HTC Desire Running HTC Sense [VIDEO]


The most powerful Android Phone on the market and HTC Sense – a pretty killer combination – and the guys at GSMarena provide a quick 2-minute overview that is sure to leave you drooling:

They show the optical joystick being used to scroll home screens which seems a little odd given the huge touchscreen above but I suppose an extra option can’t hurt. I’m liking the Helicopter View which would be awesome if you had maybe 10+ screens with full screen widgets. The FriendStream integration looks pretty good as well, it’ll be interesting to see how it compares to MOTOBLUR which some thought was information overload. I suppose it depends what type of Social Networking user you are.

By the way… DANG Sense looks nice on that screen.

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  2. sick mine is free on upgrade, the tmob woman said in uk 1st week in april hope she is wrong and its march 26th as in phandroid and metro.co.uk, the phone looks a bit like nexus one same colours. This phone i s better than n1, optical trackball, sense UI, htc support and tmob support. check @androidfanuk

  3. @colby it will i would think if your in the states fingers crossed 4 you. peace

  4. Wow, no kidding. I have a Droid right now and if this came out on TMobile I would pay the fee and switch.

    At first I wanted an Experience phone (and the Droid) because I thought that it meant it would be updated frequently and we would be taken care of. Apparently that’s not the case, because Motorola’s gone and chosen to modify 2.1 and remove all the visual refreshes that actually make it better to use!

    My next phone will either be a phone straight from Google or an HTC Sense phone. If I can’t have a phone that receives frequent no-hassle upgrades, I’ll go with the one that actually looks good.

  5. and for my last widgit…dice.

  6. i second colby
    PLEASE let it come to the states with tmobile, it would make up for the crap android phones they’ve been getting (behold and soon cliq xt)…

  7. i own a nexus one. they’re pretty much the same phone. howeever, does anyone knw if the desire has notification LEDs?

  8. It IS the same as the N1 just with some hardware buttons and optical trackball instead of the regular trackball (both of which move your home screens –even the old G1 does that). Would there be any reason to NOT have LED notifications? :-) The main difference between this and the N1 is the Sense UI which you can put on a rooted N1. I’ve already run 2.1 Sense on my G1. It uses more resources than vanilla 2.1 and it’s a bit too “showy” for my tastes, but cool none-the-less. It’s humorous to me that people get all excited about this phone coming when they can get the N1 already.

  9. Did you notice the live wallpaper? Very subtle, just colour gradients slowly changing.

  10. @ Jer

    the desire has more RAM too.

  11. Anyone else think the UI felt a bit choppy? Scrolling through the contacts and friends wasn’t that smooth as I would’ve liked. It still baffles me why a 1Ghz processor can’t provide a silky smooth user experience. Dunno if it’s just Sense or something else but I don’t think they’ve yet managed to fill the phone with 1000 apps to clog up the system.

    If this is what it feels/acts like fresh from the factory I wonder what it’ll be like after a few months of use? :/

    I think I’ll still go with N1.

  12. Hopefully t-mobile gets this before august so that I can upgrade to it.

  13. Does this work on any US carriers’ bands?

  14. Hell yeah, this is coming to Telstra (Australia) in April, I am so keyed up for it now, I can finally retire my old N95 8GB for a phone worth while of using. There isn’t any decent Android phone using 850MHz UMTS in Aus.

  15. Why do people keep calling it ‘Helicopter view’?

    In the announcement it was clearly named ‘Jump view’ by john Wang.

  16. Mmm! dang that thing looks good!

  17. This phone would only work on AT&T’s 3G network in America

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