What is HTC Leaking? The Incredible HD?

Slash Gear came across some interesting half-photos depicting a mystery HTC device. Heck nobody knows what operating system is loaded, but we can speculate! Slash Gear has had it suggested to them that this may be the HTC Incredible HD, also referred to as the HTC Mecha a potential LTE device.

You would assume a device wouldn’t be caught with its pants off, like the above photo, but it does give us a clear view of a dual flash to complement the camera.

January sixth can’t come soon enough.

[via Slash Gear]

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  • Richard Y

    I love htc… I am proud HTC EVO 4G owner and look forward to all there 2011 upcoming devices. Nothing beat the EVO in 2010 not even the clunky droid X so let’s see what is on the htc docket in 2011 maybe the evo2

  • Richard Yarrell

    I welcome all things 2011 for htc espically all there new devices and there upcoming market that is a great idea I must say… htc rocks

  • Alan

    Interesting that battery isn’t slide in like HD so it may have a half usefull amount of life

  • moii

    this is a looooonng shot but the real nexus two with honeycomb!! just two show samsung what a real nexus is hehehehe

  • moii

    oh nd um just saying this cuz it sort of looks like a nexus one

  • bob

    Android Central got some, too. So did Gizmodo. And Engadget.

  • rohdawg

    “…Slash Gear came across some interesting half-photos depicting a mystery HTC device”

    They didn’t “come across” jack. These photos were sent to them just like they were sent to every other android blog/site in the universe last night. It’s advertising without cost to the manufacturer designed to “build a buzz”…

    “came across”, please…you make it sound like a super spy is out hunting for pictures of PHONES!

  • arkazain

    The dual flash instantly reminds me of the Desire HD

  • SavageJeep

    @rohdawg Take a cup of coffee and this pill here.

    Sites like this exist because we frequent them. If not there would be no need to “get pictures” like these and “write articles”.

  • DroidCEO


  • Kabob

    Isn’t the Incredible HD an updated Evo (or so it looks)? I’d be all over that.

  • ImSpartacus

    @rohdawg Yeah, a lot of places got close ups of this phone. Why didn’t Phandroid compile them all? There’s a lot more than two.

  • GoGreen

    I’m looking forward to January 6th. Can’t wait to see what’s coming in 2011. Although, I don’t think the HTC Incredible HD or Mecha will be available until April or later since Morotorla has an agreement to have the first LTE device on Verizon. I’m glad I upgraded to the DroidX back when I did instead of waiting and waiting for the HTC Incredible HD. There’s no 4G/LTE in my area anyway.

  • dork

    doesnt really excite me.

  • http://pstwitter.com Kenny Montenegro

    It looks like the Nexus 2

  • Gabriel

    Nexus HD!!!

  • george


  • mjcecil

    If HTC is planning on staying with the same form factor for the Incredible, then this isn’t it. Just some rough extrapolations, based on relative widths of the twin flash LEDs, the battery compartment and screw head sizes, I’d say this device is a dead-on match for the WxH of the EVO. So, whatever it’s named, it’ll be BIG for a phone.

    As much as I’m excited about having a slider on a phone like the EVO, the thing I’d be WAY more interested in is a creative solution to my battery life issue. (Which is, aside from the dearth in WiMAX coverage, the sole complaint I have about the phone)


  • JWise

    I agree with the Nexus Update theory.

    Looks like it with the camera in the center, and how round everything is.

  • http://enlightmusic.biz Enlight

    This is the Incredible HD.

    I have the regular DInc and that camera and dual flash looks very familiar!

    I’m not that excited for this.

    I’m not that excited about any of the phones that are upcoming frankly.

    I’ll be waiting for some NEXT gen devices. Who cares about 4G when no one can actually get 4G speeds?

    I planning being very happy with my current DInc until 2012. Then maybe we can get some dual core phones with some other unexpected extras.

  • http://ADWheelerPhotography.com ADWheeler Photography

    OH MY GOD I’M SO WET!!! No seriously I just spilled water on my lap…

  • http://rhapsodyandroid.tumblr.com/ R(k)

    Contrary to what @Enlight said, this is not the Incredible HD.

  • http://www.mydroidworld.com ksizzle9

    Ill take two of these. It should compliment my DInc, X, Fascinate nicely. LTE might give me a semi

  • Chris

    CrunchGear and MobileCrunch also got some different photos. All the major blogs got different photos (like some big puzzle).

    CrunchGear has most of the shots compiled here:

  • NG2 v8

    I agreed with everyone else….the new, true NEXUS!

  • ben

    HTC: hello, we’d like to introduce a device familiar to everyone from across the land, a nexus one, but what if we told you that it was a nexus one s? hmmmm? what would that s stand for you may ponder? well it stands for sleek, sexy, super fast, so many cameras and so awesome! introducing the nexus one s! with dual flash 14.1 mp camera! 1.4ghz triple core cpu, nvedia 460 mobile gtx gpu and to show it all off, a beautifully magical 4 inch superduperamoled screen!

  • Anthony

    i want that for tmobile i dont like the candy phones currently using g2

  • ab

    simple HTC is the best all the phone nexus one G2 evo their super phone my G2 can easily beat any phone in the market for the next year plus we get Uptades sooner then any other i can say all my phone will always have the HTC in the back

  • Robert manser

    Im an eris owner waiting for my contact to go up and get a new htc im an htc owner for life.

  • dvdivx

    Since I’m in a one year contract this phone isn’t doing it for me. I want: 1. dual core w/ nvidia 2. Higher resolution 3.bigger screen. That’s about it.