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Want To Watch Hulu On Your Android?

hulu-logoFirst off 2.2 only! Sorry! So now you have the delicious creamy taste of Froyo with all the extras including Flash 10.1 beta support. You go to watch Hulu (US only) only to find difficulty watching anything. But Ryan Gardner has shown us the light!

Taken from

1) Open your Browser and type ” about:debug ” and press Go.  The browser will not change to any pages, but this is normal.


2) Go to settings and scroll to the bottom and select UAString (this allows you to select the user agent)


3) Select Desktop and you are good to go!  Just use the Back button to get back to your browsing


4) Enjoy!


Now lets hope Hulu don’t decide to block it!

[Thank you Ryan Gardner - @RyeBrye ,  &]