350,000 Activations Per Day, Says Schmidt


Eric Schmidt has just announced that Android has reached 350,000 activations each day. After doing some dirty and quick math, that comes out to about 10 million per month. And in a year? 127,750,000. That number is huge, isn’t it?

And it’s expected to keep growing throughout 2011 and beyond. Android is projected to surpass Symbian – the world’s top smartphone and mobile OS – in 2014. The first milestone was reached in Q4 2010 where Android was the single biggest smartphone OS throughout all the land.

OEMs rely on Android to provide unique products that set themselves apart from their competitors, and that’s one big reason for its growth. That’s probably the single biggest reason for its growth, really.

After Microsoft failed to innovate quickly enough (we didn’t see a next generation OS release until 2010), OEMs jumped ship to Android as Apple had introduced a new phone that would change the face of the industry. And all of those OEMs had no way to catch on as they hadn’t anticipated such a swift change.

But Android was already in the works – long before the iPhone was announced, actually – and it has been moving toward being the standard alternative since 2007. It got off to a very slow start in 2008, but just two years later it’s the fastest growing operating system ever.

The scary part is that it’s nowhere near over. Android will hold its reign for years to come, and you know we’re not mad about it. (Well, maybe a little. We’re sure we’ll have to work a lot harder in the future.) But we aren’t complaining. I’m bringing back a throwback phrase with this one: Go, Android, go!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. yes, that number is huge, not as huge as my … and it’s also wrong. How about: 12,775,000?

  2. Guys, Verizon sold like a million iPhones. Oh wait, that’s only 3 days of Android.

  3. @Mikhail – @Quentyn just had the comma in the wrong place. 350,000 x 365 = 127,750,000.

  4. How is my number wrong @mikahil? You’re actually missing an extra 0

  5. Umm

  6. LMAO, I f’ed up!

  7. I think the original post just had the comma in the wrong spot, which Quentyn has already fixed.

  8. that’s just too funny, I deserved it.

  9. No, you’re counting it wrong.

  10. Indeed it was, MT.

  11. Go, Android, go!!!

  12. LOL 1,27,750,000 isn’t even a number!! It should read 127,750,000….Remember kids, you have to put three digits between each (,)

  13. @C Mac it was a typo.

  14. Sorry Q, I should be more forgiving of typos. I’m the worlds worst. YOU DA MAN THO, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK OVER THERE!

  15. Please tell me you’re being sarcastic. Please.

  16. iOS does even come close to touching these numbers do they? I mean they have splurge days on release but after that its not really as much as us.

  17. I expect android to actually increase significantly more than the 350K/day especially with the MS-Nokia deal.

    I bet Android is closer to 200M for 2011.

  18. This number much higher as in China Android has forked to avoid Google control. Bada much better search engine and without Google spyware. Android running about closer to 600,000 a day with the Android handsets in China. Also handsets now in North Korea and they rooted ones to accessing the China many China marketplaces available for rooted Android phones.

  19. Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroid.

  20. Okay, now my suggestions for the next two DROID phones.
    Droid Domination and Droid Decadence! Um, (cough) HTC?

  21. correction: This number much higher as in China Android has forked to give China more control.

  22. It’s interesting to me how many people get excited about the numbers. It’s like we are picking a sports team and “our” team is winning. Does it really matter if the phone you choose is the leading OS in the market (or getting there)?

  23. @Bella, its because of the nature of smartphones, its not enough for them to make calls and send sms like a regular mobile. smartphones need updates, applications, games… and there is where the numbers count, more users, bigger the interest by software/hardware companies. thats why so many smartphones are popping out and android market is growing insanely.

  24. its crazy.. last year i knew no one else who had an android. or actually.. a droid. droid incredible, nexus one, or G1. but now.. everywhere i look i see someone with an android device!! whahahaha!!

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