Two New ARCHOS Android Tablets Coming, One Updated

archos7_dvrIt looks like ARCHOS are keeping on top of their Android obligations and future opportunities: in addition to providing a firmware update to the ARCHOS 5, word out of Germany is that the company will soon launch two new Android Tablets. heard from the company’s German PR firm who made a statement translating to:

Archos will introduce two brand new, good value Android Tablets that are specially designed for use in the home.

We already know the ARCHOS 7 is in the works and we’re unsure if this is one of the two, but that answer is probably yes. What is the other one? We have no clue but we’re sure to keep you updated!

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  • Martin

    Well I just hope they will be more reliable than the terrible current offing from Archos. The 5 “it” Android has got to be the buggiest pile of pooh I’ve come across.

    And don’t think for one minute you’ll get any help from Archos – because you won’t. Best avoided like the plague.

  • Brian

    Martin. I own the archos 5 internet tablet.

    After the update to 1.6 the device has been amazing. with a few kinks (adding the google android market) and purchasing the plug-in to play DRM protected files the archos 5 was well worth the money I spent on it. Nothing but good things to say about it.

    Do you even OWN the device?

  • Chris93036

    its rumored to be a Archos 9 Android. =P

  • Mario Umberto Tramontano

    I think the Achos 5 is a pretty good deal…just 200pounds for a tablet is not so bad.