 100 feature phones available for purchase. Take a look at their offerings now. If they have 25 I’d be surprised and the ones they do have are all mostly crap and almost as expensive as the smart phone without a contract. Going forward, I would bet that within the next year each carrier will only have a handful of feature phones available for purchase, forcing even more customer to the smart phones that we really dont need. Thank you US government for deregulating the phone companies. Now something that shouldnt cost more than 30 or 40 bucks a month costs close to 200 a month. Capitalism at its best

  112. LISTEN UP!!….If sufficient number of Verizon subscribers sign a petition and threaten to cancel their service, they might very well reconsider their decision. Just remember, the PEOPLE brought down governments. What is Verizon compared to a major government. We are the ones paying for those rich executives to enjoy their cushy lifestyles. If we boycott them and cancel our services, they lose the revenue and share value drops and thus they lose heaps of money.

    We have to band together against them and show them that they cannot treat us this way.

  113. I am amazed at what some of you pay.

    I got an Android phone on Virgin Mobile. They use Sprint’s network. Now many of you are probably already laughing, but I have always been a fan of Sprint. I have NEVER had a dropped call, when I dropped about 1 of every 3 calls with an iphone on ATT. I love the Android. I haev unlimited text and data, and I use it a lot. Sprint may not have the widest coverage, but how many of you would really be affected by that? I’ve never traveled anywhere that didn’t have coverage.

    The best news is, my unlimited plan costs me, after all taxes and fees, EXACTLY $26.50 per month. Period. No more, no less. No contract.

    Most of you paying more for your data plan than I pay for talk/text/data combined. Don’t take it sitting down. You do have other options.

  114. I second Mike’s motion: “I will be leaving Verizon if unlimited data goes to 40 or higher. The carrier I’ve been using for 10+ years finally fucked up.”

    I’ve been with Verizon since 2000. Have long gloated in having superior service at a great rate. I have unlimited data on my Mi-Fi due to being among the first to buy Verizon’s air card. If data plans deteriorate, I may seek new carrier.

  115. Yes, other 3rd party carriers like Straight Talk, Metro PCS do have “cheaper” rates for unlimited everything or tiered levels, but you seem to be stuck with needing to purchase their phones only. Cannot use existing expensive phone you may already have.

    Other carriers do allow you to use existing VZ phones (as long as they are not “blacklisted”). I did just that. Bought a used Droid X, using it with a 3rd party carrier that uses VZ’s network. Everything works on it. BUT, I’m limited to 100mb a month. Fine..IT’S A PHONE..not my PC. Don’t care to stream youtube and the like. Get a phone with WiFi, and your laughing with free inet access.

    It may be only a matter of time before the Sprints, VZ, ATT’s buy up these 3rd party carriers due to too many switching to them..nothing is safe.

    It’s the users that create this hype. A mobile hand held “PC” to do needless tasks like streaming youtub, pandora..and at a high cost per month to do so.’s Save your coin people! Use these smartphones as PHONES!

    Remember PDA’s? (hand held PC). Then Blackberries? (handheld PC w/ Phone). Now..smartphones. It’s a PHONE with APPS..NICE! Call with it, check email. View / create a word or excel doc. Use a barcode app..NICE! Don’t waste coin to see some dumbass video on youtube.. Don’t pay for texting addons either..WTF is with texting anyways!?! Causes car crashes, carpel tunnel and Popeye thumbs.

    Like Kenney Powers probably would say..texting is gay.

    70.00 per month for Sprint for unlimited everything..STILL TOO HIGH a price to pay for a cell phone service. I dropped my Sprint cell coverage due to dropped, garbled calls..they suck for simple cell phone service.

    This market ONLY wants you to continue to upgrade your hardware..then sucking you into contracts to support them.

  116. Personally I’m with sprint and I wouldn’t mind these type of plans. Yeah everything with sprint is unlimited and I did a two month test and on month one I abused my Internet and managed to use up 8 gigs and then the following month I used the phone like I normally would updating apps, pandora, on the Internet and I did about 1.5gb. So it’s not that big of a issue to have these plans but if your abusing it because you have unlimited then I guess that’s a problem…

  117. I also seen some comments about sprint not following suit with these type of data plans. Yes that may be true and sprint has even said they don’t see themselves doing that no time soon but if your look at it, sprints not turing too much of a profit if they are making anyone who is upgrading to a new phone 3G or 4g pay that extra 10 a month but also why is it that they may switch to lte? Well seeing as all the other carriers are going in that route I wouldn’t be surprised if sprint came out any day now and say they are also looking into getting tiered plans

  118. I love the losers saying how they are going to ATT because of this. Obviously they don’t realize that ATT has been on tiered data plans for awhile now. As for me, I am tired of ATT shitty coverage. I was with Verizon since the bought out Airtouch some ungodly number over years ago and finally two years ago I made the switch to the iphone. Love the phone… Hate the coverage. I was so excited when Verizon got the iPhone and would switch right now but decided to wait till the iPhone 5 drops. However I am sorely dissapointed that data and voice cannot be used simultaneously. I mean WTF! I really am not to concerned with the tiered plans as I live on my phone and only use a Gig a month. My only concern is with LTE, will these limits be easier attained.

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