LG Optimus 3D Teased Again, G-Slate Anaglyphic 3D Demoed in New Videos


A pair of videos sure to make any LG lover’s heart flutter have hit the webz for our viewing pleasure, both featuring a different device that in some way is 3D capable. The LG Optimus 3D — expected to launch at next week’s MWC — is teased with its dual rear cameras. Interestingly, they seem to be spaced out towards the ends of the phone rather then aligned in a way more similar to the the LG G-Slate for T-Mobile.

Speaking of the G-Slate, the below video gives a nice overview of the rather sleek hardware and also gives us our first look at the tablet’s anaglyphic 3D. That’s right, in case you weren’t aware the G-Slate won’t feature glasses-less 3D. Instead it features that old school red and blue passive glasses 3D that first popped up back in the 50s and 60s. Not the most elegant solution at all, but thankfully the feature can be turned off.

[via Pocket-Lint, AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Looks pretty sexy!

  2. Looks pretty sexy!

  3. looks like 3d recording will only be in landscape.

  4. FYI, while red/blue were used in the past, it is red/cyan that are the more popularly used anaglyph colours these days.

  5. a) Both the author and commenter ryan above need to keep in mind how 3D recording works: cameras need to be a ~2 inches apart, lined up in a linear, horizontal plane – an easy way to remember this is that 3D cameras are positioned JUST like human eyes, so that they can match our own parallax & angle of view. Therefore, yes Kevin – because of the device dimensions, the cameras will appear towards the end of the device on the Optimus, but towards the center on the G-Slate. And yes Ryan, 3D recording will only happen in landscape, because the recording plane is set up parallel to the devices’ landscape orientation (and the only way to have both portrait & landscape 3D recording would be to add a 3rd camera, having 3 of them centered in middle of device, set up in a right isosceles triangle formation with non-hypotenuse sides parallel to devices’ edges.)

    b) The editing and usage example scenes used in the G-Slate video are horrible (it makes Google Maps look like crap, for example – compare with Google Maps scene used in Xoom demo). I sure as hell hope this isn’t an official overview video from LG – because if it is, someone in marketing @ LG should be getting fired. If you’re going to make a rough YouTube-style vid to preview your shit, then skip the editing – otherwise it seems like you’re trying hard, but failing miserably.

  6. hav eLG G-slate card slot or not?

  7. anaglyphic 3D ? it’s a joke right? tell me its a joke.

  8. Well with this news things just got difficult. I was thinking g-slate for the tablet and xperia play for a phone, but now it’s looking like I need to decide between optimus 3d and xperia play :p. Given how lame this news is, I’m thinking xperia play.

  9. I really cant wait for this thing. Would be nice to get some kind of card reader slots. or memory expander slots. Even standard SDHC cards would be nice. Id like to toss a 64gb or 128gb card in there! :)


  11. But does it have two 3D screens? Thats what I thought Bitches! Sprint done showed you………………………………..

  12. Anaglyphic 3D? I thought it was just going to use shutter glasses or some thing. My interest in the G-Slate just fell. A lot.

  13. I love the new Sprint Echo concept, I only wish that it was 4G, and that it had 3D capability. Maybe in the future?

  14. 3-D movies in the 1950’s and 1960’s were polarized, not anaglyph.

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