Mystery XPERIA


Mystery Xperia

Hot off of a Chinese forum, and probably a counterfeit factory, are a few pictures of a mystery Sony Ericsson XPERIA device. The post has a total of three images, two of which are Quadrant scores.

If the Chrome translator is worth its weight in salt this device will have a 1GHZ processor, with a separate GPU and an itty bitty 3″ screen. There is mention of a keyboard, but it is probably in reference to the keyboard in the background and not a physical keyboard attached to the device.

[via it168 | Read on Gizmodo]

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  1. So this is better than the PSP phone re: performance?


  2. not as snappy as my hd2 thats for sure!

  3. Quadrant scores equivalent to a stock G2, for what it’s worth.

  4. proper sized phone at last.. for people who dont have hands like sasquatch lol. i remember when it was cool to have the smallest phone possible, now seems to be the trend to have a phone the size of a suitcase held up to your ear. shame sony will probably release this with android 2.1 then spend 6months trying to upgrade it to 2.2 just as everyone else is on android 3.9 lol.

  5. the fourm says it has honeycomb(2.4) and will be the next generation xperia x10 mini

  6. If no1 has noticed so far the status bar is the same as 2.3 status bar. Don’t think this is running anything less than 2.2. If you look at the stock 2.3 and this one on the xperia phones they are identical in icon style and font.

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