Droid Incredible Upgrade to Enable Hotspot Features and 720p Video?


You Droid Incredible users are going to get more than you bargained for out of that OTA that HTC confirmed was on the way (to fix several security and grounding issues). If we can believe these images, the Incredible will not only receive mobile hotspot capabilities (right in tune with what the Droid X is getting in a couple of weeks), but will also be given the ability to record 720p HD video.

It’s not surprising that this functionality was locked up until this point: HTC’s been known to put some pretty capable hardware in their devices only to unlock more of their potential over time (or wait until some crafty developers unlock them for us). Finally, it comes stocked with a new boot animation depicting the iconic Droid eye. A video of that can be seen above.


[via Droid-Life]

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  1. fantastic updates for incredible

  2. When the EVO came out, I wondered if HTC would issue an update for the Incredible’s camera, since it has the same camera. Now that VZW has introduced the mobile hotspot for the Droid X, it wouldn’t surprise me if they support the same feature on the Incredible. For $20 extra per month, of course.

  3. Ok, can we NOT have the animation with sound?

    Otherwise, these updates sound great.

  4. I would love for it to be true. But the boot animation is just the commercial that originally ran for the Incredible which many people hacked into the Incred’s. Whats the possibility HTC would use that as a boot animation?

  5. i am wondering how much they will be charging for the mobile hotspot……of if they would be kind and give it free like the Palm’s.

  6. That’s all fine and dandy. But any word on an ota update that address the call quality/clarity problems? I don’t really care for the extras if the device can’t reliably transmit a call.

  7. I don’t get this… WHY tease us like this.. IF Verizon is going to lock down a feature that comes with the phone so they can charge for it.. WHY release it? Why not let Verizon deal with it? I HATE the fact that the phone can tether and provide hotspot accessibility.. and then Verizon wants to charge! Can you all imagine if ATT/Comcast/anyISP wanted to charge you for every router and connection to that router/switch (wired or wireless) that you had? I argued with a guy from Verizon over this and they tried to convince me that Verizon HAS to do some behind the scene work in order to make tethering and hotspotting work.. That’s why they charge. The phone can’t do it on it’s own (obviously the service is not part of the equation.. That part is a given). It’s a rip-off.

  8. Somehow I am not shocked they are updating the animation. The one now doesn’t even say Droid. Its like they created it and with the last minute change to droid incredible they just didn’t care.

    As for the 720p and hotspot, I can’t wait. That will be very very nice to have.

  9. I’ve never had a problem with cal quality on mine…very clear.

  10. Still returning my DINC for DX. Random reboots, poor signal reception, battery that barely lasts the day with very mild use, no accessories, slower processor. The screen grounding issue drove me to a replacement, but even if fixed, not going to keep it. Although the soft buttons seem nice, when in portrait, they keep getting bumped and exiting my games and such. I think I’ll welcome the DX hard buttons.
    Moto fan boy, na, DINC still has nice feature like pocketability, amoled, track pad (will miss that) and a case and screen protector I cannot get refunded. I do have to say the DINC is THE right size.

  11. There have been videos floating around on YouTube for over a month now showing custom boot screens that every random DINC user from Maine to Montana has installed – and this is identical to several of them. Until I see a video showing the hotspot and 720p actually in use – I’m calling shenanigans on this one.

  12. Its interesting that the phone in the video has HTC branding above the screen because I got mine on launch day and it has Verizon branding on top.

  13. I hope its true. I could see Verizon doing it to try and keep the inc relevant. I could also see the boot screen along with the new box because they never did really brand the phone itself with Droid stiff. Now the phones will have similar features but offer different form factors.

  14. This phone is already great and just keeps getting better!

    @sgtmilstack – I have never had ANY problems with the call quality.. Nor have I read of any. Maybe you’re in an area with poor recpetion?

  15. While I *have* read of people having call quality problems, I’ve not had any problems to speak of myself. I will say that in my house, which gets very poor cell reception in general, I don’t have *quite* as good reception as I did with my last (feature) phone. What that means is that I do get a dropped call occasionally but not often. I love my Dinc. and look forward to any goodies HTC/Verizon might send out way…especially a froyo treat!

  16. Nice catch, Kevin. Mine says “Verizon” at the top, too…

  17. My wife had random boot screens appear on her DINC… Turned out she was holding down the volume button when powering the phone on. Wonder how many people are doing the same thing. HA!

  18. I doubt that is a HTC boot animation, if you watch it the AMOLED screen is advertised in there. If they are about to change to TFT LCD or use both I’m not sure they would make the boot animation show AMOLED in it. Just a thought.

  19. “The photo proof above is from a DI owner with a test model that has already received the update. He’s also provided video of the new boot animation…”

    its a test model phone not a verizon one…

  20. The phone has HTC on top cause its an HTC test phone that got the ota. Hopefully meaning it passed their approval process and now en route to verizon for approval.

  21. Wow…the one thing that strikes me in this article, and in many others, is that no matter how many features or updates the manufacturer/cellular carrier throws out there, some people are just NEVER going to be happy. If any of you are looking for absolute perfection in a cellular device with so much on board, you are in for a lifetime of disappointment. I, for one, am completely happy with my HTC Dinc, and am happy and thankful for ANY updates to performance and/or operation of the device.

  22. When is this coming out? Do we know an exact date or have an estimate?

  23. Geez my Incredible is starting to look really good now…

  24. stoked! I thought I had signal/call quality issues when I first got the phone, but really I haven’t noticed any since its been broken in (yeah doesn’t make sense, but its how it happened). Same with the battery life. Sucked at first, better now. Plus an upgrade to the battery sure helps.

    Complaints of the Incredible have seem to gone that way too. I don’t hear much more about those issues as we did the first week.

    Love the phone, will love it even more with 720hd!

  25. Agree with Adam (7).
    Verizon does not have to do anything special for tethering, wired or wireless, to work.
    There are appps that provide wired tethering and my rooted Eris has wireless tethering.
    They just want to charge for more bandwidth usage.

  26. Hopefully the camera quality improves… then this is a for sure phone for me

  27. Any word on 720p for nexus users? I know its already available but I’m not interested in rooting

  28. Is this update going to unlock wireless N?

  29. Discovered the boot select menu when I powered up while holding the volume down button.

    Gotta play with more buttons…wait, I only have four….

  30. Hasn’t the incredible already been rooted? and if so wouldnt the ability to shoot 720P have already been unlocked by someone?

  31. will this update fix the frequent FORCE CLOSE issues?! so irritating

  32. dose any one now how to get past the gmail set up on the incredible please let me now thank you.

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