Sprint Loses Product Development VP, Man Responsible for Bringing in Their 4G Phones

Oh noes! Sprint’s lost another high-level executive recently. This time, Wall Street Journal‘s reporting that Sprint’s Senior VP Kevin Packingham has left the company to run a different company headquartered in the Kansas City area. No word on what that other company is, but if you’re a customer of Sprint that liked how their phone offerings started to look in 2010, this is important to you: he’s the guy that brought the high-end mammoths HTC EVO 4G and the Samsung Epic 4G to the carrier.


We’re hopeful that Dan Hesse and the team won’t fumble the unfortunate loss as many have praised Sprint for their resurgence in high-end devices lately. It wouldn’t be a good day if they were to lose that edge as they try to mold several areas of their product to put them in a better position to attempt a strong shot at second place.

It’s reported that Steve Elfman – president of ┬áSprint’s network operations and wholsale business – and Fared Adib – vice president of product development – will share oversight of the position left behind by Packingham. Fortunately for Sprint, Adib worked directly under Packingham so the transition should be a smooth one. We’ll see in a few months time how much of an effect this change will have on their ability to bring in new, cutting edge products.

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  • tom

    Sprint World Headquarters is in Overland Park, KS… Wonder what else could compete in K.C.??? There’s nothing there. Applebees Maybe?

  • http://phandroid moises

    how hard is it to choose a nice looking phone when you see one? give me the job i think i can do better.

  • Crimson

    People come and go all the time. This information is not shocking or concerning. One person is not solely responsible for the devices Sprint, the corporation, chooses to offer customers. Quickly and poorly-written article complete with misspelling the corporate name.

    …”Forutnately for Spprint”… egads.

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    @Crimson mi apologias. Long night, very little sleep.

  • JoshUng

    Eh, Sprint has some Mojo now, guy was probably able to use that to get a nice pay bump somewhere else.

  • Fred

    Sprint still has a ways to go before they can be smug. Verizon is killing Sprint, even with more expensive plans, due to their killer line up of Android phones – Incredible, Droid 2, Droid X, Samsung Galaxy S variant, etc. Sprint needs to keep introducing new phones and keep the prices reasonable.

  • Covert

    yea i think this guy turned sprint around and got ALOT of attention for it and got a better job elsewhere

  • kstagg

    Wondering why Sprint (so far) hasn’t announced a glut of new phones? Here’s why: