Orange Block: Hero Apps Missing, HTC Blames Carrier


orange-block-700x700If you’re an HTC Hero owner on Orange’s network and think you’re going crazy because you can’t seem to find a specific app in Android Market that you KNOW exists… no, you’re not going crazy. The latest Orange HTC Hero update is blocking access to some paid applications in Android Market that seem to have simply “vanished”. Don’t look for HTC to solve the problem anytime soon:

“HTC won’t release any software update on this matter but Orange UK is free to upload at any time to our web server a support solution” the company told one Reg reader, continuing that “Orange UK … is aware of the issues and is working to urgently resolve them.” The missive explained that the problem stems from a server of some sort, rather than the handset.

Last August the same thing happened on Orange and copy-protected apps were the culprit – RegHardware suspects it’s the same problem this time around. An irritating issue indeed. To our friends in the UK – have you noticed this problem?

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  1. I’m on Orange, and after the latest update in February, I tried to restore my apps, including a paid version of Jewellust, which didn’t install and I then couldn’t find on the marketplace.

    A bit of a pain, but all will be forgiven when my beautiful phone gets upgraded to 2.x.

  2. I am on Orange and haven’t noticed any missing apps. Having said that I am usually connected to my Wifi network and dont use the Orange network connection, this is probably a simple way around the problem.

  3. Yes, I’ve got the exact problem with the upgrade to HTC ROM (Orange) Some of my paid applications are missing from the market. I’ve emailed HTC who say it’s for the app developers to sort out. I’ve emailed the app developers who say it’s with HTC, Orange or Google to sort out. There’s no way to email Google and I’ve emailed Orange and they said they can’t help me due to confidentiality issues so I should call 150…no use at all!

  4. Yes, I’m on Orange and this problem is really annoying. I’d been sitting quietly hoping that it’d get fixed, but now I’m getting inpatient and frustrated.

  5. yes i noticed this immediately, my fav app Silent Time Lite vanished.

  6. I too have this problem, I’ve emailed HTC and Orange and was on the phone to a level 2 tech at Orange for ages yesterday, who has escalated the call up the food chain, they have promised me a call back! I will post here if I get the call.

  7. I couldn’t find raging thunder :( lol

  8. Does anyone have a contact at Orange we can hassle? I’d like to complain, but don’t want to spend ages on a phone, or waste time sending emails that they’ll refuse to respond to due to potential ‘confidential’ data.

  9. I also have the same issue, can’t see it getting resolved anytime soon, though. Hopefully the promised 2.0 update will not be so annoying.

  10. Hi

    i bought the htc hero because of this video , so i would say complain here


    or here


    but if we get the update too 2.0 then all will be forgiven i agree with the person above


  11. I’m on O2 (Got a sim free hero) and I seem to be having the same problem with some apps – and have been since I got it in late December.

    I don’t know if it’s because some apps are restricted to the US or only for 2.0+, but it’s really annoying.

  12. Wild guess: the device was not correctly configured to allow copy protected apps to be installed. This seems to happen with every other Android phone+carrier release.

    See my post (tliebeck) here:


    Since no one can get it right, and since copy protection is entirely ineffective where a user has root, this “feature” should simply be eliminated.

  13. Thanks for clearing that up, although I wish they’d hurry up, it’s frustrating…

  14. Yes! I cannot get the Skype app any more! Only the version for 3 network which is realllly annoying!

  15. Yes very frustrating. Not only paid apps but also some FREE ones! Explain that one! Examples, WeatherBug Elite (Paid), silent time (free) & where has Google voice search gone? Orange/HTC/Google get this sorted or you will lose people to iPhone!

  16. I discovered this almost instantly when I tried to download MyBackup to restore my phone after the update. I am led to believe the signature for the ROM wasn’t submitted to Google, hopefully the same won’t happen with the 2.1 update later this month.

    For the most part it’s not a massive deal as I got myBackup from their site (so why they bother with the copy protection I’m not sure…) and it manages it’s own updates. The only pita is the Tube app I had was copy protected so I am stuck with an inferior version for now.

  17. Orange called today, waste of time they blamed the android version even though I pointed them to this post! I just hope someone at orange is working with Google and HTC to fix this. Please call 150 and let them know this is effecting loads of people.

    On a slightly separate note the tech suggested a custom Rom as a fix but didn’t recommend it as it could damage my phone! But didn’t deny that 2.1 would be available in a week or two.

  18. I have lost a good number of apps, paid and free including Mybackup, which was supposed to enable me to restore my apps if everything went wrong! Since I can’t get this app any more in order to restore the others, I have ended up l;osing quite a significant amount of money from paid apps! I have emailed HTC, but I was sent around in circles and I am very frustrated indeed!

    This has left a bitter taste in my mouth and has SERIOUSLY dented my confidence in the Android Platform on HTC/Orange. If the problem is not resolved with 2.1 SOON, then I am going back to WinMo! Simple as that…Bye bye Android! And I am sure others feel the same too…

  19. Seems it’s been fixed! MyBackupPro is now back in the market, so others should be too I’d assume. I am going to test further.

  20. Fixed for me too. Don’t know why it took them so long!! :(

  21. I have an Orange branded Hero and many apps are missing. I bought it months ago from ebay and I have to keep waiting for Orange to fix things. I can’t call customer care because I’m not a subscriber and it is expensive to call from the US. Oh well.

  22. I got this too, thought I was the only one. Couldn’t find the Dailymotion app (no loss there I guess). Drove me mad!

  23. Orange UK’s having the same problem. Paid & Free app’s i know exist have vanished from the market. Infuriating! Has it been fixed in the US yet? since its now May & this articles from back in March.

  24. Having issues here with Orange HTC Hero. I know a certain app has been released but is not found on my phone. Very frustrating.

  25. I’m having a problem with a Dext on Orange & haven’t found a cure yet!

  26. I’ve the same issue with my Hero on Orange. Has the firmware upgrade to 2.1 on Orange been made available yet?
    If not is there another way around the problem?

  27. This orange blocking is not good news for HTC users,w here is the customer service here?

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