YouTube Mobile Updated to Facilitate Easier Music Discovery; 200 Million Mobile Views Each Day; Ads on Mobile


YouTube’s been updated recently, apparently, and it brings with it a way for users to find more music easily. Official music videos recognized by YouTube now receive a music note badge, and a new tab will appear showing you related artists and more music by who you’re listening to. Outlets such as VEVO – who released their own Android app yesterday – also get a pretty banner beneath their videos.

We’re also launching several new features to make it easier to discover and enjoy music videos on mobile:

  • Music videos are now clearly marked with a ‘music note’ badge
  • While enjoying the video you can read ‘artist bio’
  • It’s easy to discover more tracks from the same artist using ‘artist tracks’ tab
  • You’ll find similar cool bands on the ‘related artists’ tab

You’ll need Android 2.2 or higher (though those on Gingerbread should already have it) to get this update. We’re sure there’s a way you can get it “unofficially” as well. YouTube’s also announcing that their partners will now be able to monetize their mobile-viewed videos.

While users may not appreciate a pre-roll ad playing on their mobile device, I’m sure you hate even more the fact that some videos are unavailable for mobile viewing – this is because the publisher makes no revenue on those videos. We should now start to see more and more videos available for mobile that we haven’t before.

And for you publishers who think there’s no money in mobile, YouTube’s also announced that mobile views have now reached 200 million per day, a 3x increase in 2010. So yea, stop treating us mobile users as second class citizens! [via YouTube Blog]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. That Vevo app is tight.

  2. I don’t see the update yet, but thank goodness for monotizing mobile videos! I get THOUSANDS of views daily from mobile views but couldn’t get paid from them. It’s about time they addressed that issue.

  3. I can see an Eclair port being made for this through some. Modding… :)

  4. has vevo been pulled, can’t find it on market?

  5. Mobile users should not get advertisement videos because most of the time we are ON THE MOVE. We DO NOT have time to watch the same stupid ads over and over when we just want to quickly check something. I already paid for your services Google..

  6. Why not link a ad as a banner so it doesn’t interrupt the video. To many ads before the video will start will just kill youtube.

    ALso with carriers like t-mobile discouraging video streaming with 500mb cap, that could be a problem later down the line as people worry more about how much they are streaming.

  7. every time a video ad plays before a music video i just go back and click the vid again. save me some time from the that long commercial! lol. now where is Netflix!? =D

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