7-Inch Acer Tablet Coming Q4 2010, Says CEO


Acer held a press event in Beijing this morning, and I don’t think anyone expected their CEO to unveil what he did: a 7-inch tablet device running Android. The screen’s size is the only confirmed spec right now, but he did hint at 3G connectivity by saying the obvious option would be to partner with wireless operators for distribution.

acer tablet

Taking a look at the device itself, the screen does look pretty tempting. The shot isn’t that clear, though, so I can’t make any real judgement. It looks to be running at least version 2.1 of Android as we can tell from the homescreen icons. One thing I’m wondering about is that bottom portion of the device. It looks like it would be some sort of loud speaker or a keyboard area, but I can’t tell. Hopefully such details will come a bit later on when we can find official press information from Acer.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I think it is eReader, not realy a pure tablet. On the bottom, there is a keyboard, whole desing seems to be “inspired” by Amazon Kindle …

  2. sweet to see something like this on its way i’m ready for a better tablet device that is more open to suggestion.

  3. It looks interesting.

    I would prefer it without that massive bit at the bottom.

  4. bravo.. mais vous devrier inventer, un bibule pour savoir tout les zones de vitesse,et les incorporer…dans la voiture,, pour reduire la vitesse et l,augmenter… et etre incorporer a cette instrument,,,,, cela pourra entre directement comtre les radars de la route que les policier ont en mais et se cache comme des voleurs. pour te prendre en defaut….. cela serait un tres bon coup , poiur tout les automoboliuste,,,,,

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