Google Updates Android Voice Search to Support Russian, Polish, Czech, and Turkish



Android’s Voice Search is slowly but surely adding to the list of supported languages, with recognition of Russian, Polish, Czech, and Turkish all becoming functional over the past few weeks. Now users in those countries or speakers from anywhere around the world can quickly search by speaking into their handset without fear of a language barrier. From the Google Mobile Blog post announcing the new language support:

“Now, users in the Russian Federation, Poland, the Czech Republic and Turkey can simply say, in their own language, what it is that they are looking for. Try speaking queries like “концерты Юлии Савичевой” (tour dates for Yulia Svicheva), “przepis na pierogi” (recipes for pierogi), “obrázky Hradčan” (pictures of the Prague castle), or “istanbul hava durumu” (weather in Istanbul).”

Note that you will need to change the language setting for your phone before it will recognize a different tongue (you won’t be able to speak a different language on the fly). Most current handsets ship with the latest version Voice Search pre-installed, but for those on Android 2.0 and higher without the functionality, you can download the latest Google Mobile search app from the Market.

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  1. Nothing for the Romainians? C’mon!

  2. Great! Now did they fix the associated actions?!?

  3. What? You have to switch manually? That’s not fun!

    Hay Google! I got an Idea; make voice command for switching!!!

  4. Make it for Romanian, too, Google!

  5. Russian support makes me a very happy Russian student.

    Спасибо, Google!

  6. I don’t see Romanian language. xD

  7. Wheres the Farsi?

  8. Arabic support, google

  9. want to be able to switch languages among eng/swe/tur depending on what/where/whom i am searching and prefer english as UI/platform on devices like PC, laptop, phone and even tv-set etc. “Search” means everything for Google, hopefully they will sort this out soon.

  10. How about actually making it work in ENGLISH!
    FVCKING HACK programmers at Google!

    And of course fanboys will not report about it.

  11. It seems you are speaking too loud for your n1… try to imitate gill bates speaking to a half smart phone.

    Now, I’d like to see an Android port for Nissan Leaf…

  12. Please, brazil’s portuguese. My galaxy S waits for this feature!

  13. In Soviet Russia, Google Search YOU! :D

  14. Don’t worry all, I’m sure more languages will be added soon… Thank you Google for Turkish search!

    Yaşasın Google! :)

  15. I’m using voice search in polish for about 2 weeks.

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