Virgin Mobile Embrace Android – HTC Desire & X10 by April!


UK network Virgin Mobile has announced in a press release that it plans to release 2 more handsets to its Android range showing they’re starting to embrace Android. They currently stock the LG intouch Max and the Samsung Galaxy portal but are adding the HTC Desire and the Sony Ericsson X10 to the line up both due in April!

htc-desire-press se-xperia-x10-250x450

Press release:

Hot on the heels of the recently launched LG InTouch Max, Virgin Media has secured a range of new Android™ handsets for customers looking for the best in mobile entertainment and browsing on the move. With thousands of apps, widgets and games, handsets based on Google’s Android phone operating system have been taking the UK by storm and Virgin Media has secured some of the latest and greatest to date.

Virgin Media first introduced its customers to the world of Android by launching the popular LG InTouch Max. Just out on Virgin Media is the hot new Samsung Galaxy Portal on a range of exceptionally compelling tariffs. In the coming weeks, the sleek and high-spec HTC Desire will also join the Virgin Media network as well as Sony Ericsson’s flagship Android handset, the Xperia X10.

With these new high-end data-enabled smartphones, Virgin Media customers will now be able to enjoy some of the best of the mobile web, all neatly brought together by Google’s Android operating system. From Twitter to navigation, music to mobile video, there’s an Android handset for every taste on Virgin Media this spring, with extra special benefits for existing customers of Virgin Media’s home services.

[Via Virgin]

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  1. Hopefully they will have good prices for them :D

  2. That’s really good, was going to move over to T-Mobile to get the Desire. I think the phones will be free on a £30 24 month contract similar to how they have the HTC HD2 priced.

  3. That’s really good, was going to move over to T-Mobile to get the Desire. I think the phones will be free on a £30 24 month contract similar to how they have the HTC HD2 priced.

  4. this will only interest uk t mobile contract folk, my twelve month web n walk with a 5800 is up on april 16th, when i enquired about renewal/upgrade, i was offered poor deals and dated handsets, i asked to transferred to disconnections to end my contract…i was of course transfered to customer retentions….my htc desire will arrive on april 30th…300 mins, 300 texts, free web and a choice of flexible booster ( free landline calls…unlimited texts…euro call/text allowance..etc ) all for £15 per month..albeit on a 24 month contract…so over the 24 month term £360….i’m happy with that

  5. thats wierd…didnt sprint just buy out virgin mobile??

  6. Have discovered that the HTC Desire is only available from today for NEW customers, existing customers who have been waiting months to upgrade to this handset will have to wait until Friday.

    Now it does not take a genius to realise that by friday the first shipment of HTC Desires that T-Mobile had received will have all gone, I would also hazard a guess that the next shipment will have gone to new customer who will have pre-ordered them.

    So the long a the short of it is, if you are an existing customer and are desperate to get one of these phones you have four options.
    1. Start a new contract with T-Mobile and get the Desire, but end up running your existing contract along side the new contract until it runs out.
    2. Wait until the other five networks, all of whom are scheduled to get the HTC Desire at the beginning of April, and switch network.
    3. Wait, probably for the next two months, until T-Mobile get stock that existing customers can get their hands on.
    4. Wait for the HTC Supersonic to hit the streets.

    I suppose for the time being I’ll just have to sulk.

  7. *sigh* another reason I wish I lived in the UK…

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