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If you want to find an easy point of detraction for Android, look no further than the Android Market. While recent enhancements such as an overhauled UI and a new web version for searching, finding, and installing apps have made the pain of locating new apps a bit more bearable, there is still much work to be done. Enter Chomp, yet another app crossing over from an iPhone counterpart.

The name wouldn’t tell you, but Chomp is an app discovery service that focuses on sorting apps by relevant keyword searches. If you want to see top restaurant guide apps simply search “restaurant guides.” If you want the best suggestions for music, type –you guessed it — “music.” Gone from the iOS version are app recommendations, as the makers of Chomp didn’t see the feature gaining much traction.

With a gorgeous interface, Chomp does make the task of finding new apps easier to navigate. From our time testing the app, it didn’t do much in the way of returning anything we wouldn’t have already seen recommended somewhere else. Music results such as Pandora and Shazam hardly unearth any hidden gems of the Android Market.

Of course, Chomp works great and looks great doing it, and at no charge for download there is no reason not to give it a spin. It just may replace the Android Market as the starting point for app searches for some of you users out there. Find it now in the Android Market.

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  1. Isn’t Chomp already used as a name for an SMS alternative?

  2. @Winston I think it’s called ChompSMS. But that could still get confusing.

  3. The irony is that if I decide to try this app some day, I doubt I’ll be able to remember that it’s called “chomp”.

  4. Is is better than Appbrain?

  5. sorry typo….. Is “it” rather..

  6. I like AppBrain as well.
    I also think Phandroid needs to add an Edit button so people can edit their comments. It sucks when you’ve made a typo and can’t go back to correct it. (like every other forum on the internets)

  7. I like it!

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