Samsung Galaxy Tab Headed for Verizon


Yesterday, we saw the yet-to-be-unveiled (but is still definitely confirmed) Galaxy Tab pop up in the wild with CDMA radios. Naturally, we figured CDMA in the United States would spell a release for Verizon – we already know Verizon has plans for multiple 3G-enabled tablets, Sprint’s unlikely to carry them, and T-Mobile and AT&T would be out of a CDMA equation.


BGR‘s gotten proof that it’s going to Big Red, though, as the device showed up in their internal systems as the SCHI800BKV – the Samsung Galaxy Tab. A demo unit also appears to be in the inventory for those who like to beat them up in stores. Perhaps pricing and launch date will be discussed this week in Berlin, Germany when Samsung takes the wraps off of the device for the first time September 2nd. We’ll be following the event as much as we can to bring the latest information straight to your monitors.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I was so excited about this until now. Love my vibrant but hate verizon. Crap!!!

  2. WTF is up with VZW getting EVERY damn thing!! This fuckin thing better hit the states off of a carrier as well.

  3. Since they are trying (very) hard to have this compete directly with the iPad….i imagine it will be also……WiFi only option sounds reasonable.

  4. I hate Verison too !!!!
    The whole word is going GSM, other than Verison and the other one?
    I like Android tablet 7″ size with front face camera
    I will get Sasmung Tab and will use it as secondary phone/tablet

  5. I love the variety us Verizon customers are getting!
    (hatas gon’ hate :P)

  6. So come on, make it wifi for the rest of us; and please make the decision pronto – want to get an ereader, i was waiting for this, otherwise i’ll just settle for the nook.

  7. I hope they will offer this to other providers, also hope they don’t throw the providers branding on the TAB, please keep the clean look. I also hope you can buy just a wifi version..I’ll just tether it to my Galaxy S device. No need to pay for extra 3G service when I can just use my Wireless tether. I can’t wait to see the check this thing out..Price? anyone know?

  8. it does not matter to me which carrier since I will use it in wifi only with my nexus one wifi hot spot. the question is what will it cost to just buy ???

  9. Going to Verizon, won’t be buying this – NEXT!

  10. Face it, AT&T is holding back on devices that directly compete with Apple.. Have you seen how much coverage AT&T is giving the Samsung Captivate?? Hardly none.. I have seen one tv spot, nothing really in the stores, and AT&T’s own site just seemed to have a small banner at the bottom of the site.. IF you even go into their on-line store its almost at the bottom of the smart phone list.. I would switch back to Verizon but i don’t get coverage at my house or office.. AT&T 4 bars 3g both places, plus they have the Microcell..

  11. woohoo Verizon baby!!! That’s right “RULE THE AIR!”

  12. Haha I love all these verizon haters lol! Just cuz we have the best android devices

  13. @kia obviously you don’t really know much about Verizon (not just the spellingof it.) Their 4g plan consists of the network named LTE which merges GSM and CDMA. Verizon is by far the superior mobile network and will continue to be because everybody else’s 4g technology will be inferior. i.e. Sprint’s 4g Wimax. Major Cities will be experiencing the LTE network early in 2011. So go to At&T if you want but I don’t like my calls getting dropped and voicemails popping up that i didn’t get a miss call from…

  14. AT&T always, as a marketing strategy, has hold a number of products. The idea is to get itself cover -I think.
    Most of the launches and offers has a tricky part but these happens everywhere, not only for At&T.

  15. kia, GSM just doesn’t have the coverage.

  16. Verizon gets everything because they are by far the Dominant carrier, which is known everywhere.. GSM is on the way out as well, which is also known if you know jack shit about cell phone’s.. LTE is the international standard going forward which Verizon own’s the network almost exclusivly in the US.. Even when the Iphone goes to Verizon and AT&T gets LTE, it will be substandard as there frequency will be much higher than verizon.. And Sprint’s LTE is going to be wireless routers, garbage..

  17. Jack Mehoff, I agree with everything you wrote. However, it’s clear that you don’t know “jack shit” about basic grammar and spelling (“there frequency”, “Verizon own’s”, “exclusivly”, etc. really?). Your attempt to be cavalier would be more effective if you didn’t express yourself as a knuckle-dragging mouth breather.

  18. Verizon Galaxy Tab is useless without phone capabilities.

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