Modu’s Android-based Prototype Shows Up in the Wild


Modu’s not made much noise in the Android world, but they’re still working to change that. Their Android-based handset – which we’ll conveniently call the ModuPhone, for now – is pretty interesting. It’s a blockish looking device that seems to enjoy pure plastic bezel. The screen isn’t entirely square (think Motorola Charm’s screen rotated 90 degrees), but it’s pretty close.

Thankfully, our gracious tipster chimed in with some early details regarding what you can expect hardware wise. One of the biggest things that surprised me is that it lacks 3G: you’ll only be able to gather your bits of data through a WiFi connection. We’re not sure if this is only true for the prototype model, but we’ve checked back in with our contact for clarification.

The device includes an FM radio (headset required), a stylus (which leads us to believe it’s a resistive touchscreen opposed to capacitive), a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a microSD card slot (not sure how much memory it’s expandable to). At the least, it looks to be running Android 1.5 but most certainly isn’t running anything higher than 1.6. Other than that, there’s nothing else we can extract from what we’ve been shown today.

This is just a prototype so design and features may very well change between now and product launch (whenever that may be). If we’re able to grab some more images and video of this in action (as well as more official details for your reading pleasure) we’ll work our hardest to provide those.

[Thanks, Dani Fichman and Yuval Kesten!]

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  1. I am so excited… My first tip!
    This is the highlight moment of my short 1.5 years career as an android fan/geek… :-)

  2. I don’t know how people can use phones that small with no physical keyboard. I struggled with Magic, and as you can see there this is clearly much smaller. I don’t care about the specs or the screen size per se – I love that Android caters for everyone from the high end to the low – but genuinely, I have no idea how you’d use this.

  3. Looks like an MP3 player you strap to your arm and go jogging with. It’s so small you’d need a stylus to type on that thing. Android for spies?

  4. Don’t forget about the whole MODU concept – make a really small device which you’ll be able to put inside JACKETS…
    The screen will remain small but they might have a qwerty jacket, or maybe a jacket with external multi touch display…

  5. I can confirm that typing without stylus is not easy but like Yuval mentioned a Keyboard jacket will solve this issue…

  6. this is fascinating. I would love to have one. Are they running VOIP?

  7. @Check official Modu site. There is an info about Modu T Phone which looks exactly the same as Modu Android Phone. It will be available in both 3.5G and 2.75G versions.

  8. This looks like a hoax

  9. hi
    will the modu be able to recieve a jacket that allows video recording?

  10. i hope its GSM

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