Intex Readying to Launch $120 Android Device

She looks familiar
India based handset manufacturer, Intex, has plans to launch an Android device for the budget conscious in February.

Ringing in at 5,500 rupees ($120US), this FroYo handset should be a great way to get into the Android club without hoping the landlord forgets to collect rent.

Naturally, anyone looking to scoop up this phone shouldn’t expect the world from it. It will launch with FroYo, be loaded with a 3.2MP camera but the touch screen rings in a 2.8″ of resistive get-what-you-pay-for. Hey, dirt cheap has to start somewhere, right?

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  • Russ

    Already sounds like a fail vs. the ZTE Blade variants.

  • Pimpstrong

    That guy’s thinking..ooOO(I hope my junk isn’t showing)

  • Joe

    Wonder if it will catch fire like the Tata or whatever that stupid Indian car was called.

    Indians should stick to eating curry

  • scott

    That guy looks like an old tiger woods

  • Bob

    India has 706 Million mobile phone subscribers. If they manage to sell this to one hundredth of one percent of the total subscribers, that is 0.01%, they would’ve sold more than what Garmin achieved with their GarminFone.
    In India, its about volume.


    Wow, this place is full off complete twats.

  • MVTom

    If your goal is making money, this is pure genius.

  • animefreak

    A personal message to “JOE” : Hi dude, how about you f**k off before i stuff you up with some curry and send you off to hell in a fiery nano

  • Satish

    Intex is known as crappier manufacturer than MicroMax which has a much better reputation and is giving Nokia a run for the money in India.