Acer’s Liquid Metal – An All Aluminum Android?


Another day, another Android phone. Something new’s leaked out from the Acer camp today –  a 3.6-inch WVGA android handset that looks to be nothing but metal. Our first guess on type is aluminum – something that’s become quite the trend in the technology universe – but a bronze-colored variant suggests one of the models could actually be crafted out of that metal, as well. If the specs listed by Russian outlet Habrahabr are correct, then this won’t be a stinker.


It’ll apparently come preloaded with Android 2.2 with a custom skin being called Acer Shell 4.0. For RAM and ROM, you can expect 512MB for each and a Qualcomm MSM7230 800MHz processor + Adreno 205 GPU to back it up. Other specs include Bluetooth 3.0 and a camera with flash (type not yet confirmed), but that’s all we can take from this leak. I’m not sure how anyone else feels about the design of this thing, but I’d call it one of Acer’s prettiest offerings yet. I’m more interested in the performance and the software, however, but those bits and pieces will squeak out as time moves on, I suppose.

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  1. Carriers?

  2. A custom skin with a metal look would definitely be a plus :)

  3. considering that at least a few manufacturers are finally figuring out that we need(ok, really really want) at least a few gigs of onboard storage, they lose me when i hear 512 MB. that said, the rest of the specs don’t scream “hurry up and grab me!” to me either. espescially lacking a front facing camera.. speaking of which, what does the front look like?

  4. Meh, 512 is what it is, but by the time it’s released the processing speeds will already be up a notch that this phone will be lower tier and it will no longer be worth the metal that it’s made out of.

  5. Unless your all looking at different pics then I, I’m going to have to say the center looks like metal but the two ends (top & bottom) do not look like metal at all especially the aluminum on.

  6. Externals scream screw me internals say blahhhhhh, I need a monster that looks like this this is ridiculous!

  7. Outdated when it releases? You guys clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Internals are pretty much the same as the G2 (remember the last Liquid released in October 2009, usually these manufacturers release one per year). Don’t quite understand what everybody is complaining about. 800MHz clockspeed is not slow either, especially since this next gen Qualcomm processor is lower power and has a better on board graphics chip. Overclock this sucker and it should run much smoother than the current gen Qualcomm Snapdragon.

  8. Also, I wouldn’t be as concerned with internal storage since Froyo allows programs to be installed out to the storage card. It’s the RAM that I’m more interested in.

    iPhone 4 runs smooth with a gig, the iPad does fine with 512. More would be better, but at a low enough price point I would be fine with it.

  9. This looks tight as hell exactly what we needed a froyo-ized aluminum android robot smartphone Booooyah!. I’ll take 2 please.

  10. Lol iPhone 4 has 512 megs of RAM and iPad has 256 megs of RAM.

  11. i’m a sucker for aluminum. but it would have to be an ah-mazing phone to get me away from my nexus

  12. i just want to see what the front looks like 1st lol

    remember the Acer Stream with those random playback keys? urgh….w.t.h….but all metal sounds like the HTC Legend? kinda wonder why htc doesnt just produce the desire internals into that case….

    anyhoos, back to the acer…it’s got a sweet rear end, just pray for no Troll Face


  14. a plus for the design.

  15. The top and bottom looks to be plastic. The adreno 205,although soon to be outdated, seems to be a major plus coupled with wvga. Hopefully it has fwvga not 480×800.
    Also rom is not the same as storage,rom is for os. Storage will be between 2 and 8 gigs. It will be upper-mid or on the low side of the upper tier of phones.

  16. It can’t be all aluminium – aluminium blocks cell signals.

  17. Places like Northern Engraving can make many different “looks” with a common Aluminum substrate. Most likely that’s what is being used here. Neat stuff, but it’s also the same tech used to make faceplates for your oven / dishwasher / etc.


    It does look nice, and allows one to vary a product lineup with a metallic substrate.

  18. the front isn’t really visible, but for all acer liquid-series phones(and in fact, most acer phones.) the front is pretty much the same.

    about the CPU: it’s actually a snapdragon.
    it is however a smaller(and therefor less battery consuming) version that is underclocked, and with a better GPU compared to other phones with snapdragon.
    1 thing though: don’t expect to overclock it much beyond 1ghz, i know the original liquid despite it having a snapdragon built for 1ghz won’t run faster than 912mhz(beyond this the phone will freeze)

  19. My Liquid works great at 998MHz. This is a newer Snapdragon. 800MHz is recommended clock speed so assuming it can be overclocked

  20. Snapdragon is NOT a CPU! It is SOC (System On Chip), which contains radio, GPU and CPU named Scorpion.

    MSM SOC series ARE NOT Snapdragon series! Yet they share some stuff, like CPU.

  21. @thedicemaster
    The Liquid S100 has a pretty wide range of the quality of the CPU, some phones can be clocked up to 1200, wheres otehrs cant be clocked any higher than standard at all without going unstable.

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