Flash Player 10.1 Shipping on Droid 2 [Video]


Adobe doesn’t want you to forget that Flash Player 10.1 will be shipping on the Motorola Droid 2, due out in stores in only two days. It was absent from the recent Froyo update to the Motorola Droid, but the HTC EVO and HTC Desire received Flash during their upgrade processes. We should be learning more about Adobe’s current and future plans for Flash at a summit they are hosting early next week, but for now check out this video showcasing the technology on the Droid 2.

[via Adobe]

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  1. Why isn’t this on the Droid X yet? They have the same internals, and the same BLUR crap, so why are they holding out on updating our X’s, really pissing me off!!

  2. I like this version of flash. looks much more polished then the beta 3 version…

  3. @charlie
    Requires Froyo…

  4. When is the original Droid getting flash

  5. I hope you do realize that rolling out an OS update via OTA is much more complicated than pressing a button and POOF! Out goes froyo!

  6. root your droid and get 2.2 if you want flash. ive had flash on my droid for a few months now

  7. I have 2.2 with flash on my droid. I’m not rooted. Its avaliable for download google it.

  8. Original Droid gets flash Aug 18th

  9. The builds not the official but it works its frg01b it doesn’t some with flash but it can be downloaded too its scph1001. Both were through the megaupload site.

  10. “This video is not optimized for mobile”


  11. I’ve got the 10.1 flash and 2.2 on my non rooted droid. Flash still wont work on hulu though. Most flash will work. But i need hulu to work

  12. I am thinkig about paying the $50 restocking/resticking (sticking it to you) and get the Droid 2. I am tired of waiting for the Froyo to come to X. F***ing verizon, LOL.
    I have to admit I do like them more than Sprint.

  13. Where’s flash for OG Droid

  14. the sneak peak for the dell thunder said it would support hulu.
    probably for at&t though…

  15. She needs to sort her eye brows out, She looks like that shifty dog from the simpsons

  16. Smart FLV Converter lets me convert flash animations to video in any format I want. It is really easy to use. Try it!

  17. Seriously. When will it come out for droid x

  18. Wtf why cant i have flash on my droid.? I have the2.2 upgrade.. grrrrrrrr. By time i get it..ill b ready for my upgrade to some ridiculous phone that will cook for me and do my

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