HTC Supersonic Quickly Caught On Cam

The HTC Supersonic hasn’t been officially announced but if you take a close look at this video it seems that an official announcement is inevitable:

With a 4.3-inch display and WiMax (4G) headed to Sprint, the Supersonic is definitely going to make quite a splash. It has the curvature we’ve come to expect from HTC Android devices and looks to go beyond just another solid offering – this could be another HTC superstar. Er, um… Supersonic.

[Via MobileCrunch]

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    finally, sprint and htc get off your asses and release this already

  • Jordan

    And the Oscar for Best Cinematography goes to…

  • Lukehluke

    4.3 inch display?

    Thats one massive phone.

  • PaulMcCartney

    i love the design. and i love the massive screen.

  • neodorian

    Take a look at the HD2 compared to the iPhone. It’s also 4.3″ but the way they design it is so much better. Ends up being only slightly bigger but thinner and it’s all screen and hardly any bezel so the screen is huge without the phone being much bigger than an iPhone. Granted iPhone is kind of a big slab so any larger might suck for the skinny jeans crowd. Still, I think this will be the first phone where I give up a hard qwerty. Hopefully the larger size makes up for lack of keyboard.

  • spade

    finally, just what I’ve been waiting to see. some actual evidence it even exist.

  • jo

    Sweet Jesus! After months of wading thru phandroid articles about silly video contests and phones on the other side of the world I have finally found that one solid piece of news that supersonic is imminent.

    I can’t wait! My dream phone!

  • knowdither

    Is that a phone in your pocket…or you just happy to me..?
    That’s pushing the lower limits of a “tablet” (with a calling feature)

  • snapdragon

    i wonder, why …
    …the vid is so dark
    …what that furry surface is
    …why that guy is wearing gloves

    i mean – if u have a handset, why not show the whole thing in bright light?

  • Marco

    Give the guy gin and tonic. Maybe then he’ll be able to properly use a camera.

  • webby

    Why are mobile “tech videos” generally the worst videos made by anyone on the planet?
    Are most of the clowns that make these videos 1) drunk, 2) high on glue, 3) mentally challenged, or 4) all of the above?

  • Covert

    FINALLY looks like an announcement at CTIA is around the corner, i’ll be shelling out the big ones for this phone!

  • ebs

    Sneaky! Made me laugh. Kind of reminds me of SE, not sure why..

  • treefq

    Get this thing on U.S. soil before the injunction hits!!!

  • cwrig

    Qualifications for beta testing smartphones:
    1. Must have no photography skills at all
    2. If you have a camera, the lens must be permanatly out of focus
    3. If you have any video device, it may not be held still or used in such a way that it is not annoying to watch.
    4. Never display any useful content
    5. If you manage to take a picture or video make sure it is poorly lit, and has a really annoying background.
    6. Must wear big black mittens to use the phone.

  • Joe

    Yes Please!

  • cloudyview

    pleeeease let this phone not have 1 or 2 handicaps…

    bad multi-touch, tiny ram, etc….please no achille’s heel

  • Why Not Me?!

    Why not me, why not verizon?! I’m still waiting for a phone I don’t have to overclock to make run extremely smoothly and one with a screen that isn’t gonna break in my pocket or mess up multitouch! It’s like there’s a dart board of Android phones and Verizon drunkenly stumbled over and started chuckin darts without looking!!!

  • John

    from the vid: no AMOLED, rather a wvga display. this is the hd2 with andriod…sweet!

  • Eric

    Adding to cwrig
    7. Must have annoying background noises. (clicks, slurps, smacks, ruffling, ect.)

    Man, I was trigger close to wanting to go to Sprint with the launch of this phone. I just had a conversation with a coworker who was in the process of migrating her whole family to another carrier (I won’t say lest I be labled a fanboy). She hates Sprint. I am really torn right now. Who is going to get a 1Ghz android smartphone on a network with some coverage? (Sorry Tmob, bad coverage in my area)

  • caseyatbt

    I hope it comes in black.

