Dell’s 7-inch Tablet Turns Out To Be The Looking Glass


Along with the announcement of new phones, we were also treated to new information on devices we’d heard about before. The 7 and 10-inch tablets – which we started calling the Streak 7 and 10, respectively – turns out to sport different names. At least for now, we’ve only got new information on the 7-inch beauty.


The Looking Glass will come stocked with Android 2.1 running on top of the unusual (because we barely see it) Tegra 2 processor. With 4gb of RAM and 4gb of internal memory, this could be the first tablet device that we can say comes with PC-like qualities, spec wise. Engadget’s also reporting that it’ll be adorned with an optional TV tuner module.

All of this is looking too good to be true, but we’re going to refrain from giggling like little school girls at the sight of these devices. Would you want one of these 3G-enabled for your carrier?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Dell Streak To Get Android 2.1 In September, Accessories Outed

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  1. 4GB? holy cow!
    i’ll buy it if it comes with 3G

  2. anybody notice the U-verse tab is this going to be 3g enabled by att…….god i hope not

  3. I wont buy a tablet unless it is 3g and hspa+ enabled, oh and android is the only OS I will consider

  4. Haha that has more RAM than my PC.

  5. Looks cool. I need more specs… how about screen resolution? Ports?

    Internal 4GB is a win… it’s not that expensive, folks. But will someone consider a full sized SDHC/SDXC slot in one of these tablets? I loke the idea of dropping in an SD card from my many still and video cameras and instantly viewing video on a large(ish) screen. That’s one big deciding factor in which tablet I get. Sure, USB will do the job too.

    Tegra2 is a big win, and I suspect, will be very popular. CPU-wise, about 2.5x the performance of the iPad will make these Android tablets rock and roll. The GPU’s better still, and the video accelerator leads to crazy-long playback times.


  7. I want one.

  8. I want one, definetly

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