Google Acquires Mobile Social Gaming Startup SocialDeck

Google’s quick loss of their newly-hired gaming advocate Mark DeLoura isn’t going to stop them from realizing their goals: to push Android gaming forward. Today, SocialDeck‘s announced that they’ve been formally acquired by Google. No details on the acquisition have been revealed yet, but it’s worthy to note that SocialDeck’s prowess extends beyond mobile: it’s that social part of it all. If my memory serves me correctly, Google’s trying to launch a service to compete with Facebook where social gaming would be a huge part of that.


Their expertise is in mobile and cross-platform development, but this could go a lot of ways (with Android being a main focus in whatever they plan to do with their new purchase). Let’s just hope they can actually hold on to their good fortune this time around. We’ll bring more details on the transaction and any Android-related implications as we are able to gather them.

[via Inside Social Games]

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  • lancaster09

    This is interesting because in Fortune Magazine they were saying in order to for Google to continue its success as a company it need to jump on the social networking trend since search engines are being used less and less. The article said that people were more likely to use their network to find the best restaurant.

  • Evo2droidx

    Does google keep buzz? Is buzz going to be an element of their social platform? Or is it a fail like wave? I hope buzz stays, it has a few users, i love it. I can see it going facebook meets foursquare on googleroids! Here’s hoping anyways

  • Will

    I find it hard to believe search engines are being used less.
    Google has evolved and will continue to evolve, it already includes “social” results.

  • theineffablebob

    Less social games, more real games. Thx.

  • Contraus

    Yeah, what he said. I don’t give a rat’s ass about Farmville or Fishville. I want REAL games on my Vibrant. Why…you ask? Because the Galaxy S phones have the fastest graphics processing out there. I want 3D graphics in HD…like what Gameloft makes. I just wish Gameloft would put their games on the market.

  • Contraus

    If Google was smart, they’d partner up with Gameloft first, then go after EA, Ubisoft, Blizzard, etc…