Qik Comes Pre-Installed On HTC EVO 4G


qik-htc-evo-4gVideo is data intensive. Live streaming video services like those offered by Qik are super data intensive. Thankfully the 4G speeds of Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G are so blazing fast that not only can they handle Qik when connected, Sprint is so confident that they’re pre-installing the Qik Android application on the phone. When you turn on your EVO 4G for the first time, expect to see the Qik app ready to run directly out of the box.

When Android first launched there were a lot of “it” apps but it seemed ShopSavvy and a few others were the ones you would show your friends saying, “look what my phone can do”. Everybody seemed to have those types of apps and headed straight to Android Market to grab them. With Qik preloaded on the EVO, the company behind the application stands a LOT to gain as it could become the next example of “it” apps enabled by 4G connectivity.

And with an 8MP HD capable camera and 1.3MP front-facing camera, I expect owners of the EVO to get a lot of bang for their multimedia mobile buck.

[Via TechCrunch]

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  1. That’s all fine and dandy, but how will it work on 3G? Will they just compress the quality a bit?

  2. I tried qik on a wifi connection on a nexus and wasn’t all that impressed…. Seemed to lose connectivity quite often. However, I think it’s terrific to be added in automatically.

    But I think it’s missing the point. This phone has a front facing camera for video conferencing, chatroulette, or other sexual uses — what application are the bundling to do video conferencing?

  3. I read some where that ‘4G’ meant dl speeds of about 100mbps. Is that true? I mean, false advertising and all? From what I can find AT&T has the fastest network, and it’s about to be superseded by T-Mo’s new network roll out. No one else cares that Sprint is lying like crazy?

  4. @*d*
    you must of misread the info, max peak speed is 10mb
    average is rated to 4-6

  5. Would be nice if it was on the Desire too.

  6. Hey Rob, if you’re looking for reliable weblinks for the Android apps you mention we have app details, screenshots and web-functional buy options (email/SMS/barcode) for any Android app you review. For example, the apps you mention in this post:



  7. This is going to do wonders for uptake of the Qik service, especially with the front facing camera, as mentioned above.

  8. @jerry

    The QIK app on the EVO is different than the “3G app” for Nexusone. QIK officials have said the app for the EVO is designed for 4G speeds or high connection speeds.

  9. Question…on my htc incredible just because i dont have the front facing camera, is there a way to video conference using the back?

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