Firefox 4 Beta 3 Ready


For those of you who are into Firefox, Beta 3 has made its way into the public ready for Beta’ing. Quite a few changes and addtitions have made its way into this version, including:


  • Improved support for Android keyboards, both hardware and on-screen
  • New Android-style menus
  • Fixed a bug in opening links from other apps
  • Support for uploading files
  • “Save as PDF” command in the site menu
  • Fixed rendering of Arabic and Farsi text (on devices with Arabic/Farsi fonts installed)

Firefox Sync

  • New UI for simpler setup
  • Support for custom Firefox Sync servers


  • Full-screen open video
  • Improved audio performance

User interface

  • Copy/paste in URL bar
  • Search engines appear in the awesomescreen as you type
  • Browse recommended add-ons through the add-on manager

For developers

  • localStorage API
  • orientation events (new on Android)


  • Crash reporting for crashes in web content

The option to Save as PDF is one that jumps off the paper at me, as well as some copy/paste upgrades.

If you’d like to see how this browser is coming along for yourself, direct your Android 2.X device to Bear in mind, this requires about 32MB of internal storage and another 12MB on your SD card.

[Full notes at Mozilla]

Tyler Miller

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  1. I think you mean Firefox 4 Beta 8?

  2. I tried some of the older betas and they were just unusable IMO. This any better?

  3. I think the Beta 8 is the PC version. I saw references to video, does this support Flash. I’m really looking forward to pitting the stock browser against Firefox Mobile and Opera Mobile to see which one I like best, but not until they support Flash.

  4. 32MB of memory? WOW, I don’t have any room left for this!. They need to move this to SD, along with all the Google Apps… GV, Maps, Gmail, SkyMap all seem to take up 5 mb each. This is ridiculous!

    Come on Google, allow all apps to SD FTW

  5. I’m going to download it

  6. Tried a FF beta a few days ago on DX and it was totally unusable.

  7. @4 Apps2ext is the solution to your problems. At least on my HTC Dream, anyway.

  8. Until the words made 10x faster are included in the notes, I will not bother.

  9. Not supported on Sony Xperia X10 with Android 2.1

  10. I tried their beta earlier this week. Terribly unusable, shame.

  11. Supports Flash yet? No. Okay, bye.

  12. Anyone care to share the difference between this and Fennec?

  13. Actually it installs at 16mbs now, and moving to the SD reduces it to about 100kbs.

  14. Gonna download it now.

  15. @GP

    The reason that some apps can never be moved to SD is because the access to SD card will ALWAYS be much slower than internal memory. Unless you want your phone to have the speed of snail, it’s not happening.

  16. How does this give anyone a good feeling they should be using it instead of Dolphin Browser?

  17. Dolphin HD is great. I use it because it supports plugins

  18. @GP
    My understanding is that Google does allow (starting with Android 2.2) all apps to move to the SD card. It’s up to the developers to decide if that is a good option for their application.

  19. @Lulu: what do you prefer, NO SPACE for app, or a slow app???

  20. no it doesn’t support flash.

    There’s a new browser on the market called Miren which is pretty good. Once again android fragmentation means it won’t work on every device, but you should give it a try.

  21. I installed it on my OG DROID and it’s unbearably slow. Once they correct that issue, I can see where it will be a nice backup browser (using Dolphin HD and Skyfire currently).

  22. font farsi

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