Saudi Arabia To Enjoy HTC Desire HD


HTC Desire HD_Front+Back
The guys and gals in Saudi Arabia will soon phandroiding in style when they get their hands on the Sense powered HTC Desire HD. The device marks the second Android device to be hosted in the country, hopefully on the second of many. Unfortunatley, there are no other details aside from that. Launch date, pricing and carrier are all still a mystery.

AMEinfo quoted Mohamed Kais Zribi, Regional Manager of HTC Middle East and North Africa as saying:

Customers in Saudi Arabia have been eagerly awaiting the launch of these new models. As far as the HTC Desire HD is concerned, I am confident that they will fully appreciate the new features and applications that we have introduced, especially its more engaging, intuitive, user-friendly design. We have likewise retained the attention-grabbing features of the phone, taking advantage of the powerful Android platform and the latest version of HTC Sense2.0, which has become a major hit among smartphone users

Neeraj Seth, MENA Marketing Manger, HTC Middle East & North Africa says that “The Saudi market has always been extremely receptive to HTC products which makes the Kingdom vital to our market consolidation plans in the region.”

With their choice in devices to launch, there is no reason to doubt anything less than satisfaction.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. Hmm… As a Saudi, I don’t say this press release isn’t so significant… We’ve had the Desire HD available in the market here for months! We’ve also had the Magic, Desire, Galaxy, Galaxy S, Milestone, Galaxy Spica, Wild Fire, Tattoo (should I go on?).

    How is this the second Android device in Saudi Arabia?

    There’s only one thing which I can think of. Phones here are sold unlocked, contract-free almost 99% of the time. Carrier phones are just not big here. The Magic, however, was released by STC. So I’m guessing the Desire HD MIGHT be also released by STC, making it the second Android phone released by this carrier?

    Still nice to see phandroid posting Android news about Saudi Arabia!

  2. Are “gals” allowed to even own cell phones in Saudi Arabia? If they do, it is because their husbands or family give them permission to…

  3. @rooma………you stupid fuck

  4. lets the ignorant comments begin.

  5. Actually Romma, its nothing like that. Come out of the bubble you live in and stop watching Fox.

    Remember, ignorance breeds hatred.

  6. They’re not allowed to drive cars, so not owning phones isn’t exactly a stretch. It’s neither hatred nor ignorance to dislike an oppressive culture.

  7. European culture makes me want to vomit. Its a fact that Islam is taking over the world, so I understand the frustration you guys are going through.

  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women's_rights_in_Saudi_Arabia

    seriously? You guys want to talk about romma as being ignorant? They are a very oppresive culture toward women, but you leftists take any shot you can get at those who ACTUALLY care about freedom instead of power.

    Regards to the phone – I’m sure it will have monitoring software so the “kingdom” can keep tabs on everyone.

  9. i’m muslim too and i thought it was a funny joke.

    actually some village in india outlawed cell phones for unmarried girls. (hindu not muslim for once)


  10. @rooma they are allowed but they have to get the Male Chaperone App.

  11. Let’s keep the conversation geared towards the device. This isn’t the outlet to talk about who’s oppressing what.

  12. “but you leftists take any shot you can get at those who ACTUALLY care about freedom ”

    hey hey this isn’t a political forum, but both the right and the left kiss Saudi Arabia’s ass.

    If freedom was more important than oil, than we (the usa) would have a different official policy toward them.

  13. I actually was not trying to evoke trouble here. Maybe I did assume that since the women in Saudi Arabia cannot drive, leave their houses unescorted, and in fact are not allowed to vote (I could go on but won’t)they would naturally need permission for such a device that can connect them via emails, texting, the web to places their spouses may not like them to be connected. I was not putting their culture down no matter how wrong and unfair to women I believe it to be.

    @jj I will let your comment go and let’s move on. Thank you for those that understood my legitimate comment.

  14. Your comment is not legitimate dude. This is a tech site. Not a site for your personal hating opinion. Go to Yahoo if you want to voice your hatred/ignorance, there are plenty there.

    Anyhow…I know a lot of my freinds in Saudi have this thing for iPhones, its extremely popular there. Good to see Android getting in there giving people some more options.

  15. Ignorance is believing that women are treated like equals by that scumbag government in Saudi Arabia.

  16. Ignorance is also not knowing when to quit and ruining it for the rest of the readers.

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