Google is Giving Away 10,000 Google TVs to Android Developers



Google TV is out and the search giant behind it is giveaway happy. To promote development on the platform Google is handing out TV devices to any web developer even remotely interested, starting with a whopping 3,000 Logitech Revue units passed out at today’s AdobeMAX event.  The rest of the Google TV devices will be passed out to developers plucked from the Google Code community. Yeah, they are looking for just about anyone who even mentions Google TV.

If you are a developer who missed MAX and isn’t active on Google Code, you can simply submit an entry to the Google TV Web Developer Promotion and chances are you will be Googling on your TV (and hopefully making some enticing web services) in no time.

[via Google, image via AndroidCentral]

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  1. It’s not going to be web applications only, since Android applications will be able to be downloaded on Google TV early next year.

  2. Fed should definitely get one. LP is the best!

  3. Ya because LPs UI would work so well with google tvs UI.. lmao have u checked out google tv yet?

  4. Thank you
    I like it

  5. I’m gonna be attending Mac 2011 and I hope to get a hand on one of these.
    Currently I’m working on a Android game, but I would love to try it on a GoogleTV.

  6. @Deoki : silly SwiftKey. It’s MWC 2011, not Mac.

  7. If you enter this giveaway you need to make sure you’re using a real american company name, email, and address. Not just anyone can put their name address and hotmail address into the contest. Rules specifically state this.

  8. Yes, yet another xenophobic competition assuming the internet and web development doesn’t extend outside US borders. But funnily enough they are willing to accept advertising revenue from non-US sources. I expect better from Google.

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