Twitter for Android Getting Another UI Overhaul With Version 2.0


Chris from Everything Android somehow got his hands on the latest version of Twitter for Android – version 2.0. Judging from the video, most of the changes are aesthetic. Navigation has been restructured to match the way the “new” does things, but other than that, it’s Twitter. No word yet on when this will be available. Check the video above for a closer look.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Personally, I’m pretty happy with the twitter app just the way it is.

  2. I hope its speed is improved, otherwise it’s still a bust.

  3. I see they took away all that blue. I hope more functions come and not just overall look. I want them to add the more tweet function like twitlonger, so if you put more then the amount they provide it will provide a link. i wonder if the widget for it is any different

  4. Wait, did I see that remember the last position?! That could make me switch back.

  5. I think it looks a lot better. And the previous one was really nice too.

    The Twitter app has always been the leading app for UI standards on Android.

  6. I really enjoyed the green.

  7. Really? Is that it? Just move around the buttons and change the color scheme? Do they have more than 1 person working on this app?

  8. I think the present Twitter is fine. new one will just make it heavy


  9. Just need to allow offline or scheduled tweets

  10. I was hoping for push notifications :(

  11. Twidroyd is my choice for now – if this does the same stuff slicker then yes: it can have me back again.

  12. I loved the Twitter app’s UI when it originally launched; it was the best looking app on Android. Too bad they ruined it with all the iPhone-isms. I’ve been using Tweetdeck since then, and I really like being able to post to multiple services at once.
    Anyway, I’d be interested in seeing improvements in the official app, especially since I’m forced to keep it on my phone, but moving around a few buttons and changing some colours doesn’t impress me.

  13. Anyone know how I can completely remove “Peep”? Anyway, I’ll stick with TweetDeck.

  14. Twitter is for Fags.

  15. Well, that was certainly mature.

  16. no push.? I think ill stay with tweetdeck. its the best around.

  17. Plume is the way to go for me. The paid version allows you longer tweets, and there are many other features included with the app.

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