Samsung SCH-i400 Continuum Breaks Cover With two Displays, Galaxy S Branding


Looks like yet another Samsung handset will join the Samsung Fascinate (with the as-of-yet unannounced Gem not making any noise for a while) on Verizon as shots of a Samsung Continuum – model number SCH-i400 – have just been uploaded to the intrawebz. There are two very significant things about this device: it is a Galaxy S smartphone and it has two displays. One of the displays is your run of the mill OLED (we’re not sure if this is Super AMOLED) while there’s a second, smaller OLED display – being dubbed the “Ticker” – below the capacitive buttons that’ll show the date, time, notifications, and news and weather updates. (It’ll likely come from the same source that the daily briefing widget pulls its information from.)


There’s a dedicated camera button in tow and a side-loaded microSD card slot for easy access without yanking the battery, and a camera with LED flash on the back. No word on internals just yet, but if it’s Galaxy S branded, we expect it to come with a nice kick. We hope to learn more very soon.

[via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Be still my heart.

  2. Gimmick. Pass & Fail.

  3. Bing is an insult to Android.

  4. Bad use of space. Rather than making the phone bigger to accommodate a second small screen to display the time and weather; I would MUCH rather have a single larger screen where i can choose to add the time and weather or Not.

  5. Super Battery FAIL!

  6. This phone feels very nice in the hand and is not overly large due to the dual displays. The “Ticker” is actually very, very nice in actual use.

    The specs are very good since it is a Galaxy S phone. It is fast and responsive.

  7. I could imagine lots of people having a headache with the ticker especially touching it on accident if its touchscreen and Samsung is going to come out and say “your holding it wrong” hahaha

  8. This phone should be awesome

  9. yeah the dev will go crazy over this one. They will probably mod the heck out of that lil screen. Who needs a LED indicator when you got an OLED screen for that.

  10. @CWRIG

    are you stupid or what? the purpose of the second screen is so we don’t have to turn the main screen on. wtf? lol

  11. @smc29
    The second screen is what is stupid. This phone will be in the bargain bin in the first month of release. Wasted space. Samsung should work on the phone’s reception instead of gimmicks like this.

  12. @alexthearmo
    Maybe there are two batteries, one for each display! ;-)

  13. Could be cool. Could be a failure. Don’t like how capacitive are inbetween two touch screens…lots of accidental presses…

  14. Interesting idea, but I think it would be intriguing if the second display was on the back. Or if they could integrate the two.

  15. @cwrig TOTALLY AGREE.

  16. @smc29


  17. I actually think Spencer has an idea there. One on the flip side would be awesome!

  18. The fit puzzle to unlock thing is pretty cool. They should port that to more devices.

  19. @David

    “Or if they could integrate the two.”

    That would be cool. Maybe E-ink over the OLED screen. When you turn on the main screen the e-ink display blanks itself and becomes clear. This would give the function of the two screens plus minimal battery drain for the extra feature.

  20. @Androidtoy_Last time I cheak my g1 and droid are Google experience phones not google phones like the nexus one stop complaining and if u want to use Google set Google as ur home page cuz I know all of people with android phones and when they search they go to the Google homepage… its a goddamn phone and if u don’t like it oh well don’t buy it there’s other phones out there this is a android phone with a bing experience that’s powered by google… this kinda bashing makes me wana go back to iphone we are a android family and this phone its just a android stepchild but u know what its still a android phone……p.s sorry for my rant

  21. @Jimmy why so hostile and to be knowledgeable the fascinate has bing and you can not take it off. It’s not about going to the homepage it is about having the free google maps and navigation at your finger tips is a big plus to a lot of people including me that travel for work. If bing is loaded it means that you have to pay for vznavigator or wait until they unlock the fascinate with the froyo update but who knows when that is. For alot of people it is just easier and necessary to have google preloaded on the phone. Besides those points I do not know one person taht would want bing on their phone and if they did they are very dumb. One good thing comes out of this tho if it has bing it means its not a great phone if it has google means its one of the best phones being made. So take it for what it is but no reason to get mad about it people should be mad thats how things get changed and for you to write being mad about that is showing that you don;t care what big companys can do to the consumer.

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