  • MonkeyCheese

    awaiting better pictures to pass judgment but might get it when it comes out.

  • Ben Steel

    Do you know what her problem is with Sprint?
    Just switched with my two brothers and a couple of friends.
    Family plan for $190 less GE 10% discount..that $34 per person per month for unlimited everything?
    Full bars everywhere I am, In NJ & NYC
    I here their 4g is coming to NYC this year.
    So far, I’m totally enjoying Sprint coming from big Red. Is there something I’m missing? (Still within my 30 day trial)
    Ben (Hero)

  • Bavarian Cavemenche

    @webby & @Snapdragon Most of these videos are intentionally leaked by the manufacturer to create buzz before even the local public knows they are released to study market research example Gooogle “Supersonic” that is the purpose hell all of us wants one before the general public even knows it exists. Its Working….

  • Autumn

    How much longer do we have to wait, Im tired of my curve!!!!

  • salvador

    looks like a sticker that says htc supersonic when he or she flips the phone over??? or is it just me???

  • mark palmos

    No front facing camera?
    = fail
    same as nexus one and xperia x10
    what a damned pity.
    come july, i might have to buy an #
    iphone g4 – if it can multitask AND has a front facing camera
    video skype ahoy!!!

  • Jerry

    I hope they keep a white version

  • liquidmonkey

    looks AWESOME!!!
    thanks for posting!

    black back would be better IMHO but then, probably gonna get some protective case anyway so who gives a $hit ;)

  • Jo

    wow 4.3inch, Please HTC GSM version of it. great now it got 3 phones that I want till the end of my t-mobile G1 contract: nexus one, htc desire, htc supersonic?

  • @Jo

    Easy call there unless it turns out they got smart and used a different screen on the Desire than they did with the Nexus. That screen not only breaks in your pocket but also gets pwned by multitouch. The 4.3 inch screen on the SS promises to be different. Also, 3.7 vs 4.3 = 4.3 FTW!!!!

  • swazedahustla

    Ah……………Sprint throws down the gaultlet. Its about time the reality of this phone has emerged. N1 just became yesterdays news. WIMAX here I come.

  • treefq

    who cares what color it is. It will get a protective sleeve first day.

  • Eric

    Thanks for the good info. I know two more coworkers with Sprint and I will need more input. I know I can save almost $10/month on Sprint compared to big Red. Despite the big roaming areas on Sprint’s map, their coverage looks great.

  • G8D

    At least it’s not a horrible red colour :D

  • Sheila

    G8D, what’s wrong with red? I love red! Where I can, all my devices are red. Where I can’t get a red device, I have a red decal(Kindle Rose decal from DecalGal).

  • rick

    @crwig … lol. some of the vids just kill ya!

  • Pope Innocent II

    Dear person making video,

    STOP and never make another video ever again.

    Thanks kindly,

    Pope Innocent II

  • Pope Innocent II

    Dear Phandroid,

    Stop posting crap like this.

    Thanks kindly,
    Pope Innocent II

  • tome

    ohhh goody..My upgrade for sprint is just got to wait untill shes out.
    any specualtion on how much SS will go for?

  • JerseyGirl

    I was eligible for an upgrade in November, I jumped on the Samsung Moment…FAIL, way to many bugs.
    I went back to my old Curve for now and I’m holding out for the SS, looks like an awesome superphone!
    You go Sprint, now give us this badass phone NOW!!

  • Chewtoy

    Well, thanks — now I know there’s no point in sticking with Sprint. I was only waiting to see if this thing would have a keyboard.

    Where the heck are the next gen android phones with real keyboards? (I should probably note that if it doesn’t have dedicated number keys, I don’t consider it a real keyboard.)

    I really wish the FTC would make a new regulation that every phone sold must include a full keyboard. :-(

    Phones without physical keyboards only impair our ability to sustain a good market for games. They ought to be outlawed. :-)

  • sal

    I thhink this is like the lite version of the HTC Evo. I dont think there is a front facing camera…