Skype & Verizon Deal Exclusive For 2-3 Years?


This could potentially be a biggie: Om Malik asked Skype and Verizon CEO’s about the details of their deal and whether or not Skype would work with other US carriers, but they dodged the question. They can evade but they cannot hide I suppose – Malik tapped some of his own sources who had some VERY interesting things to say about the new partnership:

The deal, my sources tell me, is an exclusive partnership between the two that will last for a period of 2-3 years. No other U.S. carrier is going to get a similar Skype offering – which also bolsters my theory that Skype can help Verizon distinguish itself amongst smartphone offerings, especially the iPhone.

skypeDon’t forget that Skype has an iPhone app so you’ve got to wonder how that plays into the picture. How do you Verizon customers feel, you know, the ones who are used to getting things last and having the door closed on you? How about non-Verizon customers who were hoping for Skype to come to their service offerings?

This is by no means a done deal so let’s be patient and wait, maybe 2-3 years, to see who else announces a Skype service plan.

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  1. I already have Skype on my Droid which I downloaded from the Android Market, I might add it’s now missing from the market, which already allows me to do this. I don’t see the big deal here. More importantly I’m quite sure Verizon will still require you to have a voice plan on any smartphone they sell.

  2. I have my own VoIP solution that cost me nothing other than the need for a 3G connection. However it goes just over Data so it needs the higher speeds. It will be awesome when when LTE and WIMAX is being rolled out for serious.
    If anyone is interested in free VoIP setup you can read about it at
    You need either Google Voice+Gizmo+GV Dialer or Google Voice+Sipgate+GV Dialer plus you need SIPDroid on your cellphone. It gives you unlimited phonecalls within the USA and lowcost dialing to outside of the USA. Pretty sweet deal.

  3. Skype would be stupid to do that…haven’t they learned a thing from Apple.

  4. Skype would be stupid to do that…haven’t they learned a thing from Apple.

    …lets play the exclusive deal and limit our market to a percentage of the population all while another provider comes in and builds something better (Android) that is on way more devices and available to a much larger market.

  5. im pretty sure sprint customers keep getting the end of the deal and the door shut in our face… just look at our android line up now, and then the projected android lineup, it now consists of two average phones on cupcake and in the future, nothing…. nothign nothign nothing

  6. Nothing, nothing, nothing…except the alleged Supersonic or whatever high-end Android confirmed for a 1H release by Sprint. Quit you crying, Mr Simply Everything.

  7. As a person who seldom uses more than 200 minutes, I’m not that hyped for Skype on my cell – but isn’t a huge point to Skype that you can connect for free with other Skype users? So the more people with Skype, the more useful Skype is. Each person added adds value, theoretically, adds value for everyone else already on Skype. This makes exclusivity with a carrier not only not make sense but it actively undermines the system… Down with exclusivity! (for everything except my marriage – in case my wife is reading over my shoulder…)

  8. For me, this is an awesome offering. I’m currently an AT&T iphone user, but I don’t want to make calls using WiFi, that’s useless to me when I’m on the move. I know that 3G has been opened up, but the call quality is terrible so far. (Fring, IM+ for Skype). I’m curious to see Skype’s voice over 3G offering, but I’m skeptical. Now look at this: Verizon ( 69.99 unlimited voice ) + unlimited Skype ( 13.95 ) = $83.94 for unlimited world calling. With the huge bonus you have access to the Skype network (which I use for work). Not only that, for cell phones, using the cell phone voice network, then hooking into a Skype exchange is the sure way to get nice call quality.

  9. If it’s of any relevance, I can no longer find Skype Lite Beta on the market for my G1 running Android 1.6

  10. With the iPhone coming to Verizon and now the Skype app for their Blackberry and Android phones, their network is going to get hammered. We shall see if their ready for what’s coming.

    It would be in Skype’s best interest to have the app available for the rest of us that are not on Verizon’s network… if they choose not to, well… it will become available through other avenues… hint hint :)

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